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Passport of Pietro di Donato

Pietro di Donato Collection

Collection Number
SC 393

OCLC Number

Pietro di Donato, 1911-1997

Acquired from Richard and Peter di Donato (sons) in 2006.

Extent, Scope, and Content Note 
A collection of 19.5 linear ft. of manuscript and published material that documents the life of author, playwright, and bricklayer Pietro di Donato (1911-1992). The materials date from 1923 to 1993. The majority of the collection is comprised of typescript and holographic manuscripts authored by Pietro di Donato. Many of these papers contain notes and corrections in his own hand. The archive also includes publicity material, photographs that illustrate di Donato's travels to Italy, and published books and articles.

Arrangement and Processing Note
Processed by Kristen J. Nyitray and F. Berenice Baez-Revueltas, January 2007.
Updated by Kristen J. Nyitray and Lynn Toscano, November 2012.
Updated by Kristen J. Nyitray, May 2019.

Organization: series arrangement by document type and format. 

Series 1: Manuscripts and Notes
Series 2: Correspondence
Series 3: Newspaper Clippings and Publicity Material
Series 4: Photographs
Series 5: Books
Series 6: Published Articles
Series 7: Artifacts and Personal Effects
Series 8: Oversized Items


Restrictions on Access
The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

Rights and Permissions 
Stony Brook University Libraries' consent to access as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of mayerials in Special Collections and University Archives to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication. Pietro (Peter) and Richard di Donato, the sons of Pietro di Donato, have retained copyright to the manuscripts in the collection authored by Pietro di Donato.  

[Item], [Box], Pietro di Donato Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.  

Historical Note
Pietro di Donato was born in 1911 in West Hoboken, New Jersey. Although he had a limited formal education, he reached widespread popularity with his first novel Christ in Concrete (1939). The novel was inspired by the tragic death of di Donato’s father in a construction accident on Good Friday when di Donato was 12 years old. The novel was originally published as a short story by Esquire magazine but was soon after expanded into a full novel. It was later chosen for the Book of the Month Club, edging out John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath, which was published the same year. The book was adapted into the 1949 film Give Us This Day. Ben Barzman, who wrote the screenplay, called the novel "the first of its kind," and The National Italian American Foundation called it "rare." The film won awards at festivals across Europe, including the 1949 Venice Film Festival, although it was banned from the United States at the time. In 1942, Di Donato spent time in a Cooperstown, New York camp as a conscientious objector during World War II. During this time he met former showgirl Helen Dean. They married in 1943 and moved to East Setauket, New York. di Donato's 1978 work on the kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro, President of the Christian Democratic Party of Italy, titled Christ in Plastic, won the Overseas Press Club Award. His later novels did not attain the same level of attention as Christ in Concrete, although his 1960 novel Immigrant Saint: The Life of Mother Cabrini also became a classic. Pietro di Donato died of bone cancer in 1992 in Stony Brook, New York.

On November 8, 2007, Stony Brook University's Center for Italian Studies and the University Libraries held a dedication celebration for the collection. Speakers at the event included scholars Fred Gardaphe, Louise Napolitano, and Mario Mignone and Richard di Donato, one of Pietro di Donato's sons. The archive of Pietro di Donato includes manuscripts, notebooks, newspaper clippings, books, publications, personal effects, and photographs. "The acquisition of this collection represents Stony Brook’s dedication to the Italian American community of Long Island," said Mario Mignone, PH.D., Director of the Center for Italian Studies. "By providing such rich resources for research we guarantee Stony Brook’s position as a leader in the field of American Studies. Di Donato is one of the most important figures of our history and it is exciting to have his papers on our campus." 

Di Donato, Pietro, -- 1911-1992.
Di Donato, Pietro, -- 1911-1992. -- Christ in concrete.
Immigrants -- Fiction.
Working class -- Fiction.
Working class.
American literature -- Italian American authors.
Italian American authors.
Italian Americans.
Italian Americans in literature.


Series 1: Manuscripts and Notes

Box 1

Folder 1: Advise and Dissent
Manuscript: "Advise and Dissent": typescript with corrections, 5pp., undated

Folder 2: America's Tomorrow
Manuscript: "America’s Tomorrow": two typescripts of this radio script, 18pp., undated

Folder 3: American Dollars
Manuscript: "American Dollars": typescript draft with correspondence, 28pp., 1983.

Folder 4: And Your Sister Too!
Manuscript: "And Your Sister Too!": typescript, 14pp., undated

Folder 5: Anything for a Laugh
Manuscript: "Anything for a Laugh": typescript, 17pp., undated

Folder 6: The Author’s World
Manuscript: "The Author’s World": typescript, 6pp., 1951.

Folder 7: B.Q.L. I.
Manuscript: "B.Q.L.I.: two variant typescripts (carbons), 7pp (two copies) and 9pp., respectively, undated

Folder 8: Beloved Mafia
Manuscript; "Beloved Mafia":  two typescripts, 30pp and 28pp., respectively, undated

Folder 9: Beloved Mafia: Pasticceria Siciliani
Manuscript: "Beloved Mafia: Pasticceria Siciliani": original typescript (carbon), 12pp., undated

Folder 10: Big Steel
Manuscript: "Big Steel": typescript with corrections, 13pp and original typescript draft, 13pp., undated

Folder 11: The Bird Cage          
Manuscript: "The Bird Cage" (a.k.a. "Mask in a Cage"): original typescript with corrections, 19pp., circa 1960s.

