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"Finding aid" is the archival term for a guide to a collection. Our guides include descriptive information about collection scope and typically box and/or folder listings of the contents that comprise them. Finding aids are added to the website as we complete our work on them. Please contact us with any questions about the collections. We are glad to assist you.  

Our finding aids are listed in alphabetical order by main entry.
A list of finding aids organized by subject is also available.
We can also provide guides in alternative formats upon request.

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Title:Adriance, Isaac Reynolds: Expense Book, August 1886-February 1890
Collection Number: SC 101/03
Date: 1886-1890
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Notations of personal expenses in Poughkeepsie, New York made between August 1886 and February 1890.

Title: AIDC 100 Archives: Automatic Identification Data Capture - H. Sprague Ackley
Collection Number: SC 462
Abstract: In-process.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Advanstar Communications, Inc.
Collection Number: SC 383
Date: 1985-2002
Extent: 9 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents, photographs, negatives, and slides from the publishers of Frontline Solutions Magazine.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - AIDC 100 
Collection Number: SC 355
Date: 1987-2001
Extent: 7 cubic ft.
Abstract: Materials that document the activities of the AIDC 100 organization.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - AIM USA     
Collection Number: SC 333
Date: 1980-1999
Extent: 1.5 cubic ft.
Abstract: A collection of records from AIM USA.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - David C. Allais   
Collection Number: SC 441
Date: 1975-2006
Extent: 1.5 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents, drafts meeting minutes, technical notes, newsletters, and artifacts pertaining to the Symbol Technical Advisory Committee, the Uniform Product Code, and the career of David C. Allais. 

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Chet Benoit   
Collection Number: SC 444
Date: 1974-1997
Extent: 0.5 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents on the founding of the AIDC 100 and the incorporation of Automatic Identification Manufacturers, Inc. (AIM) produced between 1974 and 1997.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Paul Bergé        
Collection Number: SC 336
Date: 1977-1998
Extent: 6 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents, audio, videotapes and artifacts of the first Chairman of AIM Europe.  

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Kevin Berisso        
Collection Number: SC 450  
Date: 2013
Extent: 6 pp.
Abstract: "Designer QR Codes: Ensuring the "Beep" (White Paper)  Paper.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Center for AutoID at Ohio University         
Collection Number: SC 384  
Date: 1991-2001
Extent: 2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents from the Center for AutoID at Ohio University teaching institutes.  

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Allan Gilligan       
Collection Number: SC 338  
Date: 1975-2000
Extent: 34 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents, photographs, slides, digital media and artifacts from the 34 year career with AT &T, Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - George Goldberg     
Collection Number: SC 329
Date: 1973-2008
Extent: 45 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents, photographs, audio, videotapes, slides, digital media and artifacts of the publisher of the first AIDC trade publication.
Note: Items from this collection have been digitized.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - GS1 US, OCR-B         
Collection Number: SC 434
Date: 1976
Extent: 2 linear ft.
Abstract: Transparent direct silver halide photographic reproductions of the master character drawings.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - William Hakanson    
Collection Number: SC 395
Date: 1884-1993
Extent: 5 linear in. 
Abstract: Papers, artifacts, and photographs. 

Title: AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Craig K. Harmon Collection   
Collection Number: SC 451  
Abstract: Contact department for information.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Robert La Moreaux   
Collection Number: SC 357
Date: 1972-1999.
Extent: 30.5 linear in.
Abstract: Business papers, manuscripts, and artifacts.

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Andrew Longacre 
Collection Number: SC 468
Date: 1982-1993.
Extent: 8 linear in.
Abstract: Reports, files, documents, correspondence, notes.  

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Richard Meyers   
Collection Number: SC 368
Date: 1971-2000
Extent: 3 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents, slides, video recordings and artifacts from the President of Delta Services and noted author of "The Ten Commandments of Bar Coding."  

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Jud Miner 
Collection Number: SC 394
Date: 1985-1999
Extent: 0.25 cubic ft.
Abstract: Papers. 

Title:AIDC 100 Archive: Automatic Identification and Data Capture - Benjamin Nelson
Collection Number: SC 363
Date: 1972-2001
Extent: 25 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents, photographs, audio, videotapes, slides, digital media and artifacts of the co-founder of the AIDC 100 and author of “Punched Cards to Bar Codes.”  

Title:American Association of University Women (AAUW) - Smithtown Area Branch (New York)
Collection Number: SC 391
Date: 1973-2005
Extent: 2.5 cubic ft.
Abstract: Includes newsletters, membership directories, albums and scrapbooks, correspondence, memoranda, clippings, and memorabilia.  

Title:Ammann, Othmar H. (b.1879-d.1965)
Collection Number: SC 377
Date: 1902-2006
Extent: 1.3 cubic ft.
Abstract: Articles, books, translated correspondence, and multimedia about the engineer of significant bridges. 

Title:Ancient Mycenae and Tiryns Photograph Album
Collection Number: SC 479
Date: 1890s
Extent: 19 cm x 27 cm
Abstract: An album containing photographs taken in the 1890s that document people and scenery at the archaeological sites of Mycenae and Tiryns in Greece.

Title:Angelo, Valenti (b.1897-d.1982) 
Collection Number: SC 215
Date: 1935-1979
Extent: 4 linear ft.
Abstract: Original drawings, prints, proofs, sketches, trial pages created in preparation of publications of his Private Press of Valenti Angelo and trade publishers, including a number of his children's books. 

Title:Atelier Project
Collection Number: SC 378
Date: 1979-1986
Extent: 4.25 linear ft.
Abstract: 16 prints by American artists.  This project was developed and executed by the Division of Visual Arts of the State University of New York at Purchase.

Title:Atkinson, Jacob: Account Book, 1863
Collection Number: SC 101/05
Date: 1863
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Notes on expenses including account of sales of hardware, farm equipment, livestock, and other items in Oswego, New York.  

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Title:Baker, Anson: Account Book, 1848-1854
Collection Number: SC 101/11
Date: 1848-1854
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Notations of expenses and receipts of Anson Baker of New York City; includes accounts with A.T. Stewart & Co., 1851.   

Title: Baker-Pisano American Art History Research Collection
Collection Number:
Date: 1846-2013
Extent: 129 titles (Special Collections and Main Stacks)
Abstract: The Baker-Pisano American Art History Research Collection is a special collection of rare, first edition, and autographed art books published in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Ronald G. Pisano (1948-2000) authored several books on Long Island artists, and the definitive study of The Tile Club, which was the basis of a 1999 exhibition at The Long Island Museum of American Art, History, and Carriages. For over thirty years, he worked on the catalog raisonné of William Merritt Chase, which was completed by D. Frederick Baker, with the assistance of Carolyn K. Lane, in four volumes published by Yale University Press (2006-2010). Cataloging records can be accessed by entering "Baker-Pisano" in SEARCH, the discovery catalog of SBU Libraries.

Title:Bayard Cutting Arboretum Horticultural Society
Collection Number: SC 239
Date: 1974-1990
Extent: 10.5 linear in.
Abstract: A volunteer horticultural society founded in 1974 in Oakdale, Long Island, New York. Includes orrespondence, by-laws, financial records, news clippings, minutes, programs, newsletters, and printed matter.

Title:Bellport, John (b.1936-d.2008) 
Collection Number: SC 222
Date: 1970-1973
Extent: 4.4 cubic ft.
Abstract: Papers of the Conservative Party councilman, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County, New York.  Includes correspondence with constituents, town officials, and other appointed or elected officials, and committee files.

Title:Blackwell Jr., Samuel and Margaret Ann Blackwell [deed] to Samuel Vandervoort, 1827
Collection Number: SC 480
Date: 1827
Extent: 1 leaf; 26cm x 40cm
Abstract: This original manuscript deed is from grantors Samuel Blackwell Jr. and Margaret Ann Blackwell to grantee Samuel Vandervoort. The commissioner of this deed is Judge Jacob Field. The content of the deed describes the purchase of a parcel of land in Hallets Cove; which was located in the town of Newtown of Queens County for the sum of five hundred dollars.

Title:Book of Accounts of Milk Sold, 1874-1891
Collection Number: SC 101/07
Date: 1874-1891
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Accounts of milk sold to New York City addresses.  

Title:Brookhaven Land Deeds and Documents (Town: New York)
Collection Number: SC 415
Date: 1780-1929
Extent: 0.3 cubic ft.
Abstract: Land deeds and documents pertaining to Brookhaven and Long Island, New York, c1780-1929.  Surnames include Helme, Rose, Hawkins, Myhr, and Mott.

Title:Brookhaven Town, New York: Board of Trustees
Collection Number: SC 268
Date: 1964-1975.
Extent: 10 cubic ft.
Abstract: Town board minutes of meetings, resolutions, and transcripts of public hearings.  

Title:Brown, Helen A.: Pocket Diary, 1917
Collection Number: SC 101/18
Date: 1917
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Promotional pocket diary from I.W. Harper distillers, mostly unused, with some personal data filled in by Helen A. Brown of Stamford, Connecticut.

Title:Brown, Sanford J. 
Collection Number: SC 364
Date: 1967-1968
Extent: 5 linear in.
Abstract: A collection of correspondence from 23 U.S. political officials.

Title:Button Collection 
Collection Number: SC 142
Date: 20th century
Extent: 83 pin-back buttons
Abstract: A collection of political and advertising pin-back buttons.

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Title:Campbell, Henry L.: Account Books, 1869-1877
Collection Number: SC 101/02
Date: 1869-1877
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Account book covering business activities in Poughkepsie, New York. See also collection SC 101/04 for earlier years.

Title:Campbell, Henry L.: Account Books, 1855-1866 
Collection Number: SC 101/04
Date: 1855-1866
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Account book covering business activities in Poughkepsie, New York. See also collection SC 101/02 for later years.

Title:Carrera Andrade, Jorge (b.1902-d.1978) 
Collection Number: SC 202 
Date: 1923-1970
Extent: 10.8 cubic ft.
Abstract: Correspondence (1928-1968), manuscripts of writings (1968-1970), and albums (1923-1967). of the Ecuadorian poet, author, teacher, and diplomat.  Spanish.  

Title:Chang, Diana (b.1924-d.2010) 
Collection Number: SC 410
Date: c1950s-2000s
Extent: 4.6 linear ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, publications, files, and photographs of the Chinese American poet, author, teacher, and artist.

