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Charles Embree Lawrence Collection

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SC 286

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Charles Embree Lawrence, 1852-1923

Donated by Charles Embree Rockwell, 1981.

Extent, Scope, and Content Note  
The collection is comprised of 10 linear inches of papers created and collected by  Charles Embree Lawrence, a commissioner of highways for the Town of Smithtown, New York and a breeder of trotting horses. Materials include  c orrespondence, flyers, brochures, photographs, receipts, advertisements, account books, diaries, newsletters, and printed material primarily dealing with Long Island, New York, ca. 1846-1907. It includes papers about the Smith family, a locally prominent family.

Arrangement and Processing Note
Re-processed by Kristen J. Nyitray, July 2015.
Finding aid revised and updated by Kristen J. Nyitray, June 2019.


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The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

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Historical Note
Charles Embree Lawrence was commissioner of highways for the Town of Smithtown, New York and a breeder of trotting horses.  According to Smithtown historian Bradley Harris, Lawrence (1852-1923) was "labeled an 'old horseman' in his obituary for his skillful training of horses as well as his breeding and raising of champion race thoroughbreds such as Baronward. Simultaneously, Lawrence ran a prosperous farm in Hauppauge." 

Lawrence, Charles Embree, 1852-1923.
Lawrence, Charles Embree, 1852-1923 -- Archives.
Horse breeders -- New York (State) -- Long Island.
Horses -- Breeding -- New York (State) -- Suffolk County.
Transportation -- New York (State) -- Long Island.
Race horses -- New York (State) -- Suffolk County.
Long Island (N.Y.) -- History.
Smithtown (N.Y. : Town) -- History.
Smith family.
Horse breeders.
Horses -- Breeding.
Race horses.
New York (State) -- Long Island.
New York (State) -- Smithtown (Town)
New York (State) -- Suffolk County.


Box 1

Agricultural Society of Queens-Nassau Counties. 2 ALS, 1907, Mineola, NY, from Thomas H. Bacon, Secretary, Horse Department; 1 horse show brochure 

American Association of Trotting Horse Breeders. 1 TLS, 1907, Cleveland, Ohio, H. K. Devereux, Secretary 

American Horse Breeder. (re Lady Suffolk) 
1 TLS, 1905, Boston, Mass., E. G. Fawkes, Advertising Manager. 
1 TLS, 1905, Boston, Mass., T. L. Quimby, Treasurer. 
2 DS, 2 TLS, 1905-1906, Boston, Mass., E. O. Kenney 
2 ALS, 1906, New York, NY, Arthur C. Thomas, Associate Editor. 
4 TLS, 1906, New York, NY, Arthur C. Thomas 

Bartlett & Company (printers). 1 TLS, 1905, New York, NY, Louis H. Orr, Treasurer. 

Bedell, W. H. 1 ALS, 1905, Babylon, NY 

Brill, E. C. 2 ALS, 1906, 1907, Poughquag, NY 

Brown, Charles Hilton. 2 ALS, 1884, 1885, Smithtown, NY 

Brush, T. (?) 1 ALS, 1885, Smithtown Branch, NY 

Bryden Horse Shoe Company. 1 TL, 1905, Catasauqua, Penna., George E. Holton, President. 

Buffett, N. T. (?) 1 ALS, Fresh Pond, 1885 

Burtis, Charles H., 1845-1884. 4 account books, 1870-1875 (see box 2)

Butler, Prescott Hall, 1848-1901. 2 ALS, 1886, New York, NY 

Carman, Mrs. Samuel. 1 ALS, 1885, St. James, NY 

Conklin, J. B. 2 ALS, 1884, ?, Smithtown Branch, NY 

Corp (?), W (?). 1 ALS, 1846, New York, NY 

Craft, Harvey C. 1 ALS, 1907, Glen Cove, NY 

Darling, Alexander H. 1 ALS, n.d., n.p. (l800s?) 