Folder 12: The Black Hand
Manuscript: "The Black Hand": original typescript draft (carbon) plus three copies, 15pp., undated

Folder 13: Border Towns in Mexico
Manuscript: "Border Towns in Mexico": typescript draft of this short story from a projected work, "Mexican Episodes," 37pp. and typescript with corrections, undated

Folder 14: Breasts Buttocks Vaginas and Tezcatlipoca    
Manuscript: "Breasts Buttocks Vaginas and Tezcatlipoca": original typescript draft, 12pp., undated

Folder 15: The Broken Scaffold
Manuscript: "The Broken Scaffold": original typescript draft with corrections, 13pp., circa 1969

Folder 16: Building Pilgrim State
Manuscript: "Building Pilgrim State": typescript, 7pp and original draft, 7pp., undated

Folder 17: Captain Valerie
Manuscript: "Captain Valerie" (a.k.a. "Conscience Point"): original typescript draft (partial), 37pp., undated

Folder 18: The Castle
Manuscript: "The Castle": typescript with cover-letter dated December 12, 1979, 7pp., undated

Folder 19: Change at Jamaica
Manuscript: "Change at Jamaica" (a.k.a. "Lost in Transit"): original typescript and holograph manuscript of this very rare and very early short story, circa 1930s.
Folder 20: The Changing Face of New York
Manuscript: "The Changing Face of New York": three variant drafts with corrections, 18pp and two variant original typescripts with corrections of this piece about New York’s architecture, 10pp and 17pp., respectively, undated

Folder 21: The Chick Diamond
Manuscript: "The Chick Diamond": three typescript variant editions (8pp. and 6pp.) with notes and corrections, undated

Folder 22: Christ in Concrete: spiral-bound typescript of the play version, 102pp., undated

Folder 23: Christ in Concrete: outline of the film version, 6pp., undated
portion of the "original rough draft" short story published in Esquire, 1937; written in Northport, NY; signed by di Donato with the note "This envelope contains the only existing and original manuscript of Christ in Concrete (short story)," 41pp. [missing pages 32-39]; circa 1936

Folder 24: early typescript of novel [incomplete], with corrections, undated

Box 2

Folders 1- 2: Christ in Concrete (play)
Manuscript: "Christ in Concrete": typescript "Master Copy" of the play, 102pp., undated

Folder 3: Christ is a Woman
Manuscript: "Christ is a Woman": typescript, 18pp., undated

Folder 4: The Column of David
Manuscript: "The Column of David" (a.k.a. "Eagle of the Tower" a.k.a. "In the Wide Waste There Still is a Tree"): several typescript outlines for this projected "skyscraper novel" with corrections.

"The Wide Waste" (a.k.a. "In the Wilderness is Still a Tree"): holograph draft.

Folder 5: Count-Down, 2171
Manuscript: "Count-Down, 2171" (a.k.a. "1263, Age of the Arthropods"): early draft with corrections, 8pp.; also includes an early draft, 9pp., undated

Folder 6: The Deer Hunter
Manuscript: "The Deer Hunter" (a.k.a. "The Overnight Guest"): original typescript draft with corrections, 26pp.

Manuscript: Hide and Seek" (a.k.a. "My First Love" a.k.a. "The Deer Hunter": original typescript draft with corrections, 30pp., circa 1965.

Folder 7: The Deported
Manuscript: "The Deported" typescript with cover-letter from agent, 16pp.; also an expanded typescript from a projected book "Italian Scenes," 39pp., 1985

Folder 8: Easter Wine
Manuscript: "Easter Wine": typescript, 12pp., n.d.

Folder 9: El Derrumbe  
Manuscript: "El Derrumbe": typescript a radio script broadcast from May 9, 1946 (text in Spanish), inscribed to Pietro di Donato from Earle McGill, 21pp., 1946.

Folder 10: Ellis Island
Manuscript: "Ellis Island": typescript (four copies), 5pp., n.d.

Folders 11 – 14: End of a Family
Manuscript: "End of a Family": one large (500pp+) group of holograph notes, typescript outlines, and drafts ("Begun: Saturday, August 28, 1971").