Title: Childs, Eversley (b.1867-d.1953) 
Collection Number: SC 470
Date: ca. 1700s-2000s
Extent: 230 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers, business records,  photographs, maps, and textiles that document several generations of the Childs, Eversley, and Lockwood families of New York and Connecticut.

Title: Chilean Revolutionary Press  
Collection Number: SC 201
Extent: 1.2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Broadsides, posters, and newspapers concerning the revolution of 1891. Spanish.

Title:Chinese Political and Social Pamphlets 
Collection Number: SC 401
Date: 1948-1995
Extent: 3.5 cubic ft.
Abstract: Pamphlets and books published in China between 1948 and 1995; most published between the 1950s and 1970s.  Subject matter includes: governmental reports; political propaganda; works of Mao Tse-tung and Vladimir Lenin; foreign policies; law; and descriptions of political and social conditions during the 1950s through the 1980s. Languages: Chinese, English, and Russian.

Title:Chinese Restaurants
Collection Number: SC 454
Date: c1960-2000 
Extent: 1.3 linear ft.
Abstract: Chinese restaurant menus, matchbooks, and business cards collected by and donated by Sidney Mintz.  Languages: Chinese, English, French, and Dutch.

Title:Ciardi, John: The Edward M. Cifelli Collection  
Collection Number:  SC 372
Date: c1940s-2003
Extent: 18 cubic ft.
Abstract: A comprehensive collection of books, audio recordings, manuscripts, framed objects and artifacts dating from the 1940s-2003 pertaining to the life of author John Ciardi. 

Title:Ciardi, John: The Vince Clemente Collection 
Collection Number: SC 371
Date: 1943-2004
Extent: 1 cubic ft.
Abstract: A collection of program and exhibition flyers, newspaper clippings, periodicals, books, and broadsides which provides insight into the literary and personal life of John Ciardi.  

Title:Clarke, Peter McFerrin 
Collection Number: SC 227
Date: 1962-1970
Extent: 3 cubic ft.
Abstract:  East Hampton, New York, resident active in the Sag Harbor Advisory Council, Southampton Township Preservation Society, Southampton Town Conservation Commission, and the Preservation Society of the East End (which became a part of the Suffolk County Conservation Council in the 1970s).  Correspondence, minutes, clippings, drafts and notes relating to conservation and preservation of natural resources on the east end of Long Island.  

Title:Cleveland, Moses (b.1770-d.1848)  
Collection Number: SC 460
Date: August 1819; November 1819  
Extent: Legal document; folio; 20 cm. x 33 cm.
Abstract: Moses Cleveland's legal judgment between George W. Booth and James Horton, Jr. dated August 1819 and November 1819.

Title:Clinton, George (b.1739-d.1812) 
Collection Number: SC 423
Date: February 21, 1793
Extent: 1 leaf; 22.5 cm. x 18.5 cm.
Abstract: Autographed letter signed by George Clinton, Governor of New York, written from New York.  Docketed on verso by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State: "Clinton Govr. N. York Feb 21, 93 recd. Feb 25."
Note: This document has been digitized.

Title:Cooley, Arthur P. (see also Environmental Defense Fund Archive)
Collection Number: 232
Date: 1966-1977
Extent: 2.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Research files, correspondence, financial documents, newsletters, clippings and memos, 1966-1977.  High school science teacher and environmental activist. Founding member of both the Brookhaven Town Natural Resources Committee and Environmental Defense Fund Archive. Records relating to the founding and activities of the Brookhaven Town Natural Resources Committee, New York; correspondence, memoranda, news clippings, financial records, reports, and legal documents related to the founding and activities of the Environmental Defense Fund.

Title:Cook, Susan and Ronald: Long Island Collection  
Collection Number: SC 418
Extent: 1 cubic ft.
Abstract: A collection of artifacts and printed ephemera that documents social and leisure activities on Long Island from the early to mid-20th century. 

Title:Cornwell, George: Genealogy Collection (b.1842-d.1922)
Collection Number: SC 101/09
Date: 1862-1922
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Genealogy. Poughkeepsie, New York. Notes on genealogy of the Morey, Cornwell, and Van Kleeck families. Other family names include Rogers, Lockwood, and Platt.

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Title: D'Amato, Alfonse Marcello (b.1937- )
Colllection Number: SC 334
Date: ca. 1981-1998
Extent: 100 cubic ft.
Abstract: United States Senator from New York (January 3, 1981-January 3, 1999). Press releases, news clippings, and mass mailings. 

Title:Daniels Jr., Norton W. (b.1919-d.2018)
Collection Number: SC 230
Date: 1973-1975
Extent: 0.8 cubic ft.
Abstract: Member of the Suffolk County (New York) Legislature, 1974-1976, Republican from Sag Harbor, representing the 1st Legislative District.  Legislative office files, primarily related to zoning and related projects on the east end of Long Island.  

Title:Dean, Mary Ann: Album, 1838-1846
Collection Number: SC 101/10
Date: 1838-1846
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Album contains poems, quotations, and notes to Dean from friends in Poughkeepsie, New York, Washington, D.C., Manchester, Vermont, and other places.  

Title:Deed from the Trustees to Ananias Carll for a Lott of Meadow on the East Neck in the Town of Huntington, New York, 1773
Collection Number: SC 483
Date: 1773
Extent: 1 leaf
Abstract: This document is an indenture or contract from the Board of Trustees of the Town of Huntington, New York, approving the sale of a lot of land in the East Neck, to Ananias Carll on June 7, 1773. The document outlines the boundaries of Carll's new holding and guarantees his and his family's rights to the property. The document was signed by Nathaniel Williams, Daniel Wiggins, Israel Wood, Jonas Williams, John Wood, Timothy Carll, Jr., Henry Scudder, Stephen Kelcy, and Solomon Ketcham.

Title:Demott, John W. (b.1803-d.1886)
Collection Number: SC 284
Date: [ca.1830]-1886. 1840-1889 (bulk)
Extent: 0.8 cubic ft.
Abstract: Under-sheriff and lawyer in Queens County (New York), now Nassau County (New York).  Personal bills, receipts, legal, and other papers. 

Title:Derickson, John B.: Notebook, [ca. 1897] 
Collection Number: SC 101/08 
Date: ca. 1897 
Extent: 1 v. 
Abstract: Notebook contains description of diseases and their treatment. 

Title:di Donato, Pietro (b.1911-d.1992)   
Collection Number: SC 393 
Date: ca. 1923-1993 
Extent: 19.5 linear ft. 
Abstract: A collection of manuscripts, notebooks, photographs, and published material that documents the life of author, playright, and bricklayer Pietro di Donato. 

Title:Dorman, Michael (b.1932-d.2008)  
Collection Number: SC 389
Extent: 9 linear ft.
Abstract: Writer and editor at Newsday, a professor of journalism, and the author of more than a dozen books.

Title:Drewes, Fred   
Collection Number: 435 
Date: ca. 1819-1973
Extent: 4 linear in.
Abstract: Correspondence, manuscript material, land deeds, and ephemera about Mount Sinai, New York and about Drewes and naturalist Robert Cushman Murphy, who at separate times owned the same residence. 

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Title:Echevarria Alvarez, Luis (b.1922-)
Collection Number: SC 306
Date: 1973-1974
Extent: 8.4 cubic ft.
Abstract: President of Mexico from 1970-1976. News clippings and articles.

Title:Edwards, Michael (b.1893-d.1962) 
Collection Number: SC 218
Date: 1930-1962
Extent: 7.1 cubic ft.
Abstract: Musician, composer and arranger. Music editor for Mills Music, Inc. Correspondence with musicians and publishers; scores and instrumental, band, orchestral and choral arrangements; music, lesson and songbooks; music catalogs; personal and historical scrapbooks; and autographed sheet music and photos. Correspondents include Leroy Anderson, Robert Burns, Tommy Dorsey, Richard Franko Goldman, and Leonard B. Smith.

Title:Emery, Robert M. (b.1925-d.1995) 
Collection Number: SC 243
Date: 1885-1974
Extent:73.5 cubic ft.
Abstract: Detailed pencil drawings of Long Island Rail Road tracks, with explanatory notes by Emery, a former conductor; over 5,000 identified photographs and postcards of construction, wrecks, engines, trains, depots, conductors, and other railroad scenes; 262 timetables; and other material relating to the railroad.

Title:Englebright, Steven (b.1946-)  
Collection Number: 327
Date: 1975-1979
Extent: 1 cubic ft.
Abstract: Documents relating to the Long Island Lighting Company and the Shoreham Nuclear Plant, ca. 1980s.

Title:Environmental Defense Fund Archive 
Collection Number: SC 232
Date: 1967-2008.
Extent: 845 linear ft.
Abstract: Records of the public membership, non-profit, tax-exempt environmental and legal action organization of scientists, lawyers and concerned citizens. Established in 1967; the earliest official headquarters were located in Stony Brook and East Setauket, New York. Papers, correspondence, case files, legal briefs and pleadings, court exhibits and transcripts, minutes, memoranda, speeches, public statements, committee files, legal and scientific research notes, statistical information, published material, etc., documenting the establishment and growth of a national organization of attorneys, scientists, and economists dedicated to the protection of the environment. National Headquarters records are from the original offices in Stony Brook and East Setauket, New York, and offices in various locations in New York, New York; Capitol Office records are from Washington, D.C.; Rocky Mountain office records are from Denver and Boulder, Colorado, and California Office are from Berkeley and Oakland, California offices. Includes the papers of founders Arthur P. CooleyRobert E. SmolkerDennis Puleston, and Charles F. Wurster

Title:Everett, Graham  
Collection Number: SC 396
Date: 1969-2007
Extent: 15 cubic ft.
Abstract: Papers of the founding editor of Street Magazine and Street Press. Manuscripts, correspondence, subject files, and published materials.

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Title:Fannin, James T.: Prompt Book, 1863
Collection Number: SC 101/25   
Date: 1863
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Prompt book with extensive notes and changes for a production of Friedrich Schiller's "The Robbers, a Tragedy," at the Front Street Theatre, Baltimore, Md., 1863. Manuscript is interleaved with pages of printed text. English translation published by Samuel French, New York, 1853.