Dean & Westbrook (bridge contractors). 1 AL, 1885, New York, NY 

Douglass, Richard D. 1 ALS, 1872, Brooklyn, NY; 1 commencement program, Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute 

E. E. Gray Co. (horse medicine). 1 TL, 1906, Hinsdale, Ill. 

Edwards, John S. 1 TLw/ANS, 1907, Sayville, NY 

Ely, James R. 1 TLS, 1905, New York, NY 

F. W. Bird & Son (roofing). 1 TLS, 1906, New York, NY, C. Kiel 

Findlay, A. 1 ALS, 1885, Ronkonkoma, NY 

Game Protective Society of the Town of Smithtown 
1 ACS, 1883, Smithtown Branch, NY, J. B. Conklin, Secretary. 
1 AC, 1884, Smithtown Branch, NY, George A. Smith, Secretary (printed) 
1 TL, 10/13/?, Smithtown, NY, re meeting for suppression of intemperance and gambling after meeting of game association, some names pencilled at bottom of mimeographed sheet, all in same hand 

Hammonds. 1 AL, undated, n. p., transcription by someone else. 

Hodgkinson, George Smith, Jr., 1860-1928. 1 ALS, 1885 (?), St. James, NY 

Hongkong Insurance Company, see Smith, E. M.

The Horse Review. 2 TLS, 1906-1907, New York, NY, Fred Beachey 1 TL, New York, NY, Fred Beachey mimeographed; 4 TL, 1906-1907, Chicago, Ill. 

The Horseman and Spirit of the Times. 3 TL, 1906, Chicago, Ill. 

Jaycox, Walter H. 1 TLS, 1905, Patchogue, NY 

Jewell (?), B. B. 1 ALS, 6/6?, St. James, NY (1880's?) 

Lawrence, Charles E., 1851-1923. 
17 ALS, 1885-1887, Hauppauge, NY 
1 ADS, 1887, Hauppauge, NY 
3 AL, 1885-1887, Hauppauge, NY

Mount, Thomas S., 1834-1900 (?). 1 ALS, 1885, Stony Brook, NY 

Mt. Vernon Bridge Co. 1 AL, 1887, Yorkshire, NY, with return postcard to F.E. Drake 

O’Brien, J (?) Z. 1 ALS, 1887, Sayville, NY 

Parker (?), A (?) L. 1 ALS, 1906, Babylon, NY 

Platt, Elias Smith, 1837-1890. 4 ANS, 1882-1883, St. Johnland, NY 

Plumb, J. Ives. 1 ALS, 1906, Islip, NY 

Rea, Charles L., “Dr.” 1 TL, 1907, Kansas City, Missouri 

Ryan, Thomas J. 1 ALS, 1905, Pittsburgh, Penna. (hotel) 

Smith, E.M. Receipts to/from: 
1 ANS, undated, NP. pay bearer 
1 ANS, 1866, pay “John Jones (sign. )” 
1 ANS, 1866, pay bearer 
2 ANS, 1866, pay from account 
1 ANS, 1866, "W. P. Jones, " Amoy, _____, pay Messrs Boyd & Co. 
1 ANS, 1866, New York, NY, Brooks Brothers 
1 ANS, 1866, Amoy, Hongkong Insurance Co. 
1 ANS, 1866, Amoy, Hongkong Insurance Co., S. Gunderson (?) 
1 ANS, 1866, Amoy, Bellamy & Co., “C. A. Shyre (?)” 
1 D w/AN, undated, Amoy, Hongkong Insurance Co.
1 DS, 1885, Hauppauge, NY, School District #6, “E. Y. Blydenburgh” 

Smith, Ebenezer M. 1 ALS, 1885, New York, NY 

Smith, George Thomas, 1837-1924. 1 ALS, 1886, St. James, NY 

Smith, John Lawrence, 1816-1889. 2 ALS, 1881, 1885, Smithtown Branch, NY 

Smith, James Otis, 1837-1923. 1 ALS, 1886 (?), Commack, NY 

Smith, Jeffrey Abram, 1834-1891. 1 ALS, 1885, St. Johnland, NY 

Smith, John Haven, 1818-1894. With Lawrence, C. E. & Platt, E. S. 