Box 3

Folders 1 – 3: End of a Family (continued)

Folder 4: Farewell to Brahms
Manuscript: "Farewell to Brahms": typescript draft with corrections, 11 pp., undated

Folder 5: Farrell’s Love 
Manuscript: "Farrell’s Love": original typescript with corrections, 17pp., 1971

Folder 6: Faust ‘66
Manuscript: "Faust ‘66": original typescript with corrections; two variant drafts, 39pp., circa 1957

Folder 7: Faustus ‘55
Manuscript: "Faustus ‘55": notes and outline for a short story, undated

Folder 8: The Fickle Face of New York
Manuscript: "The Fickle Face of New York" (a.k.a. "The Changing Face of New York"): carbon copy, 11pp and two variant typescript drafts, 11pp., undated

Folder 9: The Fireplace
Manuscript: "The Fireplace": original typescript with corrections, 13pp and a typescript manuscript that was published in Playboy in 1965, 19pp., undated

Folder 10: Four Riders are Coming
Manuscript: "Four Riders are Coming": typescript with corrections, 4pp., 1987

Folder 11: The Fourth River
Notes: "The Fourth River": one folder of holograph notes and outlines. Includes an original typescript story outline with corrections, 8pp., undated

Folder 12: The Garden of Eden
Notebook: "The Garden of Eden": one large notebook of holograph theological writings ("Gospel"), undated

Folder 13: Gay Willy K
Manuscript: "Gay Willy K" or "When Willy K. Vanderbilt Frolicked and I Shoveled His Snow": typescript, notes, and galley proofs, undated

Folder 14: Geremio
Manuscript: "Geremio": original typescript of this excerpt from "The Celebrant" (a.k.a. "This Woman") with cover letter from di Donato dated September 24, 1957; includes many typescript and holograph variant drafts of this short story

Manuscript: "One Red Brick" (a.k.a. "Geremio"): original holograph drafts of this early short story, 5pp., circa 1957

Folder 15: Gesualdo
Notes: "Gesualdo": typescript and holograph notes and outlines for a historical novel (never developed further), undated

Box 4

Folder 1: Ghost Writer  
Manuscript: "Ghost Writer": typescript of short story, 24pp., n.d.

Folder 2: The Girl of Rome
Manuscript: "The Girl of Rome": original typescript draft of this motion picture synopsis written by Pietro and John di Donato (two copies), 8pp., undated

Folder 3: The Glass Jar
Manuscript: "The Glass Jar": original typescript draft, 15pp and original typescript manuscript (two copies), 14pp., circa 1950s

Folders 4 – 5: The Gospels
Manuscript: "The Gospels": numerous typescripts early and rough drafts of various sections of di Donato's last major work and one large group of typescript and holograph drafts, circa 1980s.

Folder 6: The Gospels: Preface
Manuscript: "Preface to "Gospels" by Thomas J.J. Altizer, typescript, 4pp (two copies), undated

Folder 7: The Gospels
Manuscript: Gospel I - The Red-skin Christ - Maya        

Folders 8 – 10: The Gospels
Manuscript: Gospel II – The White Christ - Second Coming

Box 5

Folders 1-5: The Gospels
Manuscript: Gospel III - The Yellow Christ - Death and Transfiguration – The World’s End        

Folders 6 – 8: The Gospels
Manuscript: Gospel IV – The Black Christ – Last Judgement (sic)

Box 6

Folders 1 – 6: The Gospels: notes and drafts
Folder 7: Gospel According to di Donato
Manuscript: "Gospel According to di Donato": notes, plus works-in-progress pages and "This Woman" (play) corrections. Also includes some personal correspondence, circa 1980s.

Folder 8: Gospel According to di Donato
Manuscript and notes: large group of typescript and holograph notes, re: "The Gospel According to di Donato", ~500pp.; one small group of typescript and holograph notes, re: "The Gospel According to di Donato", ~100pp., circa 1980s.

Box 7

Folders 1 – 5: Gospel According to di Donato (continued)

Folder 6: The Hayloft
Manuscript: "The Hayloft": original typescript and holograph drafts with corrections, 16pp.
Notebook: "The Hayloft": holograph notes and outlines, ~50pp., 1966.

Folder 7: Hemingway’s Havana
Manuscript: "Hemingway’s Havana": typescript, 15pp. Also a typescript with corrections that includes one page of an outline for a projected novel called "The Reef,", 38pp. An original typescript manuscript and outline for this proposed novel, 79pp and an early typescript draft of this proposed novel with holograph pages, 143pp., 1980.

Box 8

Folders 1-2: Hemingway’s Havana (continued)

Folder 3: Hicky Nicky the Floatin’ Bricky
Manuscript: "Hicky Nicky the Floatin’ Bricky": one group of miscellaneous holograph and typescript pages, ~40pp.

Manuscript: "Another Vietnam Hero" (a.k.a. "Hicky Nicky the Floatin' Bricky"): original typescript draft, plus typescript copy, 10pp (published in Knight), 1971.

Folders 4 – 5: The House
Manuscript: "The House": original typescript with corrections, 24pp.; another typescript, 23pp.; original holograph draft notes and two variant, rough typescript drafts with corrections, 15pp.; a typescript with cover letter from Playboy, 23pp., 1980; and a typescript draft with corrections, 19pp., 1976.

Folder 6: I Killed Maria Goretti
Manuscript: "I Killed Maria Goretti": early typescript of the short piece originally written for Knight that would later become the full-length book "The Penitent," n.d.

Folder 7: Immigration as a Metaphor
Manuscript: "Immigration as a Metaphor": typescript, 6pp., n.d.