Title:Feinberg, Nettie   
Collection Number: SC 390
Date: 1950s-2000
Extent: 3 cubic ft.
Abstract: Political button collection.

Title: Flatau, Adelaide 
Collection Number: SC 302  
Extent: 9 cubic ft.
Abstract: Papers. Member of the Brookhaven (New York) Conservation Advisory Council, the League of Women Voters of North Brookhaven, and political, environmental, and community activist. Files, records, memoranda, and publications concerning the League of Women Voters of North Brookhaven, Brookhaven Conservation Advisory Council, Council on Environmental Quality, and Fire Island.

Title:Fletcher, Mary T. (b.1899-d.1989)  
Collection Number: SC 242
Date: 1957-1976
Extent: 4.4 cubic ft. 
Abstract: Educator and environmental activist. Correspondence, reports, pamphlets, clippings, minutes, newsletters, and nature lists of a Nassau County, New York, naturalist and environmentalist active in local bird and garden clubs.

Title:Ford, Edward Hastings (b.1887-d.1970) 
Collection Number: SC 283 
Date: 1906-1951
Extent: 2.2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Comedian and radio personality.Family and publicity photographs, scrapbooks, and materials collected by the vaudeville comedian who starred on the radio series "Can You Top This?" "Senator" Ford was a resident of Southold, New York.

Title:Fotografias de Mexico   
Collection Number: 359
Date: 20th century
Extent: 1 album; 163 photographs
Abstract: Album containing 163 black and white photographs that document the landscape, points of interest, and historic landmarks in Mexico in the early 20th century. 

Title:Franza, August  
Collection Number: SC 385 
Date: 1952-2007
Extent: 14 cubic ft. 
Abstract: Papers of the Long Island novelist, poet, and playwright.

Title:Fuoco, Jr., Louis A. (b.1928-d.2001) 
Collection Number: SC 229 
Date: 1972-1975
Extent: 13.4 cubic ft.
Abstract: Insurance agent and member of the Suffolk County (New York) Legislature, 1970-1976, Republican-Conservative from Patchogue, representing the third Legislative District. General office files, including correspondence, memoranda, committee minutes, hearing transcripts, reports and various published documents. 

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Title:Gallaudet Home: Grocery and Supply Ledger, 1913-1925
Collection Number: SC 101/12
Date: 1913-1925
Extent: 1 v.; 280 pp.
Abstract: Grocery and supply ledger, 1913-1925. List of groceries and supplies ordered for a charitable home in the Town of Poughkeepsie, New York.

Title:Gardiner, Samuel L'Hommedieu (b.1816-d.1885)
Collection Number: SC 461
Date: December 18, 1840
Extent: 1 folio, 3 pp.; 21 cm. x 25 cm.
Abstract: Autograph letter to S. Fosdick, Esq. Sag Harbor, New York.
Note: This document has been digitized.

Title:Gentile, Edith (b.1924-d.2011) 
Collection Number: SC 459
Date: 1938-2015
Extent: 4 linear in.
Abstract: World War II era documents and artifacts regarding the production of the Republic P-47 Thunderbolt airplane related to Gentile, one of the first female stainless steel welders to work for Republic Aviation Corporation in Farmingdale, New York.

Title:Giese, Ferdinand J. (b. 1914-d.1986)
Collection Number: SC 272
Date: 1978-1979
Extent: 6.4 cubic ft.
Abstract: Member of the Suffolk County (New York) legislature, 1978-1982, Republican-Conservative from East Setauket, representing the 5th Legislative District. Mr. Giese had an office in East Setauket. Legislative committee minutes and resolutions.

Title:Ginsberg, Allen (b.1926-d.1988)
Collection Number: SC 332
Date: 1957-1988.
Extent: 8.3 cubic ft.
Abstract: Literary magazines, correspondence, posters, and broadsides. 

Title:Ginsberg, Allen (b.1926-d.1988)
Collection Number: SC 437
Date: 1957-1988.
Extent: 1 postcard (4" x 6"), two sides.
Abstract: Correspondence and poem written by Allen Ginsberg to Mike Hendrick, ca. 1973.

Title: Gitlin, Samuel Zachary (b.1903-d.1977)
Collection Number: SC 257
Date: 1930-1974
Extent: 3.1 cubic ft.
Abstract: Rockland County, New York, bachelor, frame-maker, woodcarver, and home-baked philosopher.Letters from artists and public figures in response to Gitlin's "Creative Brochures," as well as some Futurist pamphlets. Alphabetical list of correspondents.

Title:Giuffreda, Senator Leon E. (b.1913-d.1999)
Collection Number: SC 244
Date: 1966-1976
Extent: 24 linear ft.
Abstract: New York State senator, Republican, 1st District, Suffolk County, New York, (eastern Suffolk County), and civic leader. He chaired the Committee on Labor and Industry and the Education Committee. His resolution for a Bill of Rights for the Handicapped was approved by the Education Commission of the States. He also served as a Brookhaven Town Justice, a member of the Brookhaven Town Board, a Commissioner of the Centereach Fire Department, and a member and president of his local school board. Files, primarily from Giuffreda's Centereach, New York, office, including correspondence, newsletters, reports, minutes of meetings, memoranda, copies of bills, hearing transcripts, and press releases.

Title:Gordon, Edith L.
Collection Number: SC 225
Date: [ca.1963]-1968.
Extent: 0.8 cubic ft.
Abstract: Grade school teacher and community activist. Correspondence, leaflets, and notes reflecting presidency of the League of Women Voters of North Brookhaven, New York, and advocacy of open housing, civil rights, and planning in the Town of Brookhaven, New York, as well as the consolidation of the Setauket and Stony Brook school districts.

Title:Gosse, Philip Henry (b.1810-d.1888)
Collection Number: SC 382
Date: 1881-1882
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Scientist and naturalist. Manuscript volume, signed.

Title: Gradiva
Collection Number: SC 249
Date: 1976-1983
Extent: 2 cubic ft.
Abstract: International psychoanalytic-literary scholarly journal. Correspondence, editorial files, and manuscripts from Mark Heumann, one of the founders and the American editor.

Title:Greeley, Horace (b.1811-d.1872)
Collection Number: SC 101/19
Date: 1848-1870
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Photostatic copies of correspondence with Hamilton Fish.

Title:Greenport Driving Park Association
Collection Number: SC 101/32
Date: 1886-1887
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Certificates for shares of stock in the Greenport Driving Park Association of Greenport, New York signed by Henry A. Reeve, president, and Isaac Reeve, Jr., treasurer, with a list of shareholders.

Title:Greenport Oyster Company
Collection Number: SC 278
Date: 1940-1957
Extent: 4 cubic ft.
Abstract: Primarily bills, paid files, and related documents from the Greenport Oyster Company of Greenport, Long Island, New York.

Title: Greenwich Book Publishers
Collection Number: SC 212
Date: 1955-1959
Extent: 3.2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Publications.

Title:Gregory, John M.: Notebook, 1845-1846 (b.1822-d.1898)
Collection Number: SC 101/06
Date: 1845-1846
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Autographs of school mates at Union College, copies of poems, lectures, essays, and other writings.

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Title: Habicht, Jr., Ernst R. 
Collection Number: SC 232
Extent: 1 cubic ft.
Abstract: Papers. Material related to Habicht's duties as a staff member of Environmental Defense Fund.

Title:Hallett Family Members [deed] to the Board of Education School District Number Three in the Town of Newtown, New York, 1851
Collection Number: 482

Date: 1851
Extent: 1 leaf; 27cm x 42cm
Abstract: This original manuscript letter was authored and signed by a Justice of the Peace named John L. Boyd on September 27, 1851. This original manuscript is a quit-claim deed from grantors Nathaniel Hallett, Rebecca M. Hallett, Eliza Hallett and Charity M. Hallett to grantee Board of Education of School District Number Three for a piece of land located in the Village of Astoria in the Town of Newtown, New York. 

Title:Hamady, Mary Laird (b.1948-)
Collection Number: 312

Date: 1970-1988
Extent: 2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Author, poet. Former co-proprietor of Perishable Press Limited. Recipes, manuscripts, correspondence, photographs and drawings, contracts, and publicity materials relating to the publication of the book Lebanese Mountain Cookery (Boston: Godine, 1987).

Title:Hand, Josiah (b.1756-d.1835)
Collection Number: SC 340
Date: March 21, 1798
Extent: 1 sheet; 23 cm x 30 cm
Abstract: Indenture for an enslaved African American named Jack in Southampton, Long Island, New York.
Note: This document has been digitized.

Title:Hansell, Clarence Weston (b.1898-d.1967)
Collection Number: 209
Date: 1928-1967
Extent: 11.2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Professional and personal correspondence, scientific manuscripts, and publications relating to Hansell's radio and television research (ca. 1928-1948) for the Radio Corporation of America (RCA), his service (1945) for the United States Government as a scientific investigator in Germany, and his research and publications on the ionization of air and its biological effects, and on the nature of matter and energy. Correspondents include the American Institute of Medical Climatology and W. Wesley Hicks, president of Wesix Electric Heater Company of San Francisco, California.

Title:Harpur, Robert (b.1731-d.1825)
Collection Number: SC 428
Date: January 27, 1786
Extent:  4 unnumbered pages (2 leaves) : map ; 19 cm  x 32 cm
Abstract: Autographed document signed by Robert Harpur. Revolutionary War patriot, was a librarian, professor mathematics and natural philosophy, and tutor at King's College (Columbia University)., New York. Two page transcript of a 1693 legal description of land owned by William "Tangier" Smith, "Lord" of the Manor at St. George in Mastic; a one-page survey map of this same tract; and a statement of testimony.

Title:Harth, Dorothy E. 
Collection Number: SC 101/21
Date: 1958
Extent:  1 v.
Abstract: Dissertation. Carbon copy of typescript dissertation, "The poetic world of Jorge Carrera Andrade." Syracuse University, 1958. 

Title:Hartley, Charles: Account Book
Collection Number:SC 101/33
Date: [ca.1883]-1905
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Hartley was in the harness and livery business in Greenport, New York, ca.1870-1920. Business accounts for carriage painting and repair.

Title:Hastings, Michael  
Collection Number: SC 311
Date: 1951-1962
Extent: 0.4 cubic ft.
Abstract: Author and playwright. Manuscripts and typescripts of plays, poems, and fragmented writings. 

