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William H. Rogers Collection

Collection Number
SC 238

OCLC Number

William H. Rogers, 1922-1986

Donated by William H. Rogers in March 1976.

Extent, Scope, and Content Note
The collection is comprised of 29 linear ft. of correspondence, subject files, and agendas of William H. Rogers, Sr., created and collected between  1963 and 1975. Among the governmental positions Rogers held in New York were clerk of the Suffolk County Legislature (1978-1986), Republican councilman, Town of Brookhaven (1964-1975), and chief assessor, Town of Brookhaven (1962-1963).

Arrangement and Processing Note
Finding aid updated and revised by Kristen J. Nyitray in January 2020.


Restrictions on Access
The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

Rights and Permissions 
Stony Brook University Libraries' consent to access as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of Special Collections and University Archives materials to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication.  

William H. Rogers Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Historical Note
William Henry Rogers, Sr. (1922-1986) was born on June 21, 1922 in Patchogue, New York to William T. Rogers and Bertham Kelly. He was a graduate of Patchogue High School, attended Ohio State University, and was a graduate of St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York. He served in the United States Navy during World War II.  Among the governmental positions he held in New York were clerk of the Suffolk County Legislature (1978-1986),  Republican councilman, Town of Brookhaven (1964-1975), and chief assessor, Town of Brookhaven (1962-1963).  He died on July 5, 1986. The Suffolk County legislative building in Hauppauge, New York, is named in his honor. (Source: Newsday, July 6, 1986.)

Republican Party (Brookhaven, N.Y. : Town)
Brookhaven (N.Y. : Town) -- Politics and government.
Long Island (N.Y.) -- Politics and government.


Box 1
Agendas, 1965-1970 (2f)

Box 2
Army Corps of Engineers, 1971
Army Corps of Engineers, 1966-Aug 1973 (5f)

Box 3
Army Corps of Engineers, September 1973-December 1974 (10f)

Box 4
[Closed] (2f)
Equalization Program correspondence, 1963 

Box 5

Equalization Program correspondence, 1963 
Assessor Files, 1964-1965 (2f) 

Box 6
Assessor files, 1966-1967 
I.B.M. files, 1965 

Box 7
Assessor files, 1968-1970 

Box 8
Assessor files, 1971-1973 (6f) 

Box 9
Barraud, Charles W., Supervisor, 1966-1970 (3f) 

Box 10
Barraud, Charles W., Supervisor, 1970-1972 (4f) 

Box 11
Barraud, Charles W., Supervisor, 1972-1973 (4f) 

Box 12
[Closed] (2f) 

Box 13
[Closed] (5f) 

Box 14
Budget, 1976-1970 (5f) 

Box 15
Budget, 1971-1973 (7f) 

Box 16
Comptroller, 1965-1973   
Correspondence, A-G (7f) 

Box 17
Correspondence, H-Z ( 13 folders ) 
Dominy, Charles R., 1964-1966 (2f) 

Box 18
News releases, 1965-1973 (2f) 

Box 19
Highway Committee, 1964-1968   
Mclean, Louis K., 1964-1970 (2f) 

Box 20
Miscellaneous, 1964-1972 ( 8 folders ) 

Box 21
Parks Department, 1964-1970 

Box 22

Planning Board, 1964-1967 (3f) 

Box 23
Planning Board, 1968-1973 (3f) 
Purchasing, 1968-1969 (2f) 

Box 24
Purchasing, 1969-1972 (2f) 
Recreation Committee, 1965-1968 (2f) 

Box 25
Recreation Committee, 1969-1970 (3f) 

Box 26
Recreation Committee, 1971-1972   
Recreation Department, 1965-1968 (1 folder ) 

Box 27
Recreation Department, 1969-1972   
Suffolk County Traffic Reports, 1964-1968   

Box 28

Suffolk County Traffic Reports, 1969-1970 (5f) 

Box 29
Suffolk County Traffic Reports, 1970-1973 (3f) 

Box 30
Arnzen, Edwin A., Town Clerk, 1964-1968 (2f) 

Box 31
Town Clerk, 1969-1972 (4f) 

Box 32

Agendas, 1971-1975 (4f) 

Box 33
Airport, 1964-1975 (4f) 
Allen, Stanley, 1967-1975 

Box 34
Annual Report, 1963-1975 (2f) 
Appraisals, 1969-1970   
Army Corps of Engineers, April, 1975-October, 1975 (3f) 

Box 35
Assessors, 1974-1975 (2f) 
Ashare, Martin, 1972-1975 
Barraud, Charles W., January, 1974-April, 1974 

Box 36
Barraud, Charles W., April, 1974-March, 1975 (3f) 
Bay Constables, 1968-1970   
Bellport, John, 1970-1973   