Folder 8: In the Wide Waste
Manuscript: "In the Wide Waste There Still Is a Tree": original typescript draft, 19pp and another original typescript draft with corrections, 17pp., circa 1967.

Folder 9: Italian-American Colony in Italy
Manuscript: "Italian-American Colony in Italy": carbon copy of typescript of this short story, 35pp., undated

Folder 10: Italian Restaurants
Notes: "Little Wonder Italian Restaurants": one-page list of restaurants that di Donato typed and used for his article in Holiday magazine, 1960-61.

Folder 11: It’s Cheaper to Be…
Manuscript: "It's Cheaper to Be...": original typescript draft of a short story published in Esquire in 1938, 11pp.

Folder 12: Jesus in a Jar
Manuscript: "Jesus in a Jar": typescript, 15pp., 1985.

Folder 13: The Laborer
Manuscript: "The Laborer": typescript (two copies), plus cover letter, 20pp., 1986.

Folder 14: The Last Anarchist
Manuscript: "The Last Anarchist": original typescript draft, plus copy, 16pp., undated

Folder 15: The Last Killer of Provincetown
Manuscript: "The Last Killer of Provincetown" (a.k.a. "Portrait of Vadi"): original holograph drafts, 1950.

Manuscript: "Portrait of Vadi" (a.k.a. "The Last Killer of Provincetown" a.k.a. "The Old Fish Peddler"): original typescript and holograph manuscript of this very early treatment for a novel a.k.a. "This Woman," 1940.

Box 9

Folder 1: Le Lunghe Braccia Del Dolore
Manuscript: "Le Lunghe Braccia Del Dolore" (West Hoboken, New Jersey): Dramma di Pietro di Donato; Adattamento per la Radio e Televisione di France Verucci; Traduzione di Costanza Vidossich Burgoyne e Lucio Chiavarelli: typescript manuscript (text in Italian), 96pp., undated

Folder 2: The Leopards
Manuscript: "The Leopards": original typescript with corrections, 5pp., undated

Folder 3: The Lily Pond
Manuscript: "The Lily Pond": original typescript draft (pre-"This Woman" material), 38pp.; two variant original drafts of this short story, 38pp., circa 1940-50s.

Folder 4: The Love of Geremio
Manuscript: "The Love of Geremio": original typescripts with corrections of this short story based on characters from "Christ in Concrete," 1946.

Folder 5: Lucky
Manuscript: "Lucky" (a.k.a. "Lucky Nero" a.k.a. "Nero" a.k.a. "The Charmed Life: An American Way"): two variant original typescripts with corrections, 13pp. Also an original typescript of this brief outline for a novel, re: "The Mafia," 6pp., undated

Folder 6: Lunch with President Kennedy
Manuscript: "Lunch with President Kennedy": early rough draft with corrections and cover letter from Playboy.

Manuscript: "And with the Help of the FBI" (a.k.a. "Lunch with President Kennedy"): original draft with corrections, 1966.

Folder 7: The Maffia Fresco
Manuscript: "The Maffia Fresco": typescript, 12pp., undated

Folder 8: The Man with the Mona Lisa Smile
Manuscript: "The Man with the Mona Lisa Smile": original typescript draft with corrections, 4pp., undated

Folder 9: Mary’s Castle
Manuscript: "Mary’s Castle": typescript and carbon copy, undated

Folder 10: Mask in the Cage
Manuscript: "Mask in the Cage": original typescript manuscript ("Pinnacle"), circa 1960s.

Folder 11: The Master
Manuscript: "The Master": original typescript draft with corrections, 7pp., undated

Folder 12: Matteo
Manuscript: "Matteo": original holograph draft of this early short story, plus drafts of a letter to President Eisenhower, 5pp., circa 1950s.

Folder 13: Max
Manuscript: "Max": original typescript draft, 15pp., undated

Folder 14: The Miracle of San Nicandro
Manuscript: "The Miracle of San Nicandro": original typescript draft, 18pp., undated

Folders 15 – 17: Moro
Manuscript: "Moro": original typescript draft of the play, re: the incidents surrounding the death of Aldo Moro, 115pp.; two complete, bound play version typescripts, 115pp.; original first draft, "finished October 30, 1979," 88pp.; and an original manuscript (copy) of di Donato's original piece, 42pp + additional material and notes, undated

Box 10

Folders 1 – 5: Moro (continued)
Folder 6: Mother Cabrini
Manuscript: "Mother Cabrini": typescript draft with holograph corrections, 168pp., undated

Box 11

Folders 1-8: Mother Cabrini (continued)

Manuscript: "Bride of Heaven: Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini" (a.k.a. "Immigrant Saint"): original typescript manuscript 399pp.; a carbon typescript, 313pp.; and typescript draft with numerous corrections throughout, ~300pp.

