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Fotografias de Mexico Collection

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SC 359

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Donated by Leighton Coleman III in February 2002.

Extent, Scope,  and Content Note 
The album contains 163 black and white photographs that document the landscape, points of interest, and historic landmarks in Mexico in the early 20th century. The album measures approximately 11"x 14". The cover states in embossed lettering, "Fotografias De Mexico: With the Compliments of the Tourist Department, Banco de Mexico." The photographs within the album remain intact. The descriptions are representative of the original captions found in the album. All metal clips and fasteners have been removed, in accordance with accepted archival standards of preservation.

Arrangement and Processing Note
Processed by Kristen J. Nyitray and Raymond Prucher, student assistant, in March 2002. 
Finding aid revised and updated by Kristen J. Nyitray in June 2019.

English, Spanish 

Restrictions on Access
The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

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Stony Brook University Libraries' consent to access as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of Special Collections and University Archives materials to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication.  

[Item], [Box], Fotografias de Mexico Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Historical Note
The album "Fotografias De Mexico" was donated to Special Collections by Leighton Coleman III in February 2002. Coleman III's grandfather, Leighton H. Coleman, Esq., was a young associate at Davis, Polk, and Wardwell in the 1920s. He was involved in various loan transactions with the International Committee of Bankers on Mexico, which was headed by J.P. Morgan and later Thomas Lamont. The album was a gift to Coleman I from his counterpart in the Mexican Department of Finance.

Photography, Artistic.
Mexico -- Pictorial works.
Street photography.


Box 1

The memorable visit of Hernan Cortes, the Conqueror to Moctezuma, King of the Aztecs (1591); painting existing in the National Museum of Mexico (missing photo)

Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, Father of Mexican Independence (1810-1821); painting existing in the National Palace

Don Agustin de Iturbide, Liberator of Mexico and Emperor; painting existing in the National Palace

Mexico City; Constitution Square with Cathedral in front and National Palace to the right

Mexico City; the beautiful Reforma Road leading from down town to Chapultepec Park and Castle

Mexico City; one of the most exclusive residential suburbs, The Hypodrom Colony, in the middle the Park and Open Air Theatre

Mexico City; the Country Club with its magnificent golf field in a beautiful setting

Mexico City; the National Pawn Shop, "Very old and interesting Colonial building"

Mexico City; another view of Constitution Square from the balconies of the Municipal Palace

Mexico City; the Bank of Mexico building and the post office department

Mexico City; the still finished National Theatre of Mexico, "A beautiful structure with a very rich ornamentation"

Mexico City; monument to the Independence on Reforma Road

Mexico City; section of Tacuba Street with post office in the middle

Mexico City; the Statue to Charles IV (The Iron Horse); this statue was cast in one single block which required 30 tons of molten metal

Mexico City; monument to Cuauhtemoc, King of the Aztecs and one of the strongest figures of Mexican pre-hispanic history

Mexico City; the Cathedral which is the largest in the American Continent.

Mexico City; door of the National Preparatory School, a building built early in the 18th century

Mexico City; the House of the Marquis of Ulloa, built in the 17th century

Mexico City; Corridors of the ex-convent of La Merced

Mexico City; frontispiece of the old Capuchin Monastery, now the National Library

Mexico City; detail of the Cathedral, the choir room showing pipe organs

Mexico City; El Centro Mercantil, one of the largest department stores in Mexico

Mexico City; inside of the modern and beautiful Bank of Mexico

Mexico City; Cinco de Mayo Avenue with Cathedral in the foreground and Bank of Mexico in the left foreground

Mexico City; National Museum, Huitziloc, God of Water (missing photo)

Mexico City; one of the avenues in beautiful Chapultepec Park; the trees in this park are more than six centuries old

