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Welcome to the COB

Welcome to the College of Business where we take students far beyond business as usual!  We strive to create leaders who have the knowledge, integrity, and originality to drive enterprise in the 21st century. Our programs entail industry projects, capstones, internships, and a true dedication to student teamwork – allowing students to build a portfolio of “real-life” accomplishments that they can take with them as part of their career experience.  

At the College of Business, we offer an undergraduate business management major and a minor in accounting.  At the graduate level we offer the MBA degree in accounting, finance, health care management, and marketing, and an MBA with concentration options in innovation and operations analytics.  We also offer MS degrees in accounting and finance.  Our accounting program, which often time starts with the accounting minor and continues with either an MBA or MS in accounting, is CPA licensure qualified in New York State.

Education will go beyond the classroom, with frequent guest speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities available.  Our annual Entrepreneur's Edge Interview provides students (and the community) with a night of networking and a live interview of a renowned entrepreneur/business leader.  The March 2021 program featured Pablo Legorreta, Founder & CEO of Royalty Pharma, and the 2019 program featured Dawn Zier, President and Chief Operating Office of Tivity Health (acquired Nutrisystem in March 2019) and also a Stony Brook Alumnus.  Other recent speakers have included Ken Langone (Founder of Home Depot), Bill McDermott (CEO of SAP) and Michael Loeb (Founder of Priceline).