One large group of typescript and holograph manuscript pages, notes, carbons, section drafts, etc. ~500pp.; two variant outlines for this book, one labeled "An Outline" (17pp), the other "General Critique" (14pp); correspondence, re: Mother Cabrini with the American Oxford Encyclopedia; and one large group of miscellaneous typescript and holograph manuscript pages, notes, fragments, etc, ~300pp., circa 1960s.
Box 12

Folders 1 – 6: Mother Cabrini (continued)

Folder 7: Mussolini’s Casket
Manuscript: "Mussolini's Casket": original typescript draft of this early short story, 15pp., circa 1940s and a typescript manuscript, 16pp., undated

Box 13

Folders 1-3: My Beloved Mafia
Manuscript: "The New America" (a.k.a. "My Beloved Mafia"): typescript with holograph pages and notes, undated

Folder 4: My Christ
Manuscript: "My Christ from the Trowel to the Novel to the Film": original typescript draft with corrections signed by di Donato, plus typescript copy, 17pp., undated

Folder 5: New York Chinese World
Manuscript: "New York Chinese World": original typescript with corrections, 30pp., plus miscellaneous religious reflections; holograph draft for Holiday magazine, 11pp.; and an original typescript draft with corrections, 32pp., 1939-50.

Folder 6: New York on Sunday
Manuscript: "New York on Sunday": two variant original typescripts (plus carbon), 9pp and 17pp., respectively, undated

Folder 7: No Feast without a Drum
Manuscript: "No Feast without a Drum": variant original typescript drafts, plus holograph sheets, 19pp., circa 1950s.

Folder 8: Nude of an Author
Manuscript: "Nude of an Author": original typescript with corrections.

Folder 9: O’Hara’s Love
Manuscript: "The Fall of Man" (a.k.a. "O’Hara’s Love"): original typescript draft, plus typescript copy, 23pp and three sequential holograph notebooks begun January 3, 1969, circa 1966-1989.

Folder 10: Odes of Tenement Face
Manuscript; "Odes of Tenement Face": typescript and holograph outlines and drafts of projected book of poems, including one completed poem "Ode to a Tenement Face," circa 1950s.

Folder 11: The One-Eyed Cat
Manuscript: "The One-Eyed Cat": three variant original typescript drafts with corrections, possibly the first di Donato authored, 15pp., circa 1930s.

Box 14

Folder 1: Open City
Manuscript: "Open City": typescript, 8pp., undated

Folder 2: The Other
Manuscript: "The Other": holograph notes and outlines, circa 1980s.

Folder 3: The Other Man in the President’s Room
Manuscript: "The Other Man in the President’s Room" original typescript draft, 7pp., undated

Folder 4: The Overnight Guest
Manuscript: "The Overnight Guest": original typescript (carbon) 11pp.; notebook; and a typescript manuscript that was published in Playboy (1965), 26pp.

Folder 5: The Parish of San Rocco
Manuscript: "The Parish of San Rocco": early typescript draft of this short story, 17pp., undated and a section titled "The Boccie Player," typescript, 13pp., undated

Folder 6: Parting Envoy
Manuscript: "Parting Envoy: Thus Spake di Donato": typescript, plus miscellaneous pages, 3pp., undated

Folder 7: The Pass of Santa Giorgio
Manuscript: "The Pass of Santa Giorgio" (a.k.a. "The Golden Hen"): variant typescript manuscript with corrections, 20pp., circa 1966.

Folder 8: Passions of a Dead Writer
Manuscript: "Passions of a Dead Writer": original typescript draft, plus typescript copy, 19pp., undated

Folders 9 – 13: The Penitent
Manuscript: "The Penitent": original typescript manuscript, plus two transcriptions of letters from Alessandro Serenelli to di Donato, 240pp.; one large file of original holograph notes and drafts, re: St Maria Goretti for "The Penitent", ~200pp.; and one spiral notebook of Italian impressions written during di Donato's trip to Italy while researching Maria Goretti, circa 1960s.

Box 15

Folder 1: Pete Romano
Manuscript: "Mass for Unknown Soldiers" (a.k.a. "Pete Romano"): original typescript draft, 10pp and an original typescript draft with corrections, 9pp., undated

Folder 2: The Plain of Shinar
Manuscript: "The Plain of Shinar" (a.k.a. "We Build in Babylon"): original holograph draft, 7pp., undated

Folder 3: Plotnik Ain't Here
Manuscript: "Plotnik Ain’t Here": holograph manuscript and notes, circa 1950s.

Folder 4: A Present from Dottie Jackson
Manuscript: "A Present from Dottie Jackson": numerous early and variant drafts with corrections, 22pp.; and carbon copy (two copies), 35pp., 1965, 1971.

Folder 5: Points of Interest in the Life of Raphael
Manuscript; "Points of Interest in the Life of Raphael": original typescript draft, 7pp., undated

Folder 6: The Promised Bride
Manuscript: "The Promised Bride" (a.k.a. "Bride of the Promise"): early typescript draft of this short story, undated

Folder 7: The Psychiatrist
Manuscript: "The Psychiatrist": typescript, 11pp and holograph draft, circa 1968.

Folder 8: The Red and Black Cards
Manuscript: "The Red and Black Cards" typescript, 12pp., n.d.