Mexico City; Chapultepec Castle, the White House of Mexico

Mexico City; Chapultepec Park, lake and islands

Mexico City; choir room in the ex-convent of Churubusco

Mexico City; another detail of the lake with caves and islands

Mexico City; the Catacombs of El Carmen Convent in San Angel

Mexico City; domes of El Carmen Convent

Mexico City; another view of Chapultepec Park and Castle

Mexico City; entrance to the ex-Convent of Churubusco

Mexico City; the peaceful garden in the ex-convent of Churubusco

Mexico City; detail of the baptismal chapel in the ex-convent of Churubusco

Mexico City; another view of the domes, ex-convent of El Carmen

Mexico City; typical Ixtacalco, main canal leading to Xochimilco

Mexico City; the Gran Canal and some of the floating gardens, Xochimilco

Mexico City; some of the native boats in Xochimilco

Mexico City; sight of the native boats in Xochimilco

Mexico City; the floating islands of Xochimilco with Popocatepetl (The Smoking Prince) in the background

Teotihuacan; Pyramid to the Sun

Teotihuacan; Pyramid to the Moon and partial view of the archaeological zone (missing photo)

Teotihuacan; detail of the Temple of Quetzalcoatl in the archaeological zone

Teotihuacan; Temple of Quetzalcoatl in the same Archaeological Zone

Los Remedios Aqueduct near Mexico City; structure laying back to the 16th century

The Central Plateau of Mexico, Ixtaccihuatl (The Sleeping Woman) in the background

Costumes of Colonial Mexico, China, and Chinaco

Costumes used in the State of Puebla in the Colonial period, which were used by the China Poblana of the legend

The beautiful ex-convent of Acolman, State of Mexico

State of Mexico; the countryside with one of the hundred brooks which leave the course of the Lerma River

State of Mexico; Church of Tepotzoltlan, site of the most famous Monatery and college of Jesuits, established early in the
16th century

State of Mexico; front of the same church

State of Mexico; entrance to the Sacristy

State of Mexico; the church and village of Chalco; annual pilgrimages to this town are famous

State of Mexico; small town on the road to Toluca

Another view of Lerma River

State of Mexico; the Valley of Mexico as seen from the road to Toluca

State of Mexico; another view of same

State of Mexico; crater of the Nevado de Toluca, a dead volcano

State of Mexico; the sacrificial pyramid of Xochicalco

State of Mexico; the quaint and colossal cut pyramid of Tenayuca

State of Mexico; the village of Amecameca on the road to Cuautla

State of Mexico; Chalma, the town which the Indian legend compares in beauty to that of their Mother Virgin

A view of the Popocatepetl as seen from the Ixtaccihuatl

The smoke which gives its name to the Popocatepetl (The Smoking Prince)

Alpinism is practiced on the head of the Sleeping Woman (Ixtaccihuatl)

Another view of the Popocatepetl from the Ixtaccihuatl

The Peak of Orizaba, another volcano of Mexico which although surrounded by a tropical country is snow-covered all the
year round

On the road to Puebla

State of Puebla; the tile church of San Francisco Ecatepec

State of Puebla; interior of the Cathedral of Puebla

State of Puebla; a view of the road to Puebla

State of Puebla; the Horsetail, Fall of Necaxa (missing photo)

State of Puebla; the pyramid of Cholula, as seen from one of the hundred domes of the Royal Chapel

State of Puebla; Dawn on Cholula

State of Puebla; the little chapel of Cholula, the Holy City of Puebla

State of Puebla; entrace to the convent of Teziutlan

On the road to Veracruz

State of Veracruz; the Peak of Orizaba as seen from a village located on the road

State of Veracruz; another view of the Peak of Orizaba taken in the town of Huatusco

State of Morelos; Pati of the Hotel Morelos, Cuernavaca

Corner in the Palavinci House; Cuernavaca

State of Morelos; one of the quaint streets of beautiful Cuernavaca

State of Morelos; a view of the City of Cuernavaca

State of Morelos; typical scene on the road from Cuernavaca to Cuautla

State of Morelos; the Organ Hall in the Cacahuamilpa Caves

State of Morelos; another hall in the same

A section and view of the road to Acapulco

State of Morelos; pottery maker of this State (missing photo)