Title:Herstory Writers Workshop 
Collection Number: SC 431
Date: 1996-2009
Extent: 2.5 cubic ft.
Abstract: Papers, photographs, manuscripts, books, and multimedia. The archive of a community memoir-writing project founded by Erika Duncan in 1996 that provides women from all walks of life with a unique set of tools to help them turn their memories into literary works of art.

Title:Heudier, Emmanuel: Notebooks, c1815-1870
Collection Number: SC 101/31
Date: ca. 1815-1870 
Extent: 2 v.
Abstract: Notebooks. Holograph poems, quotations, and letters dated between 1815 and 1870. Spine title: "Poesies." French.

Title:Heymann, C. David (b.1945-d.2012)
Collection Number: SC 412
Date: c1950s-2011.
Extent: 22.9 linear ft.
Abstract: Research material for the book American Legacy: The Story of John & Caroline Kennedy (2007). 

Title:Heymann, C. David (b.1945-d.2012) 
Collection Number: SC 349
Date: 1925-1994
Extent: 70 cubic ft.
Abstract: Research material for the book RFK: A Candid Biography of Robert F. Kennedy (1998). 

Title:Heymann, C. David (b.1945-d.2002) 
Collection Number: SC 246
Date: 1945-1976 
Extent: 4 cubic ft.
Abstract: Research material for the book Ezra Pound, The Last Rower: A Political Profile (1976). 

Title: Heymann, C. David (b.1945-d.2002) 
Collection Number: SC 358
Extent: 25 cubic ft.
Research material for the author's Liz: An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor. 

Title:Historical and Literary Manuscripts 
Collection Number: SC 100
Date:  ca, 1819-1989
Extent: 3.6 cubic ft.
Abstract: Historical and literary manuscripts and documents, including single items and small groups of materials of local, national, and world interest. Includes letters, correspondence, articles, stories, plays, and legal materials. 

Title:Hochbrueckner, George J. (b.1938-) 
Collection Number: SC 296
Date: [ca.1975]-1984
Extent: 4.8 cubic ft.
Abstract:  Papers. New York State assemblyman, 2nd district, Suffolk County, New York Correspondence, memoranda, reports, news clippings, and office files of a Democratic assemblyman. Files were maintained on such topics as the Long Island Lighting Company, the Southwest Sewer District, hazardous waste, and ferry service.

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Title:Independent Order of Good Templars, New York (State) Sterling Lodge, no. 650, Greenport, New York, 1874-1878
Collection Number: SC 101/34
Date: 1874-1878.
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Minute book.

Title:Independent Order of Good Templars, New York (State) Samaritan Lodge, no. 782, Greenport, New York, 1885-1909
Collection Number: SC 101/35
Date: 1885-1909.
Extent: 4 v.
Abstract: Minutes, financial reports, receipts, initiation book, and membership lists.

Title:Indivisible: Stories of American Community, Doula Archive 
Collection Number: SC 339
Extent: 2 cubic ft.
A collection from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University featuring the Doula Service of the University Hospital and Medical Center in Stony Brook, New York. Includes photographic prints, slides, primary interviews, working logs, and multimedia.

Title:Inkwell Press 
Collection Number: SC 397
Date: 1961-2005
Extent: 12 cubic ft.
Abstract: Printed materials, correspondence, papers, and textiles.

Title:Inter-American High Commission 
Collection Number: SC 101/20
Date: 1920-1921
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Typescript report by J. Ovalle Q., "Peru; financial and economic conditions and public debt." Prepared for the Central Executive Council, Inter-American High Commission. Rev. by Margaret L. Engle, October, 1920. n.p., 1921.

Title:Islip Town Environmental Council  
Collection Number: SC 298
Date: 1961-1984
Extent: 1.6 cubic ft.
Abstract: Minutes of meetings and related records created by the Islip Town Environmental Council, Long Island, New York. 

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Title:Jacobs, Helen Hull, (b.1908-d.1997)
Collection Number: SC 224
Date: 1943-1945
Extent: 1.6 cubic ft. (4 v.)
Abstract: Scrapbooks with newspaper clippings, programs and ephemera relating to the Women Appointed for Volunteer Emergency Service (WAVES) training at the U.S. Naval Training Station, Bronx, New York.

Title:Jamaica, Queens County, New York 
Collection Number: SC 455
Date: [ca. 1869-1939]

Extent: 2.5 linear in.
Abstract: Documents describing land ownership and properties in Jamaica, Queens County, New York, and in Ulster County, New York. Persons identified include Jacobus Rider, William V.B. Howard, Charles A Ryder, Granville Yeaton, and Adeline Molyneaux, James Ryder, and J.B. Alliger.  

Title:James, Philip (b.1890-d.1975)
Collection Number: SC 309
Date: 1914-1975.

Extent: 31.45 cubic ft.
Abstract: Professor of music and department chairman at New York University; organist, choir director, and composer. Compositions, musical scores and programs, correspondence, and personal papers.

Title: Jaray, Cornell
Collection Number: SC 310
Date: [ca.1770s-1945]

Extent: 3 cubic ft
Abstract: Correspondence, documents, and historical materials relating to Long Island.

Title:Javits, Jacob Koppel (b.1904-d.1986)
Collection Number: SC 285
Date: 1907-1986. 1956-1981 (bulk) 

Extent: 1220 linear ft. 
Abstract: Attorney, United States Congressman, Attorney General of the State of New York, and United States Senator. Documents and manuscripts, photographs, motion picture footage, audio and videotapes, slides, microfilm, and memorabilia of New York's longest-serving senator. The collection contains material from Javits' pre-Senate career through 1986. The bulk of the material covers his years in the Senate, 1957-1981. Some restricted folders.
Note: Items from this collection have been digitized.

Title:Jay, James (b.1732-d.1815)
Collection Number: SC 442
Date: January 9, 1808

Extent: 1 p.; legal folio; 26 cm.  x 20 cm.
Abstract: Autographed letter signed by James Jay, American physician and politician, elder brother of John Jay. During the American Revolution, Jay supplied medicines to George Washington and developed an invisible ink used by Washington, Thomas Jefferson, his younger brother, John Jay, and members of the Culper Spy Ring.
Note: This document has been digitized.

Title:Johnson, Mary Olmsted (b.1890-d.1950)
Collection Number: SC 478
Date: 1890-2019

Extent: 12 linear ft.
Abstract: Artwork, papers, photographs, and research files that document the personal and professional life of Mary Olmsted Johnson. Subject coverage includes social realism and art created during the period of the Great Depression in the United States. 

Title:Johnson, Oakley Calvin (b.1890-d.1976)
Collection Number: SC 210
Date: 1890-1976

Extent: 33 cubic  ft.
Abstract: Teacher, author, and radical social activist. Johnson served on the staff of The Daily Worker, edited The Monthly Review, and wrote several books on American radicalism. Correspondence, typescripts, articles, speeches, reviews, photographs, diaries, notes and clippings relating to Mr. Johnson's career as teacher, author, social activist, and member of the Communist Party of the United States. Includes family papers and letters from his first wife, Mary Olmsted Johnson.

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Title:Kane, Muriel and Julian 
Collection Number: SC 324
Date: 1950-1992

Extent: 6 cubic ft.
Abstract: The Kanes were involved in community activities, especially in Levittown and Great Neck, Long Island. Correspondence, memoranda, and research files concerning education, public libraries and the environment.

Title:Keppler, Joseph Ferdinand and Pauline
Collection Number: SC 331
Date: c1880s-1890s

Extent: 8 cubic ft.
Abstract: Photographs and scrapbook collection of political cartoonist Joseph Ferdinand Keppler (1838-1894) and Pauline Keppler (1852-1927).  

Title:Kramer, Aaron (b.1921-d.1997)
Collection Number: SC 326

Extent: 1.6 cubic ft.
Abstract: Audiotapes of poetry readings and radio broadcast interviews and readings conducted by Aaron Kramer.

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Title:L'Hommedieu, Ezra (b.1784-d.1811)
Collection Number: SC 424
Date: March 29, 1757 

Extent: 1 leaf; 18.5 cm. x 19.5 cm.
Abstract: Autographed document addressed to Isaac Scidmore and signed by (Ezra) L'Hommedieu, a delegate to New York in the Continental Congress from 1779-1783 and 1788. 

Title:LaGumina, Salvatore (b.1928-)
Collection Number: SC 433
Date: 1900-2008

Extent: 44 linear ft. 
Abstract: Papers documenting LaGumina's career as an educator and his research on Italian Americans, in particular those who settled on Long Island, New York, with an emphasis on Nassau County. 

Title: LaValle, Kenneth P. (b.1939-)
Collection Number: SC 425
Date: 1977-2012

Extent: 125 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle, District 1 (Suffolk County) including files documenting legislation and bills, correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, memoranda, hearing transcripts, and press releases.

Title:Lawrence, Charles Embree (b.1852-d.1923)
Collection Number: SC 286
Date: [ca.1846]-1908. 1885-1886, 1905-1907 (bulk)

Extent: 10 linear in.
Abstract: Papers of the commissioner of highways for the Town of Smithtown, New York; breeder of trotting horses. Correspondence, flyers, brochures, photographs, receipts, advertisements, account books, diaries, newsletters, and printed material primarily dealing with Long Island, New York. Includes materials on the Smith family, a locally prominent family. 

Title:League for Industrial Democracy
Collection Number: SC 117
Date: c1930-1955. 

Extent: 1.2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Pamphlets and publications. 

Title: League of Women Voters
Collection Number: SC 266

Extent: 1.2 cubic ft.

Title:League of Women Voters of Brookhaven South (New York)
Collection Number: SC 245
Date: 1948-1974

Extent: 4 cubic ft. 
Abstract: Papers include files, minutes, newsletters, correspondence, reports, scrapbooks and related materials.

Title:League of Women Voters of Nassau County (New York)
Collection Number: SC 321

Extent: 3.7 cubic ft.
Abstract: Papers include files, minutes, newsletters, correspondence, reports, scrapbooks and related materials.