Folder 9: The Reef
Manuscript: "The Reef": one large group of miscellaneous typescript and draft pages from this unfinished Mediterranean novel, ~100pp., undated

Folder 10: Ribald Classic
Manuscript: "Ribald Classic: from The Facetious Nights of Straparola": typescript (five copies), 5pp., undated

Folder 11: River King and the Broadway Goddess
Manuscript: "River King and the Broadway Goddess": original typescript draft with corrections, 16pp., undated

Folder 12: Santiago the Great
Manuscript: "Santiago the Great": original typescript draft, 20pp., undated

Folder 13: Setauket School Dedication
Manuscript: "Setauket School Dedication": typescript, 6pp (page one missing) and dedication program (two copies), circa 1951.

Folder 14: Sicilian Vespers
Manuscript: "Sicilian Vespers" (a.k.a. "The Ballad of Rosabella"): carbon typescript with corrections, 14pp and another carbon typescript with corrections, 25pp., undated

Folder 15: Son of Man
Manuscript: "Son of Man": two variant typescript drafts with corrections and correspondence, 1962.

Folder 16: The Stallion
Manuscript: "The Cabala" (a.k.a. "The Stallion" a.k.a. "The Witch and the Stallion"): two variant typescript drafts of this short piece with corrections, 8pp and 17pp., respectively, undated

Folder 17: Stella L’Africana
Notebooks: "Stella L'Africana": two sequential holograph notebooks of various writings and philosophical musings, undated

Folder 18: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice
Manuscript: "Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice": original typescript with corrections, 25pp and a typescript copy, 25pp., circa 1971.

Box 16

Folders 1 – 10: This Woman
Manuscript: "This Woman": contents include: original first (rough) draft written while still using the title "The Celebrant", 7pp., circa 1958; manuscript of "This Woman" (play): one group of miscellaneous holograph and typescript pages, ~30pp., 1980; manuscript (carbon copy): 274pp., 1958; complete play version typescript, 191 pp and complete play version typescript dated 1980, 192pp (two copies); complete play version ("Master Copy"), 90pp.; an original draft (carbon); partial drafts of the play version with corrections, n.d.; a very early holograph of "The Celebrant"; drafts of this story that would later be incorporated into "This Woman" as well as early typescript drafts of "The Purification"; chapters of what would become an outline for the film, 7pp., undated; and an original typescript draft and holograph notes of the 1955 play version with cover letter dated 1955, 12pp.

Box 17

Folders 1 – 9: This Woman (continued)

Box 18

Folders 1-6: Three Circles of Light
Manuscript: "Three Circles of Light": contents include original typescript manuscript, 259pp.; one folder of miscellaneous typescript pages; and early miscellaneous typescript and holograph pages, ~500pp.; original typescript first draft ("This is a rough draft-now working on 3rd..." written on title-page), plus holograph notes, 285pp.; two short pieces: 1) "The rain fell hard upon his parents' grave," 11pp and 2) "Three Circles of Light" (short version), 27pp.; drafts of proposal for this novel; one large group of miscellaneous typescript and holograph fragments, notes, etc. ~200pp.; and an important short story version of the novel, 27pp., circa 1960.

Box 19

Folders 1 – 3: Three Circles of Light: notes and fragments (continued)
Folders 4 – 5: Immigrant Saint - Three Circles of Light
Notes: "Three Circles of Light" and "Immigrant Saint: The Life of Mother Cabrini": original holograph pages, notes and fragments, circa 1960.

Folder 6: Rosa Mystica - Three Circles of Light
Manuscript: "Rosa Mystica" - "Three Circles of Light": one folder of typescript drafts of this short story, plus partial sections of "Three Circles of Light," circa 1958-60.

Folder 7: Three Circles of Light: cover letter and summary of concept

Box 20

Folders 1 – 3: Three Circles of Light – This Woman

Folder 4: Three Pillars of Faith  
Manuscript: "Three Pillars of Faith": typescript fragments with holographic notes, circa 1950s.

Folder 5: Through the Looking-Glass
Manuscript: "Through the Looking-Glass": holograph notes for this short story, undated

Folder 6: Time is a Love
Manuscript: "Time is a Love": typescript, 32pp., undated

Folder 7: To Be a Psychiatrist
Manuscript: To Be a Psychiatrist": original typescript draft with corrections, 10pp., circa 1968.

Folder 8: To Everything There is a Season
Manuscript: "To Everything There is a Season and a Time to Every Purpose Under the Sun": typescript, 21pp., undated

Folder 9: To Where?
Manuscript: "To Where?": original typescript draft with corrections, 10pp., undated

Folder 10: The Trojan War
Manuscript: "The Trojan War": typescript, 7pp., undated

Folder 11: The Trojans
Manuscript: "Trojans" (a.k.a. "The Pharaohs in Hoboken"): original typescript draft with cover letter, plus copy, 7pp. Also two variant drafts with corrections and a typescript, 11p, 1980, 1987.

Folders 12 - 13: Tropic of Cuba
Notebook: "Tropic of Cuba": one folder of photocopies of various drafts of this short piece which would inspire "Havana," 46pp and two variant drafts, 29pp and 27pp.; typescript and bearing the stamp of the Scott Meredith Literary Agency, 20pp.; variant drafts of the outline for this projected novel "Havana"; original draft for Playboy, 23pp.; and a revised draft, 29pp and copy, circa 1966.