Smith, Wilmot M. 10 ALS, 1885-1886, Patchogue, NY 

The Smithtown Star. 1 ALS, 1903, Smithtown Branch, NY, R. L. Burchan 

The Standard Paint Company (roofing). 1 TLS, 1905, New York, NY, J. N. Richards, Manager, Sales 

Suffolk County (NY) Board of Supervisors. 1 ALS, 1886, Riverhead, NY, Ebenezer Bryant 

Suffolk County Agricultural Society. 1 ALS, 1907, Brooklyn, NY, 
Edward Thompson, President; 1 TLS, 1907, Riverhead, NY, Harry Lee, Secretary. 

Suffolk Stock Farm. 2 ALS, Mt. Sinai, NY, 1905, A. S. Rowland 

Thompson, Edward. 1 ALS, 1886, Northport, NY 

Tuttle & Clark (Manufacturer of horse harness). 1 TL, 1907, Detroit, Mich. (Charles B. Tuttle, John G. Clark) 

Underhill, Henry W. 4 ALS, 1906-1907, Jericho, NY 

Underhill, Samuel J. 1 ALS, 1905, Jericho, NY 

Wells, George H. 1 ALS, 1884, South Haven, NY 

Wheeler, R. B. 1 ACS, 7/13/?, Hauppauge, NY (1880s?) 

Willow Brook Driving Park Association. 2 TLS, 1907, New York, NY & Bay Shore, NY, William H. Moffitt, President.; 2 TCS, 1 TLS, Bay Shore, NY, 1907 & undated, E. J. Robbins, Secretary

Wills, H. B. 1 ALS, 1884, Smithtown Branch, NY 

---, Arthur. 1 ALS, 6/30/1884, New York, NY, J. A. McMicken & Co. 

1 AN, re highway?, undated, mentions E. M. Smith 
1 AD, 1881, Smithtown, NY. Agreement between Elizabeth H. Lawrence and John Conklin re payment for farm work 
1 AN, 1883, Smithtown, NY. To S. Jenkins 
1 AD, 1884, Smithtown-Hauppauge, NY. Highway surveyed by R. B. Wheeler, and also mentions George Huff & Wallace Donaldson 
1 AL, 1884, Hauppauge, NY. To Mr. Jones re enclosure from Mr. Smith but from another party 
1 AD, 1892, Smithtown, NY. Pencilled description of land deed 

receipts to/from: 
1 ANS, 1873, Riverhead, NY, Charles Hallett 
1 AN, 188- (?), Smithtown, Commissioner of Highways, sums 
1 ANS, 1882, Northport, NY, Jesse Carll 
1 ANS, 1883, Northport, NY, Jesse Carll 
1 ANS, 1882, Smithtown, NY, T. F. Wheeler 
1 AN, 1882, New York, NY, W & J Sloane 
1 ANS, 1882, Smithtown, NY, John H. Smith 
1 ANS, 1882, Smithtown, NY, John H. Smith 
1 AN, 190-, Hauppauge, NY, Hauppauge Stock Farm 
1 TN, 1905, Easton, Penna., The Chemical Publishing Company 
1 AN, 1905, Smithtown, NY, Blydenburgh’s Mills 
1 AN, 1907, New York, NY, The Trotter and Pacer 
1 TN, 1908, Chicago, Ill., Bit & Spur Publishing 

Advertising, Charles E. Lawrence, horses Baronward and Kolitz, circa 1904-1906
(9 items)

Genealogy, Lady Suffolk (horse), circa 1901(5 items)

Business cards, railroad tickets, circa 1870s-1900s (9 items)

Box 2

Ephemera about horses, circa 1903-1907 (40 items, 2f)

Photograph, interior of “M.E. Church,” “near Stuyvesant Park,” undated

Account books and ledgers, Charles H. Burtis, Brooklyn, New York, circa 1870-1875 (4 books)