Title:League of Women Voters of North Brookhaven (New York)
Collection Number: SC 220
Date: 1941-1975

Extent: 6.45 cubic ft. 
Abstract: Papers include orrespondence, committee files, administrative files, case files, financial files, publications, minutes, programs, bylaws, annual reports, scrapbooks, photographs, slides, clippings, pamphlets, and related materials. Issues include relations with the People's Republic of China, Fire Island National Seashore, Brookhaven town planning, Suffolk County planning, water resources and civil rights.

Title:League of Women Voters of Riverhead/Southold (New York)
Collection Number: SC 231
Date: 1939-1974

Extent: 2.15 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers include correspondence, files, minutes, newsletters, reports, and related materials.

Title:League of Women Voters of Smithtown (New York)
Collection Number: SC 305
Date: 1961-1979

Extent: 4 cubic ft. 
Abstract: Papers include correspondence, files, newsletters and related materials.

Title:League of Women Voters of the Town of Oyster Bay (New York)
Collection Number: SC 322

Extent: 5 cubic ft.
Abstract: The collection consists of correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, and published materials created by the League of Women Voters, Town of Oyster Bay (New York) chapter of the national bipartisan political organization. This chapter of the league was organized in 1960 and disbanded in 1985.

Title:Leasenfeld, Edna (b.1887-d.1972)
Collection Number: SC 356
Date: 1942-1969

Extent: 1.5 linear ft.
Abstract: The collection consists of one photo album that documents Edna May Bogart Leasenfeld's family life and travels from 1942 to 1960. Geographic coverage in New York includes Lattington, Jamaica (Queens), Locust Valley, Sullivan County, Greene County, Hyde Park and Staatsburg-on-Hudson. Her travels also took her to the Caribbean and Central America, as well as to Florida, Pennsylvania, Maine and Massachusetts.

Title:Legal Instruments, 1702-1864 Collection
Collection Number: SC 484
Date: 1702-1864

Extent: 25 items
Abstract: A collection of various legal instruments dating from the early 18th century to the mid-19th century. The majority of the documents are land deeds or indentures from Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, there are also items from Ulster County, New York, Connecticut, and Barbados. Other items are in the form of letters, a will, property map and financial accounting pages.

Title:Lentricchia, Augusto (b.1892-d.1980)
Collection Number: SC 337
Date: 1922-1979

Extent: 5 cubic ft.
Abstract: Notebooks of poetry and prose reflective of the immigrant and Italian-American experience.

Title:Like, Irving (b.1924-d.2018)
Collection Number: SC 236
Date: 1963-1986

Extent: 3.2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Irving Like was a longtime resident of Babylon and Bay Shore, New York, and an attorney who worked to preserve the natural environment of Long Island. This collection includes dockets and other legal materials regarding several laws suits brought by the County of Suffolk (New York) against the Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO). Other topic coverage includes the Fire Island National Seashore and the creation of a Hudson Highlands National Scenic Riverway.

Title:Linton, Floyd S.
Collection Number: SC 273
Date: 1974-1979

Extent: 22 cubic ft. 
Abstract: Member of the Suffolk County (NY) Legislature, 1974-1980, Democrat from Miller Place, representing the 4th Legislative District and presiding officer, 1976-1977. Correspondence, clippings, committee records, pamphlets, and related material.

Title:Literary Broadsides 
Collection Number: SC 362
Date: 1940s-1980s

Extent: 9 cubic ft.
Abstract: A collection of broadsides crafted by independent publishers and authors of popular culture in the mid-twentieth century, including: Auerhahn Press' OYEZ series; Belleview Press' Postcard series; Broadside Press' Broadside series; Brownstone Press' Butterfly Broadside series; Burning Deck Postcard series; Cold Mountain Press Poetry Card series; Portents' Broadsides; State University of New York at Buffalo's Christmas Broadside series; Stone House Press' Broadside series; and Unicorn Press' Broadsheet series.

Title:Literary Ephemera
Collection Number: SC 111

Extent: 1 cubic ft.
Abstract: Printed ephemera including clippings, pamphlets, and photographs of authors and artists.

Title:Little Blue Books
Collection Number: SC 135
Date: 1922-1950

Extent: 10 linear in.
Abstract: A collection of books and pamphlets published by Haldeman-Julius Company of Girard, Kansas.

Title:Long Island Archives Conference
Collection Number: SC 270
Date: 1974-1990

Extent: 1.2 cubic ft
Abstract: Records of an organization dedicated to the preservation of manuscripts and archives on Long Island.

Title:Long Island Cookbook Collection
Collection Number: SC 335
Date: 1893-1990

Extent: 2 cubic ft.
Abstract: A collection of community cookbooks published by Long Island organizations between 1893 and 1990.  

Title:Long Island Environmental Council, lnc. 
Collection Number: SC 228
Date: 1969-1974

Extent: 4 cubic ft.
Abstract: Environmental action, non-profit organization with both individual and corporate membership. Its stated goal was to preserve and promote a livable environment for Long Island. Founded in 1969 by Claire Stern, who served as executive director. Correspondence, memoranda, telephone registers, newsletters, administrative files, and reading files.

Title:Long Island Ephemera 
Collection Number: SC 133
Date: 1896-1999

Extent: 25 linear ft.
Abstract: Flyers,newsletters, brochures, and other forms of ephemera created between 1896 and 1999 that document people, organizations, and places situated in Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Long Island, New York.

Title:Long Island Land Deeds
Collection Number: SC 379
Date: 1759-1851

Extent: 3 linear in.
Abstract: Surnames represented include Wells, Downs, Swezey, Howell, Ferry, Corwin, Tuthill, Hallock, and Youngs.

Title:Long Island Legal Documents 
Collection Number: SC 403
Date: 1784-1846

Extent: 2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Legal records, including bail pleas, licenses, notices of court appearances, court minutes, subpoenas, lists of jurors, and petitions. Geographic coverage: Queens County (Long Island), NY. Surnames include Kissam, Nicolls, Roe, Sammis, Smith, Titus, Townsend, Van Wyck, Wickes, Willet, and Wyckoff.   

Title:Long Island National Organization for Women. Nassau Chapter (New York) 
Collection Number: SC 248
Date: 1970-1974

Extent: 3.6 cubic ft.
Abstract: Correspondence and files of the Nassau County, New York, chapter of the National Organization for Women.

Title:Long Island Postcard Collection
Collection Number: SC 346
Date: 1900-1930

Extent: 10 linear in.
Abstract: A collection of 20th century postcards documenting places and landmarks in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, New York.
Note: Items from this collection have been digitized.

Title:Long Island Pride Parade, Inc. 
Collection Number: SC 380
Date: 1991-2005

Extent: 3.25 cubic ft. 
Abstract: Correspondence, flyers, memorabilia, and meeting minutes of Long Island Pride, started in 1991 by winning the right to march in a Suffolk County courtroom. Thirty years later Long Island Pride is organized by the LGBT Network.

Title:Long Island Water and Environment
Collection Number: SC 467
Date: 1960s and 1970s

Extent: 2.5 linear in.
Abstract: Reports and documents published in the  about water, environmental, and energy issues on Long Island.   

Title:Lowry, Margerie Bonner (b.1905-d.1988) 
Collection Number: SC 101/22
Date: c1950

Extent: 1 v.; 455 pp.
Abstract: Photocopied typescript of "Tender is the Night," a film by Margerie Bonner and Malcolm Lowry, from the novel of F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

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Title:Markell, Robert J. (b.1924-d.2020) 
Collection Number: SC 404
Date: c1940s-1980s 
Extent: 15 cubic ft.  
Abstract: A collection of manuscript and published material that documents the prolific career of art director, set designer, producer, and five-time Emmy Award winner Robert Markell. Includes production material for stage, film and television, including: sketches; set designs; photographs; and multimedia. Formats represented are: film; video; framed gouache artwork; original production designs issued on tissue, cardstock, and paper; professional studio photographs; film and television scripts; and correspondence.

Title:Merrick and Jamaica Plank Road Company
Collection Number: SC 282
Date: 1852-1888
Extent: 1.35 cubic ft. (~1000 items)
Abstract: A toll road that operated 1852-c1888 between Merrick and Jamaica, New York Chiefly bills, receipts, and toll gate receipts; together with correspondence, agreements, financial statements, land purchases, maps, notices, orders, petitions, proposals, specifications, stock dividend payment schedules, stockholder proceedings, and a workbook. Many of the bills are for road construction.  

Title:Mid-Suffolk National Organization for Women (Suffolk County, New York)
Collection Number: SC 258
Date: c1970-1980
Extent: 8.8 cubic ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, subject files, minutes, published materials, newsletters, clippings, and related materials collected and produced by a National Organization for Women (NOW) chapter based in Suffolk County, New York.  

Title:Millenson, Roy (b.1921-d.2017)
Collection Number: SC 373
Date: 1951-1973
Extent: 4 linear in.
Abstract: Legislative and Press Assistant to Representative Jacob K. Javits, January 1949 through October 1955; Legislative Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant to Senator Jacob K. Javits, January 1957 through October 1959; Minority Staff Director, Senate Committee on Labor and Public Welfare, February 1965 through December 1974. Subject files, press releases, and clipping.

Title:Miller, Charles Henry (b.1842-d.1922)
Collection Number: SC 366
Date: c. 1889
Extent: 1 preliminary leaf (plate) plus 43 leaves of plates: illustrations; 49 cm.
Abstract: "New York and Long Island Landscapes" by Charles Henry Miller. Primarily etched by August Barry. 
Note: This collection been digitized.

Title:Miller, Joaquin (b.1837-d.1913) 
Collection Number: SC 101/26
Date: 1913
Extent: 1 volume, 327 pp., plates, 23 cm.
Abstract: Published printed volume, 1913 [date of inscription] titled, "The complete poetical works of Joaquin Miller," (Rev. ed. San Francisco, The Whitaker & Ray company, 1902), with autograph inscription and a note to W.S. Hughes, and clippings of Miller's obituary.

Title:Miller, Samuel Hopkins
Collection Number: SC 473
Date: 1705-1967
Extent: 26.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Account books, diaries, ledgers, correspondence, and land deeds dating from 1705 to 1967 that document several generations of the Miller, Tuthill, and Tillotson families on Long Island, New York primarily in the areas of Miller Place and Rocky Point in the Town of Brookhaven.  