Box 21

Folders 1 – 3: Tropic of Cuba (continued)

Folder 4: Uncivilized Past
Manuscript: "Uncivilized Past": typescript, 21pp., undated

Folder 5: Uncle Barbarosso
Manuscript: "Uncle Barbarosso": original manuscript with corrections, 1951

Folder 6: USA 78
Manuscript; "USA 78: The Transformation of Whitman’s Democratic Vistas and the Search for Moral Equilibrium": typescript of grant application, 3pp., 1977

Folder 7: The Vaginal Bouquet
Manuscript: "The Vaginal Bouquet": typescript with corrections, 17pp. and two variant typescript drafts, 15pp. and 13pp., respectively, n.d.

Folder 8: Vatican Exhibit
Manuscript: "Vatican Exhibit": typescript draft of a film treatment, 3pp., undated

Folder 9: Win a Kewpie Doll
Manuscript: "Win a Kewpie Doll": two variant drafts with corrections, 9pp. and 11pp., respectively, undated

Folders 10-12: Unidentified manuscript fragments

Folder 13: miscellaneous notes

Folder 14: autobiographic statement by Pietro di Donato, 3pp., circa 1971.

Folder 15: interview with Helen di Donato conducted on April 16, 1978, 12pp.

Box 22

Miscellaneous notes; written in small notepads and index cards.

Series 2: Correspondence

Box 23

Folder 1: Correspondence - Christ in Concrete (contract)
Portion of original contract, correspondence, dramatic rights, royalty documents, etc.

Folder 2: Correspondence - Mario Cuomo
Two typed letters signed by Mario Cuomo, Governor of New York State, circa 1983-85.

Folder 3: Correspondence - Federico Fellini
One holograph note from filmmaker Federico Fellini arranging a for possible visit with di Donato, undated.

Folder 4: Correspondence – Mikhail Gorbachev
Envelope containing a draft of a letter written to Mikhail Gorbachev (undated)  in which di Donato praises the Soviets and denounces Ronald Reagan, circa 1980s.

Folder 5: correspondence, circa 1960s

Folder 6: correspondence, circa 1970s

Folder 7: correspondence, circa 1980s

Folder 8: correspondence, circa 1990s (folder 1 of 2)

Folder 9: correspondence, circa 1990s (folder 2 of 2)

Folder 10: correspondence, undated

Folder 11: correspondence of Richard di Donato (son of Pietro di Donato).

Folders 12-13: correspondence – "Three Circles of Light"
Includes reviews, reader-response correspondence, and publicity, circa 1960s.

Series 3: Newspaper Clippings and Publicity Material

Box 24

Folders 1–3: newspaper clippings and articles
Early general newspaper clippings and publicity material, re: Pietro di Donato.

Folder 4: newspaper clippings and articles - "Christ in Concrete"
One large file of newspaper clippings and reviews, re: "Christ in Concrete," plus original copy of the dust jacket and dust jacket proofs, 1939-50.

Folder 5: newspaper clippings and articles - "End of a Family"

Folder 6: newspaper clippings and articles - Playboy Riot Cuba  
One folder of newspaper clippings, re: the 1966 riot in New York City of Cuban exiles against the NY Playboy Club in response to di Donato's Playboy article "Tropic of Cuba," circa 1966.
Folder 7: dust jackets from books authored by Pietro di Donato

Folder 8: publisher’s catalogues
Several publisher's catalogues that include di Donato books: Bobbs-Merrill (1939), re: "Christ in Concrete" and McGraw-Hill (1960), re: "Immigrant Saint."

Folder 9: tear sheets
One folder of tear sheets of: "La Smorfia"; "The Society of the White Button"; "Uncle Barbarosso"; and "Where the Mafia Goes to Die."

Series 4: Photographs

Box 25

Folder 1: Geremio di Donato (father of Pietro di Donato)
One 8"x10" black and white photograph of Geremio di Donato, notated on verso by Pietro (taken shortly before his "Christ in Concrete" death on March 30, 1923) (1)

Folders 2-3: Alessandro Serenelli, Pietro di Donato, and Ersilia Goretti (Maria Goretti's sister) in Rome, re: "The Penitent," circa 1962 (15).

Folder 4: Pietro di Donato in Italy, circa 1960s (2). 

Folder 5: Pietro di Donato and Giancarlo Pajetta, the leader of the Italian Communist Party in Rome, dated May 1978 (taken while di Donato was researching the Aldo Moro story for Penthouse) (1).

Folders 6-8: Pietro di Donato in Italy, circa 1978 (27).

Folder 9: Pietro di Donato at an event for Mario Cuomo, former governor of New York, circa 1984 (11).
Folder 10: Pietro di Donato (7), undated

Folder 11: Unidentified photograph (1), undated

Series 5: Books

Books authored by Pietro di Donato

1) Christ in Concrete: A Novel. NY: Signet Classic, [1993], 1939. 
Special Collections PS 3507 .I37 C5 1993.