Box 37
Bloom, Oscar, 1974-1975 (4f) 
Board of Cooperative Educational Services: Design forOccupational Education 

Box 38
Board of Cooperative Educational Services, 1966-1973
Board of Ethics, 1967-1971   
Board of Waterways, Williams Rogers, 1968-1969 (3f) 
Board of Waterways, 1968-1975 (5f) 

Box 39
Brookhaven Memorial Hospital 
Budget, 1974-1976 

Box 40
Ceparano, John 
Cherry Grove 
Citizens Advisory Committee 
Civic associations, 1964-1975 (3f) 

Box 41
Civil Defense 
Civil Service, 1967-1975 (3f) 
Coast Guard 

Box 42
Council on the Arts 
Davis, Ellen 
Davis Park 
Dog pound, 1966-1975 (2f) 

Box 43
Dredging Committee, 1965-1968 (2f) 
Economic opportunity 
Fire Island Pines 
Fire prevention 
Five Dollar Sticker 
Foley, John 
Forge River 
Furman, George 
Giaccone, Francis C. 
Great South Bay 
Highway, 1964-1968   

Box 44
Highway, 1969-1975 (2f) 
Highway Commission, 1969-1975 (5f) 

Box 45
Holtsville-Farmingville Fire District, 1969-1972 (2f) 
Hough, Clarence 
Housing, 1970-1975 (3f) 

Box 46
Hughes, Robert, 1966-1975 (2f) 
Industrial Commission, 1968-1975 (3f) 
Information and Reports, 1965-1966 (2f) 

Box 47
Insurance, 1964-1975 (6f ) 
Internal Revenue Service, 1974 

Box 48

Internal Revenue Service, 1974-1975 (9f) 

Box 49
Invitations, 1964-1975 (6f) 
Joint Seashore Committee 
Keegan and McGiff 

Box 50
Kerins, Martin 
Lefkowitz, Joel 
Letters: Blue Point, Stony Brook (16f) 
Levitt and Sons, 1975 (2f) 
Lighting, A-B 

Box 51
Lighting, C - Miller Place 

Box 52
Lighting, miscellaneous, Shirley 

Box 53

Lighting: Shoreham, Yaphank 
Local Laws, 1967-1975 (2f) 
Long Range Study Committee 
Mars and Burton 

Box 54
McLean, Louis, 1971-1975 (2f) 
MF-1 and MF-2 Residence 
Miramar Beach 
Miscellaneous, 1972-1975 (3f) 

Box 55
Mobile Home Community 
Moriches-Twin Ponds 
Mt. Sinai Harbor, 1966-1975 (3f) 
Narcotics Guidance Council 
New York State, Department of Audit and Control, Human Rights 

Box 56

New York State, Public Service Commission-Water Resources Commission 
News eeleases, 1974-1975
North Brookhaven League of Women Voters, 1967-1975 (2f) 

Box 57

Open housing, 1967 - 1968 (2f) 
Pelletreau and Pelletreau 
Planning board 
Planning bonference 
Plumbing code 

Box 58
Port Jefferson Sewer District 
Proise, Alex 
Purchasing, 1973-1975 (2f) 
Requisitions, 1967-1975 (2f) 
Recreation, 1973 

Box 59
Recreation, 1973-1975
Recreation Committee, Brookhaven-North Bellport 

Box 60
Refuse disposal 
Regan, William 
Reid, Robert 
Rein, Sam 
Remington Records Retrieval 
Resolutions, 1964-1975 (2f) 

Box 61
Sewers,1965-1975 (2f) 
Sloane & Fever, 1964-1975 (2f) 

Box 62
Social services 
Spray irrigation 
Stony Brook 
Stony Brook Water District 
Suffolk County, Department of Audit and Control 
Suffolk County, Board of Supervisors 
Suffolk County, District Attorney 

Box 63
Suffolk County, Health Department, 1965-1971 (2f) 
Suffolk County, Human Relations Committee 
Suffolk County, Legislature 
Suffolk County, Police 

Box 64
Suffolk County, Department of Public Works, 1966-1975 (2f) 
Suffolk County, traffic, 1974 

Box 65
Suffolk County, traffic, 1975 
Suffolk County, treasurer, 1975 
Suffolk County, water authority, 1975 
Tax receiver 
Tow trucks

Box 66
Town Clerk 
Town Hall 
Turetsky, Irma 
Voorhis, Edwin S. & Son: 1962-1967 (2f) 

Box 67
Voorhis, Edwin S. & Son, 1967 
Voorhis, Edwin S. & Son, zoning ordinance review and recommendations 
Wills Creek 
Zoning Board of Appeals 
Zwissler, Alan H. 

Box 68
Assorted files, 1975 

Box 69
Assorted files, 1975