Title:Moeller, Henry W. 
Collection Number: SC 432
Date: 1738-2017
Extent: 22.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Original research files, notes, maps, photocopies, and visual materials that document Long Island history, with an emphasis on the Town of Southampton and the HMSCulloden (1776), a British warship that ran aground in 1781 on Culloden Point, Montauk, Long Island, New York on January 23, 1781. Photographs taken by Henry W. Moeller and others during the archaeological excavation and conservation of theCulloden are part of the collection.

Title:Moran, Daniel Thomas (b.1957-)
Collection Number: SC 392
Date: c1960s-2019
Extent: 30 linear ft.
Abstract: Manuscripts, correspondence, journals, notebooks, published works, mutimedia, and subject files authored by or collected by poet Daniel Thomas Moran.  

Title:Morley, Christopher (b.1890-d.1957)
Collection Number: SC 323
Date: 1914-1978
Extent: 13 cubic ft.
Abstract: This collection was assembled by Elisabeth Post Morrow as part of a Christopher Morley collection. It includes books, manuscripts, ephemera, dealer and trade catalogs, and periodicals with contributions by and/or about Christopher Morley.

Title:Mount Sinai Harbor Conservation League (New York) 
Collection Number: SC 240
Date: 1974-1975
Extent: 0.4 cubic ft.
Abstract:  Environmental action organization founded by Daniel T. Grinnell, of Mount Sinai, New York The League fought unsuccessfully to raise money to purchase land to prevent development. Correspondence, financial statements, contracts, legal documents, survey maps, newspaper clippings and other materials related to attempts to preserve a portion of land adjacent to Mount Sinai Harbor.  

Title:Movements Ephemera Collection
Collection Number: SC 144
Date: 1963-1998
Extent: 20 linear ft.
Abstract: Ephemera including newsletters, pamphlets, flyers, brochures, and newspapers documenting 20th century political and social movements. 

Title:Murphy, Robert Cushman (b.1887-d.1973)
Collection Number: SC 216
Date: 1895-1965
Extent: 12 linear ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, typescripts, photographs, negatives, notebooks, journals, book reviews and slides concerning the worldwide travels and natural history studies of a Long Island (New York) naturalist.

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Title: Nassau-Suffolk Regional Planning Board (New York)
Collection Number: SC 299
Extent: 0.4 cubic ft.

Title:Neruda, Pablo (b.1904-d.1973)
Collection Number: SC 101/16
Date: 1935, 1954
Extent: 0.1 cubic ft. (7, 1 p.)
Abstract: Typescript.  Presentation copy of poem by Neruda, "Aquí estoy," written in 1935. Poem is dated 2 April 1935. "La presenta copia, efectuada por Fernando Rivera Zavala, fué transcrita de otra, facilitada por José María Souviron, a quien un amigo del poeta se la remitió. Neruda aprobó su texto y autenticidad, empleándose para reproducirla papel del siglo XVII que perteneciera a Don José Toribio Medina y Zavala. 1954." Spanish.

Title:New York Civil Liberties Union. Suffolk County (New York) Chapter
Collection Number: SC 226
Date: 1966-1974
Extent: 2 cubic ft.
Abstract: Legal activist organization dedicated to the protection of constitutional rights for United States citizens. Minutes, office and client correspondence, secretary and committee files, clippings, agendas, brochures, press releases, flyers, reports, notes, and American Civil Liberties Union publications and artifacts.

Title:New York Galleries and Artists
Collection Number: SC 350
Date: 1965-1975
Extent: 2.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Annual reports, exhibition catalogs, mailings, and announcements collected by Special Collections.

Title:Newman, Jacqueline M.: Chinese Cookbook Collection
Collection Number: SC 365
Date: 1860-2019
Extent: More than 7,000 items
Abstract: Comprehensive collection documenting Chinese food history including one of the largest English-language Chinese cookbook collections in existence (more than 5,000 volumes), journals and magazines, videos, filmstrips, and papers. 

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Title:Parsons and Company Collection (Queens, New York)
Collection Number: SC 287
Date: 1774-[c1884] 1850-1880 (bulk)
Extent: 16.5 linear ft.
Abstract: The Parsons family operated a dry goods business in Manhattan. In the early 19th century, the family established a horticulture business in Queens. Parsons & Co. was dissolved in 1872. Bills, inventories, journals, ledgers, letterbooks, financial records, payroll records, receipts, daybooks, invoices, and related records of the Parsons family's businesses.

Title:Payne, Robert (b.1911-d.1983)
Collection Number:  SC 293
Date: [ca.1900]-1983
Extent: 153 linear ft.
Abstract:  Papers of the author, biographer, poet, translator. Literary manuscripts, correspondence, diaries, and related materials. Includes extensive correspondence with, and biographical materials relating to Mr. Payne's parents, Stephen and Mireille (Dorey) Payne.

Title:Payne, Sheila
Collection Number: SC 318
Extent: 2.8 cubic ft.
Abstract: Records.

Title:Perishable Press Limited
Collection Number:  SC 214
Date: 1965-1980
Extent: 44 linear ft.
Abstract: A collection documenting the private press of Walter S. Hamady (b.1940-d.2019), an innovative papermaker, printer, publisher of books by hand, artist, and teacher. The press was founded while Hamady was a student at Wayne State University in 1964, and continued during his graduate study at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit, Michigan, and subsequently in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Mary Louise Laird Hamady jointly operated the press for a period of time. Materials include correspondence with authors, poets, typesetters, binders, papermakers, and other businesses; and drafts, manuscripts, typescripts, proofs, dummies, and galleys of materials submitted to and rejected or published by The Perishable Press Limited.

Title:Perkins, Jane Howard (b. 1912-d.2011)
Collection Number: SC 472
Date: c1922-1958
Extent: 1 linear ft.
Abstract: Photographs of Jane Howard Perkins (1912-2011) and her family including her father Roy Wilson Howard (1883-1964). The album includes loose photographs, newspaper clippings, and ephemera. Geographic documentation includes Italy, Spain, Egypt, Israel, Greece, and Japan.

Title:Pocket Maps
Collection Number: SC 360
Date: 1879-1947
Extent: 1.5 linear ft.
Abstract: A collection of 19th and 20th century maps with coverage of the United States of America and Canada. 

Title:Political Buttons (A)
Collection Number: SC 369
Date: 20th century
Extent: 74 items
Abstract: Alphabetical arrangement. 

Title: Political Buttons (B)
Collection Number: SC 452
Date: 1956; 1958
Extent: 2 items
Abstract: Two oversized pins of Jacob Javits (for United States Senator, c1956) and Nelson Rockefeller (for governor of New York, c1958).

Title:Porcino, Jane (b.1924-d.2008)
Collection Number: SC 481
Date: 1970-1998
Extent: 3 linear ft.
Abstract: A collection of Jane Porcino's writings, correspondence, lectures, photographs and related materials dating from 1970 to 1998. Jane Porcino (1924-2008) was an internationally known author, lecturer, consultant, educator, and advocate who worked in the fields of civil rights, social work, and gerontology.

Title:Portraits and Pictures 
Collection Number: SC 166
Date: Various
Extent: 2.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Items received by and amassed by Special Collections in the 1970s and 1980s. Formats include loose photographs, postcards, and travel and description guidebooks.

Title:Preservation Society of the East End 
Collection Number: SC 251
Date: c1965-1975
Extent: 3 cubic ft.
Abstract:Records created by and collected by the Preservation Society of the East End (PSEE), an environmental action organization founded in 1965 that merged into the Group for America's South Fork in 1975.

Title:Puleston, Dennis (b.1905-d.2001)(see also Environmental Defense Fund Archive)
Collection Number: SC 232
Date: 1967-1999
Extent: 3.6 linear ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, memos, meeting minutes, articles, and clippings. One of the founders of Environmental Defense Fund.

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Title:Radical Education Project
Collection Number:  SC 124
Date: 1960-1972
Extent: 2 linear ft.
Abstract: Pamphlets and publications published by the Radical Education Project and associated groups between 1960 and 1972. The Ann Arbor, Michigan-based group was an effort by Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) activists and intellectuals to develop a research, education, and publication center designed to strengthen the movement toward a new left in America. 

Title:Rattiner, Dan  
Collection Number: SC 411
Date: c1966-2008
Extent: 80 cubic ft.
Abstract: Manuscript and published material documenting the east end of Long Island and the career of noted author, editor, and publisher Dan Rattiner, founder of Dan's Papers. Includes research notes, manuscripts, correspondence, and newspapers. Organization: Series arrangement by document type and format. 

Title: Richards, William C. (b.1927-d.1985) 
Collection Number: SC 274
Date: 1972-1979
Extent: 9 cubic ft.
Abstract: Member of the Suffolk County, New York Legislature, 1976-1982; Republican-Conservative from Kings Park with an office in Smithtown, representing the 7th Legislative District, and presiding officer, 1980-1982. Papers, legislative resolutions, committee minutes, and office files dealing with local issues.

Title:Rogers, William H. (b.1922-d.1986)
Collection Number: SC 238
Date: 1963-1975
Extent: 29 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers of the clerk of the Suffolk County Legislature, 1978-1986); Republican councilman, Town of Brookhaven (1964-1975); and chief assessor, Town of Brookhaven, 1962-1963.

Title:Ryder, Charles
Collection Number: SC 101/27
Date: Undated, c1900s.
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Typescript, 19--. Bound typescript of poem, "Idols," 19--. XXX numbered poems.

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Title:Sailor, Vance Lewis (b.1920-d.1997)
Collection Number:  SC 328
Date: 1970-1995
Extent: 9 cubic ft.
Abstract:  Senior physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory and among the founders of Suffolk Scientists for Cleaner Power and Safer Environment, Energy Education Exponents, and Citizens for an Orderly Energy Policy. Includes personal correspondence, speeches, and press clippings, as well as documents pertaining to the Shoreham Nuclear Plant, The Long Island Lighting Company, and lawsuits initiated by Citizens for an Orderly Energy Policy. 

Title: Sauer, Claire (b.1930-) 
Collection Number: SC 265
Date: 1971-1977
Extent: 18 cubic ft.
Abstract: Papers, Member of the Suffolk County, New York Legislature, 1975-1977; Democrat from Huntington, representing the 17th Legislative District. Sauer chaired the Legislative and Personnel Committees, and served on the Finance and the Education and Youth Committees. A civic activist, she chaired the Suffolk County Charter Revision Commission and was active in the Suffolk County chapter of the League of Women Voters. Correspondence, reports, press releases, memoranda, minutes, clippings and miscellaneous government documents of a county legislator.