2) Immigrant Saint: The Life of Mother Cabrini. NY: Dell Publishing Company, 1962.
Special Collections BX 4700 .C13 D5 1962.

3) Cristo fra i Muratori (Italian translation of Christ in Concrete). Milano: Bompiani, 1944.
Special Collections PS 3507 .I37 C516 1944.

Books with dedication notes to Pietro di Donato

1) Cuomo, Mario Matthew. Diaries of Mario M. Cuomo: The Campaign for Governor. NY: Random House, 1984.
Special Collections F 125.3 .C86 A33 1984 (two copies).

2) Bertolucci, Attilio. Viaggio d’inverno (1955-1970). Milano: Garzanti, 1971.
Special Collections PQ 4862 .E777 V5 1971.

3) Stone, I.F. The Court Disposes. NY: Covici, Friede, 1937.
Special Collections KF 8741 .S74.

4) Watson, Patrick. Fasanella's City: The Paintings of Ralph Fasanella, with the Story of his Life and Art. NY: Ballantine Books, 1973.
Special Collections X ND 237 .F26 W37.

Book about Pietro di Donato

1) Thesis authored by Maria-Rita Scarlata titled "Christ in Concrete by Pietro di Donato." University of Rome. 208pp., 1975.
Special Collections X PS 3507 .I37 C538 1974.

Series 6: Published Articles

Box 26

Esquire (magazine)
"La Smorfia." December, 1955, pp. 104 – 105.
"Geremio."June 1958, pp. 88-90.

Holiday (magazine)
"Little Wonder Italian Restaurants of New York." Volume 30, Number 6, December 1961, pp.92-93, 188-191, 193-196.
"Farewell to Tenements." Volume 38, Number 1, July 1965, pp.20g, 20j-l.
"My Chinese Neighbors." Volume 38, Number 5, November 1965, pp. 98j - 98l, 98n, (two copies).

Box 27

Italian-American Identity (magazine)
"The House." Volume 1, Number 2, February 1977, pp. 22-26. Also includes "A Thinking Man Whose University was the Streets" (about Pietro di Donato) by Joseph Barbato, pp. 20-21.

Knight (magazine)
"Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice." Volume 8, Number 10, 1971, pp. 16-18, 57-59.

Leonardo (yearbook)
The Leonardo Da Vinci Art School, 1938-39. Includes an article about di Donato by Lambert Davis, p. 34, an excerpt of "Christ in Concrete," p. 35, and "The World of Tomorrow" by di Donato, pp.37-39.

LI: Newsday’s Magazine for Long Island (newspaper magazine)
"From Laborer to Literary Lion." November 15, 1981, pp. 18-19, 34, 37-39.

MELUS (journal)
"A MELUS Interview: Pietro di Donato," by Dorothee von Huene-Greenberg. Volume 14, Numbers 3-4, Fall/Winter 1987, pp. 33-52.  Also in same issue, "Mantraps: Men at Work in Pietro di Donato's Christ in Concrete and Thomas Bell’s Out of this Furnace" by Nicholas Coles, pp. 23-32.

Nugget (magazine)
"The Flesh, the Devil and Santiago." Volume 3 Number 2, June 1958, pp. 12-14, 62-67.
"Nude of an Author." Volume 11, Number 4, December 1966, pp. 10-14, 54-55.

Padre (magazine)
"In Love with a Saint" by S.J. Miraliotta. Volume 11, Number 10, December 1960, pp. 402-406. Article about Pietro di Donato and his research on St. Maria Goretti.

Dawn: Suffolk Sun Weekly Magazine (newspaper magazine)
"Make Love." May 10, 1969, pp. 3. 14. Article about Pietro di Donato by Arthur Myers.

Time (magazine)
Book review of Christ in Concrete. Volume XXXIII, Number 5, April 10, 1939, pp. 75, 77.

Series 7: Artifacts and Personal Effects

Box 28
Personal documents, including: passports (4); telephone lists; small notepads; driver’s licenses; and bricklayers and masons union due book.

Series 8: Oversized Items

Box 29

Advertisement: "Christ in Concrete," undated

Advertisement: "My Hoboken, My People": advertisement for a di Donato feature in Coronet magazine, undated (two folders).

Award: Overseas Press Club of America Citation for Excellence to Pietro di Donato for "Christ in Plastic," May 24, 1979.

Articles: signed tear sheet of "La Smorfia" which was published in Esquire and a cover letter from Jacques Chambrun, 1955; and "Blue Notes" from "Bluebook," undated

Blueprints: one set of master blueprints for di Donato's "Sanctuary" home in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, which di Donato designed and built himself in 1957 ("Plan of Perfect House"). Also included are three newspaper articles, circa 1957.

Notes: assorted memos, notes, and fragments, undated

Photographs: di Donato with Federico Fellini and Fellini's wife, Giulietta Masina (3)

Photograph: di Donato with Franco Zeffirelli, undated (1).

Box 30

Brick owned by Pietro di Donato

Box 30a

Trowel owned by Pietro di Donato

Box 31

Typewriter owned by Pietro di Donato