State of Guerrero; on the road to Taxco

State of Guerrero; another view of Taxco, jewel of the southern mountains

State of Guerrero; another view of Taxco

State of Guerrero; nearing Taxco

State of Guerrero; the center of Taxoco with the church of Santa Prisca in the middle

State of Guerrero; one of the streets in Taxco

State of Guerrero; another street in Taxco

State of Guerrero; a view of the church of Santa Prisca

State of Guerrero; another view of same

State of Guerrero; another view of same

State of Guerrero; details of the Sacristy

State of Guerrero; another view of same

State of Guerrero; the Church of Santa Prisca, as it looks from one of the window of the church of Santa Maria

State of Guerreo; detail of one of the domes of the Church of Santa Prisca

A romantic corner in Taxco

State of Guerrero; a street in Colonial Taxco

State of Guerrero; another street of quaint Taxco

State of Guerrero; entrance to the church of Santa Prisca

State of Guerrero; the Sunday Market in the Plaza, Taxco

State of Guerrero; bridge over Mezcala River on the Highway to Acapulco

State of Guerrero; the Hotel Chilpancingo in the city of the same name

State of Guerrero; Bay and Port of Acapulco

State of Guerrero; a close view of same

State of Guerrero; the rocky shores of Acapulco (missing photo)

State of Guerrero; the fantastic Acapulco shore

State of Guerrero; a close view of the city and suburbs

State of Guerrero; where the pelicans and the sea-gulls make their nests

State of Guerrero; peasant dwelling near Acapulco; a good resting place for the tired visitor; lots of coconuts (missing photo)

State of Guerrero; Acapulco beach, sun baths and quiet waters

On the way to Oaxaca; a native of the Isthmus Zone

State of Oaxaca; romance in the tropics

State of Oaxaca; the beautiful silhouette of the native can only be compared to the perfect lines of the Greek Cariatides

State of Oaxaca; the richly ornamented church of Santo Domingo

State of Oaxaca; another detail of this beautiful Dominican church

State of Oaxaca; the exquisite ornamentation of the Temples and buildings of Mitla

State of Oaxaca; native weaver of zarapes.

A typical religious procession in Tehuantepec

All dressed up and the beaus do not appear; city of Tehuantepec

Native types of Tehuantepec with their Sunday dresses

A market scene in Tehuantepec

A native woman of Tehuantepec where the men boast of the beauty of their ladies

Another native of Tehuantepec; "believe it or not"

Marketing in the same town

State of Campeche; a view of the salt water lake of Campeche, a natural bay (missing photo)

Album skips from 135 to 137

Where the Spaniards were exterminated by the Indians; the Chapel and Fort of San Francisco was the last stand of the

Spaniards in the War of Independence

State of Hidalgo; falls of La Regla among canyons of rocks

One of the eight lakes in the mountains of Hidalgo on the road to Laredo

Another of these lakes

Volcanic mountains typical of the State of Hidalgo

View of the road to Laredo, near the town of Ixmiquilpan

An old mission on the road to Laredo

Another view of the Pan American Road to Laredo

Guanajuato, the capital of the State of the same name and one of the most historical places in Mexico

A street in Guanajuato

Patio of the Federal Palace at Queretaro

The Cathedral of Chihuahua in the State of the same name

State of Michoacan; the Cathedral of Morelia

State Michoacan; the main square at Morelia

State of Michoacan; fountains everywhere are the typical feature of Patzcuaro

State of Michoacan; afternoon prayer in the fishing town of Patzcuaro

State of Michoacan; after a day's work fishermen hang their nets so that they are ready early next morning

The oxen cart, typical of Patzcuaro

A street in Patzcuaro

Another street in quaint Patzcuaro

Beautiful and tropical Uruapan

Tzararacua Falls, or Silver Courtain in Uruapan

State of Jalisco; Falls of Juanacatlan, near Guadalajara

State of Jalisco; Beautiful Lake Chapala, the Summer resort of Mexico, near Guadalajara

State of Sinaloa; a view of the sea drive at Mazatlan on the Pacific Coast

Part of Mazatlan Bay

Her Majesty; a native child