Title:Sayvetz, Joel (b.1892-d.1969) 
Collection Number: SC 101/15
Date: 1935?
Extent: 0.1 cubic ft. 
Abstract:  Typescript of "A decade of mass pressure; the story of the organized movement of unemployed groups in Chicago." First part, 1930-1935. Chicago, undated.

Title:Scrapbook Collection 
Collection Number: SC 102
Date: 1890s-1960s
Extent: 6 items.
Abstract:  An assortment of scrapbooks collected by Special Collections, c1830-1964.

Title:Seyfried, Vincent F. (b.1918-d.2012)
Collection Number:  SC 400
Date: circa 1883-1939
Extent: 9 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers, notebooks, reports, newspaper clippings, and timetables pertaining to railroads and trolleys in New York, specifically Long Island, the five borroughs of New York City, and the Hudson Valley.

Title:Shannon, Howard Johnson (b.1876-d.1936)
Collection Number:  SC 300
Date: 1910-1936
Extent: 1 cubic ft.
Abstract: Field notebooks of the artist and naturalist.

Title: Shope, Roger, collector. 
Collection Number: SC 250
Date: 1971-1975
Extent: 7.5 cubic ft.
Abstract: Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Citizen's Advisory Committee of the Long Island Sound Study of the New England River Basins Commission. The New England River Basins Commission was a federal/state planning commission composed of members from the six New England states and New York, as well as ten federal agencies and six interstate and regional agencies. It was a coordinating agency for water and related land resource regional planning. The Long Island Sound Regional Study was established to help appropriate state and local agencies plan and manage their coastal resources. Files and publications, including correspondence, memoranda, drafts, reports, pamphlets, clippings, completed surveys, survey analyses, press releases and publications.

Title:Shoreham and Three Mile Island
Collection Number: SC 446
Date: 1921-1987
Extent: 1 cubic ft.
Abstract:  Reports, documents, clippings, and correspondence pertaining to nuclear reactors in Shoreham, New York and Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania.

Title:Shoreham Opponents Coalition    
Collection Number: SC 314 
Date: ca.1975-1988
Extent: 50 cubic ft.
Abstract: Reports, documents, clippings, and correspondence documenting the coalition's organized legal, legislative, and electoral offensives to nuclear reactors at the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant located on the north shore of Long Island, New York. 

Title:Skidmore, William Allen and David William   
Collection Number: SC 449
Date: 1791-1939
Extent: 0.9 cubic ft.
Abstract: Correspondence, legal documents, deeds, and other paper files of son William Allen Skidmore (b.1836-d.1901) and father David William Skidmore (b.1808-d.1878). Geographic coverage includes the City of New York and Ohio.

Title:Sleight, Anna C. Dering (b.1811-d.1905) 
Collection Number: SC 464
Date: 1877-1880
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Anna C. Sleight was the wife of William Rysam Sleight (died 1876) and youngest daughter of Henry P. Dering, Postmaster and Collector of the port of Sag Harbor. Irregular entries for 1877 and 1880. Entries discuss family and friends in Sag Harbor and on Shelter Island, including her son Brinley Dering Sleight and grandson Cornelius Sleight; family business affairs, social visits, fires in Sag Harbor, church activities, and reflections on her age.

Title:Smolker, Robert Eliot (b.1923-d.1985)(see also Environmental Defense Fund Archive)
Collection Number: SC 232
Date: 1967-1985
Extent: 4 linear ft.
Abstract: Research files, correspondence, financial documents, newsletters, clippings and memos, Professor of biology, State University of New York at Stony Brook; founder and board member, Environmental  Defense Fund. Personal files, and records relating to founding and leadership in the Environmental Defense Fund.

Title:Social Movements Collection
Collection Number: SC 476
Date: 1966-1992
Extent: 2 linear ft.
Abstract: Course syllabi and a scrapbookof Susan Strasser, a graduate of Stony Brook University, and papers, published works and ephemera she collected on the subjects of social movements and feminism.

Title:Söderberg, Eugenie (b.1903-d.1973)
Collection Number: SC 210
Date: 1930-1973
Extent: 38 linear ft.
Abstract: Personal and professional correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, photographs, scrapbooks, clippings, and works of art of Söderberg, a Swedish-born journalist and author who came to the United States in 1940.

Title:Soper, Oliver (b.1740-d.1821)
Collection Number:  SC 427
Date: Document 1:  August 13, 1776.  Document 2: August 26, 1776
Extent: Document 1: (Brooklyn); 2pp.; dimensions: 6" x 8". Document 2: (Brooklyn), 2pp.; dimensions: 6.25" x 7.75".)
Abstract:  Autographed documents signed by Oliver Soper (d. August 8, 1821). Captain in the 13th Continental Infantry in Massachusetts (under Colonel Joseph Read) from January 1, 1776 to December 31, 1776. Soper's company served in Israel Putnam's Division at Long Island (August 27), manning the defenses in Brooklyn Heights. Acquired from Heritage Auction Galleries in October 2008.

Title:Southampton Fresh Air Home
Collection Number: SC 386
Date: 1910-2009
Extent: 6.5 linear ft.
Abstract: The Southampton Fresh Air Home is a not-for-profit residential camp for physically challenged youth founded in 1901 and located in Southampton, Long Island, NY. Office files and records.

Title:Southold, New York: The Grange, or the Patrons of Husbandry Collection
Collection Number: SC 347 
Date: Materials dating from 1874-1878.
Extent: 0.5 cubic ft.
Abstract: The collection is comprised of 0.5 cubic ft. of papers documenting the Southold chapter of The Grange, or the Patrons of Husbandry, between 1874-1878. Materials include by-laws, the charter, roll book, and related documents.

Title:Squires, Edward Lewis (b.1844-d.1934)
Collection Number: SC 421
Date: 1863-1864
Extent: Dimensions: 8.5cm  x 14.5cm
Abstract:  Two manuscript diaries, dated 1863-1864. Long Island resident stationed in New York, Virginia, and Coles Island, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina during the Civil War; Private Company G, 127th Regiment, New York Volunteers.

Title: Steinberg, Mildred 
Collection Number: SC 256
Date: [ca.1974]-1977
Extent: 14 cubic ft.
Abstract: Files and records of the member of the Suffolk County (New York) Legislature, 1974-1978, Democrat from East Setauket, representing the 5th Legislative District. 

Title:Steinberg, Rafael 
Collection Number: SC 361 
Date: 1927-1981
Extent: 5.3 cubic ft.
Abstract: Collaborator on Javits: The Autobiography of a Public Man. Manuscript drafts, interviews, audio-cassettes, and research files.

Title:Suffolk County (NY). Legislature. Resolutions
Collection Number: SC 276
Date: 1985-1989
Extent: 14.4 cubic ft.
Abstract:  Minutes, hearings.

Title: Suffolk County (NY). Legislature. Minutes
Collection Number: SC 275
Extent: 36.4 cubic ft.
Abstract: Resolutions.

Title:Suffolk Interreligious Coalition on Housing, Inc. (New York)
Collection Number: SC 290
Date: 1977-1983. 
Extent: 0.4 cubic ft.
Abstract: The Suffolk Interreligious Coalition on Housing, Inc. (SICOH) was an association of religious leaders and private citizens interested in establishing low-cost, affordable housing throughout Suffolk County, New York. It was founded in 1977 and affiliated with The Interreligious Coalition on Housing, a nationwide housing network.

Title:Suffolk Scientists for Cleaner Power and Safer Environment (New York)
Collection Number: SC 267
Date: 1969-1974
Extent: 10 linear in.
Abstract: Organization favoring nuclear power generation and the construction and licensing of the Long Island Lighting Company's Shoreham Nuclear Power Facility. Hearing briefs, statements, treasurer's records, etc.

Title:Suffolk Symphonic Orchestra and Society Papers   
Collection Number: SC 269
Date: 1961-1979
Extent: 19.9 cubic ft.
Abstract: A non-profit organization in western Suffolk County, New York incorporated in 1962 to promote musical appreciation and to stimulate young artists. In 1980, it merged with the Long Island Symphony to create the Long Island Philharmonic. Clayton Westermann served as its long-time conductor. The papers include correspondence, memoranda, financial records, minutes, press releases, clippings, programs, scrapbooks, photographs, posters, advertisements, and related materials.

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Title:Tallmadge, Benjamin (b.1754-d.1835)
Collection Number: SC 381
Date: July 8, 1781
Extent: 1 leaf; 14cm x 21cm 
Abstract: George Washington's chief spymaster. Autographed document signed. Weathersfield, CT. Docketed and endorsed on verso. 
Note: This document has been digitized.

Title: Tarifán, Vicente Tomás, compiler
Collection Number: SC 101/30
Date: 1753
Extent: 2 v.
Abstract: Autos de fé en Valencia, 1753. Holograph compilation by Vicente Tomás Tarifán and Tomas Guell of autos-de-fe held in the Convento de Predicadores of Valencia from June 11, 1718 to August, 1753. Narración histórica del Auto público de Fé que el Sto. Tribunal de la Inquisición, celebrado en el Conto de Predicadores de Valencia el día 26 Agosto siendo Prior el M.R.P.M. Fr. Vincente Agullo en 1753.; Title: v.2, p.111. Spanish.

Title:Theater Programs 
Collection Number: SC 140

Date: 1893-2008
Extent: 28.5 linear ft. 
Abstract: Programs and related printed ephemera from theater, opera, dance, and musical performances. The primary focus is New York City, but programs from other geographic regions are represented in the collection.

Title:Thomas, Isaiah (b.1749-d.1831)
Collection Number: SC 465

Date: September 24, 1805
Extent: 1pp.; 18cm x 24cm
Abstract: Letter written to William Johnson from Boston, MA.

Title:Tintypes and Portraits Collection
Collection Number: SC 341
Date: 1860s-1880s
Extent: 3 linear in.
Abstract: A collection that includes tintype portraits of unidentified African Americans.

Title:Townsend, Howard (b.1858-d.1935)
Collection Number: SC 101/23

Date: 1916
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Bound typescript of autobiographical memoir by Howard Townsend (1858-1935). Dedication: "For my children." New York City, 1916. 

