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Meet our Current & Past Interns

Stony Brook University, BA, 2016; St. John’s University, MS Library and Information Science, 2018
Internships: Spring 2016 and Spring 2018

"My internship in Special Collections was the best part of my undergraduate education. I gained valuable insight into the functions of an archive, and the department faculty and staff were inviting and helpful in assisting me with my academic goals. I was given the opportunity to handle a variety of artifacts within the archive, and I discovered a passion for working with historical materials. Through this internship, I was able to learn about the vast resources available through libraries and further develop my own professional career interests."

Projects: digitization; rare books; outreach events; research; reference; transcribing documents; Isaiah Thomas Collection; University Archives Photograph Collection; Jacqueline M. Newman Chinese Cookbook Collection


Stony Brook University, BA, 2015; Long Island University, MS Library and Information Science, 2018
Internships:  Fall 2015 and Spring 2018

"I first interned in Special Collections and University Archives when I was a senior at Stony Brook in 2015. I had such a positive experience that I was inspired to earn my Master's degree in Library and Information Science with a concentration in Archives and Records Management. I returned to Special Collections this past spring and was excited to gain more hands-on experience as I neared the end of my degree program. Although I was exposed to a variety of collections during my graduate internship, I spent the majority of my time organizing and inventorying a 2016 acquisition of records to the Turmoil Radio Collection. I didn't have much prior knowledge of punk rock but I really enjoyed learning about the artists that appeared on Turmoil, Steven Kreitzer's radio show on campus. I graduate in September and am looking forward to applying what I learned throughout my two internships in Special Collections."

Projects: Turmoil Radio Collection; University Archives Photograph Collection; Jacqueline M. Newman Chinese Cookbook Collection


Stony Brook University, BA, 2018
Internship:  Fall 2017

"My work in Special Collections has provided an incredible variety of experiences ranging from researching collections to transcribing important documents to installing exhibitions. To work in the Special Collections Department is to be inspired by an incredible drive for knowledge and history. Every collection holds a story. My experiences were dynamic and unique. Each day was a new adventure and equipped me with a diverse skill-set that has fostered my future ambitions within and beyond the academic world."

Projects: transcribing and translating documents; collection processing; research; reference; exhibitions


Stony Brook University, BA, 2019
Internship:  Spring 2019

"As a history major, working in Special Collections was a valuable and well cherished experience.  Having the ability to handle history was a wonderful opportunity to know more about my field as well as the more hands-on part of history.  From my internship I was able to experience the work of both an archivist and a librarian.  By experiencing the work first hand I was able to see the immense amount of work needed to keep a library and archive functioning.  This experience allowed me to appreciate the hard work needed to preserve my field's materials.  In the future I hope to be able to continue working with the preservation of history by either becoming an educator or perhaps an archivist myself."

Projects: digitization; reference desk; research;  inventory - part of the Turmoil Collection; transcribing - part of the Edward Lewis Squires Collection (1863 Civil War diary)

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