Title:Townsend, Howard (b.1858-d.1935)
Collection Number: SC  101/24

Date: 1935
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Typescript memorial volume including transcripts of biographical information about Howard Townsend, correspondence, and letters of condolence to his widow.

Title:Townsend, Captain Solomon (b.1805-d.1880)
Collection Number: SC 458

Date: January 11, 1831
Extent: 1pp.; 30cm  x 20cm
Abstract: Letter, W.H. Johnson to Captain Solomon Townsend. Member of the Townsend family of Oyster Bay, New York; nephew of Robert Townsend (1753-1838).

Title:Tratado 6o de la cosmografía y descripción del universo 
Collection Number: SC 101/01

Date: c1750
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Spanish cosmology manuscript, [c1750] on cosmology and physical geography. Libro 1. De los principios Generi de la Esphera. - Libro 2. De la Geografía. - Libro 3. De la Idografía [sic;   i.e. Hidrografía] o Náutica. - Libro 4. En que se trata de algunas cosas pentenecientes del tiempo. "Siglo XVIII. En 4o, pergamino, 178 folios, con láminas plegadas." 21 cm. Duodecimo (unpaged). Twelve diagrams, all folding. 

Title:Turmoil Radio Collection 
Collection Number: SC 440

Date: 1976-2005
Extent:  114 linear ft.
Abstract: Archive of the world's longest running punk rock and hardcore music radio program. Founded by Steve Kreitzer, it aired on Stony Brook University's radio station WUSB (90.1 FM) from December 1980 through May 29, 2004. Material include correspondence, business files, sound recordings, magazines, fanzines, posters, broadsides, ephemera, textiles, and artifacts.

Title:Turner, Joyce Moore (b.1920-) 
Collection Number: SC 261

Date: 1956-1993.
Extent: 28.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Papers created and collected by community and civil rights activist Joyce Moore Turner between 1957 and 1993. The geographic coverage is primarily Suffolk County, New York and the subject matter includes the activities of the Task Force on Hospitals and Related Services, the South Brookhaven Health Council, the Nassau-Suffolk Comprehensive Health Planning Agency, and the Nassau-Suffolk Health Systems Agency. Materials include reports, grant applications, meeting minutes, and files from the Suffolk County Economic Opportunity Commission.

Title:Twist, John (b.1885-d.1976)
Collection Number: SC 101/13

Date: ca. 1939
Extent: 1 v.
Abstract: Mimeographed manuscript of The Great Man Votes by screenwriter John Twist. RKO Radio Pictures. Screenplay from a story by Gordon Malherbe Hillman. Presentation copy to Whitney Bolton, with autograph signatures of most of the principals involved in the 1939 production of the moving picture including John Barrymore, Garson Kanin, and Pandro S. Berman.

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Title:Union Free School District No.5, Levittown, New York
Collection Number: SC 235

Date: 1952-1954
Extent: 0.8 cubic ft.
Abstract: Collected and donated by Jerome Levitan, President of the School Board of the Union Free School District no. 5, Board of Education, Levittown (New York) Correspondence, papers and printed materials.

Title:United Farm Workers Union Controversy
Collection Number: SC 145

Date: ca. 1960s-1970s
Extent: 5 linear in.
Abstract: Pamphlets, booklets, and documents, including materials related to the United Farm Workers and E&J Gallo Winery from the mid-1970s.

Title:United States Pamphlets 
Collection Number: SC 129

Date: 1779-1976
Extent: 7.8 cubic ft.
Abstract: A collection of United States, Socialist, Marxist, Communist and assorted pamphlets. 

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Title:Van Liew, Barbara Ferris (b.1910-d.2005)
collection Number: SC 367

Date: 1877-2005
Extent: 2.5 linear ft.
Abstract: Research notes, files, books, and a set of the newsletter Preservation Notes, founded by Mrs. Barbara Ferris Van Liew. Author; architectural historian; preservationist; and Historian of Head of the Harbor, New York. 

Title:Verzyl, Kenneth H. (b.1922-d.1978)
Collection Number: SC 253

Date: 19.4 cubic ft. 
Extent: 1969-1976
Abstract: Village trustee, 1969, and mayor of the Village of Asharoken, 1970-1976, Town of Huntington, Suffolk County (New York). Administrative papers.

Title:Vetere, Richard (b.1952-)
Collection Number: SC 375

Date: 1965-2001. 
Extent: 12.6 cubic ft.
Abstract: A collection of the author's published and unpublished screenplays, plays, and poetry; notebooks; correspondence; and memoranda.

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Title:Washington, George (b.1732-d.1799)
Collection Number: SC 402

Date: September 24, 1779 
Extent: 3 1/2pp.; folio
Abstract: Letter signed as Commander in Chief to Major Benjamin Tallmadge, Headquarters, Westpoint,  text in the hand of aide James McHenry and docketed upon receipt by Major Tallmadge. Acquired at auction in May 2006.
Note: This document has been digitized.

Title:Washington, George (b.1732-d.1799)
Collection Number: SC 429

Date: September 16, 1780
Extent: 1 p.; folio
Abstract: Letter signed ("G:o Washington"), as Commander in Chief of the Continental Army, to Major Benjamin Tallmadge, Headquarters, Bergen County; docketed upon receipt by Major Tallmadge. Acquired at auction in February 2009. 
Note: This document has been digitized.

Title:Webb, Samuel Blachley (b.1753-d.1807)
Collection Number: SC 457

Date: December 5, 1777
Extent: 4pp.
Abstract: Autograph Letter Signed, “Sam. B. Webb,” to Thomas Mumford, Norwalk, CT. Aide to George Washington.  

Title:Welch, Richard F. 
Collection Number: SC 420

Date: 1835-2001
Extent: 6 linear ft.
Abstract: Photographs of gravestones; manuscripts, journals and notebooks, correspondence, and published works. 

Title:White, Claire Nicolas (b.1925-d.2020)
Collection Number: SC 417

Date: 1944-2006
Extent: 10 cubic ft.
Abstract: Manuscripts, journals and notebooks, correspondence, and published works. 

Title:Wilcox, Phebe Almira: Album, 1836-1840 (b.1808-d.1843)
Collection Number: SC 101/37
Date: 1836-1840
Extent: 1 v.
Autograph album with verses, some essays, illustrations, and a newspaper notice of Phebe Almira Wilcox's death. 

Title:Williamson, John M. (b.1787-d.1878)
Collection Number: SC 303

Date: 1779-1877 
Extent: 1.6 cubic ft.
Abstract: A lawyer and politician in Suffolk County, New York, Williamson served as Supervisor of the Town of Brookhaven, a member of the New York State Assembly, a Judge of the Court of Sessions, and Inspector of Elections. Family and professional correspondence, estate and guardianship materials, Town of Brookhaven and Suffolk County records, legal documents, and financial records of a prominent citizen of Stony Brook, Long Island, New York.

Title:Wilson, John Anthony Burgess (b.1917-d.1993)
Collection Number: SC 101/29 

Date: 1962
Extent: 1 v. 285 pp., 18 cm.
Abstract: Uncorrected proof copy.The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess. London, Heinemann, 1962.

Title:Womens History Ephemera
Collection Number: SC 188

Date: 1952-1999
Extent: 3 linear ft.
Abstract: Clippings, pamphlets, photographs. 

Title:Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Central Suffolk Branch (New York)
Collection Number: SC 223

Date: 1965-1973
Extent: 2.15 cubic ft.  
Abstract: Papers, scrapbooks, pamphlets, posters, and miscellaneous materials reflecting activities opposing United States involvement in the Vietnamese Conflict, helping the activities of UNICEF, and supporting the 1972 Democratic presidential campaign of George S. McGovern.

Title:Woodhull, Nathaniel (b.1722-d.1776)
Collection Number: SC 406

Date: March 4, 1776
Extent: 1p.; 22.5cm x 37cm 
Abstract: Letter written by Nathaniel Woodhull (1722-1776) to Major General Philip Schuyler (1733-1804). Signed "Nathl Woodhull, Presidt." 
Note: This document has been digitized.

Title:World War I Collection 
Collection Number: SC 342

Date: 1914-1918
Extent: 3 linear ft.
Abstract: Early 20th century collection of photographs, maps, and ephemeral materials documenting World War I. 

Title:WUSB 90.1 FM: Abbie Kearse 
Collection Number: SC 456

Date: 1981-1982
Extent: 1 cubic ft.
Abstract: Reel-to-reel audio recordings; program guide. Programs produced in 1982; a blend of music and the interviews conducted with musicians Billy Idol, David Johansen, and Eric Bloom of Blue Öyster Cult.  

Title:Wurster, Charles F. (b.1930-) (see also Environmental Defense Fund Archive)
Collection Number: SC 232
Date: 1942-2006
Extent: 26 linear ft.
Abstract: Research files, correspondence, financial documents, newsletters, clippings and memos. Professor of biology, State University of New York at Stony Brook; founder and board of trustees member, Environmental Defense Fund. Personal files, and records relating to founding and leadership in the Environmental Defense Fund. Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, Marine Sciences Research Center, Stony Brook University.

Title:Wylie, Andrew (b.1947-)
Collection Number: SC 217
Date: 1968-1972
Extent: 0.8 cubic ft.
Abstract: Andrew Wylie is a poet and Giuseppe Ungaretti's official translator. Giuseppe Ungaretti was a poet, translator and professor of Italian literature. Wylie edited the spring 1970 issue of "Agenda," which was dedicated to Ungaretti. Correspondence, drafts of poems and translations, newsletters, programs, photographs, clippings, telegrams, audio tapes, and phonodiscs related to Ungaretti's reading tour of the United States in 1969. Languages: Croatian, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish.

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Title:Yeats, William Butler (b.1865-d.1939)
Collection Number: SC 294
Date: 1775-1973
Extent: 58 cubic ft.
Abstract: Photocopies of microfilmed manuscripts, correspondence, documents, printed materials, memorabilia, music, drawings, sketches, still pictures, and portraits of William Butler Yeats, his family, and his friends. Yeats was an Irish poet and playwright, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923. The original collection is held by the National Library of Ireland. This collection was transferred from the Center for Contemporary Arts and Literature at Stony Brook University in 1983. Arrangement and description based on photocopies.

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