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Shoreham Opponents Coalition Collection

Collection Number
SC 314

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In 1989, representatives from the Shoreham Opponents Coalition authorized the transfer of records located at Suffolk County Community College in Selden, New York to Special Collections.  Additional materials housed at the coalition's Smithtown office were received in November 1992.

Extent, Scope, and Content Note
The collection is comprised of 50 linear ft. of files,  reports, memoranda, legal briefs, correspondence, and other documents submitted by all parties and from organizations opposed to the licensing and operation of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Station, New York. The date coverage of the materials is ca.1975-1988.

Arrangement and Processing Note
Preliminary finding aid updated by Kristen J. Nyitray in August 2019.
The collection is arranged in the order in which it was received.


Restrictions on Access
The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

Rights and Permissions 
Stony Brook University Libraries' consent to access as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of Special Collections and University Archives materials to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication.  

[Box], [Item], Shoreham Opponents Coalition Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Historical Note
Nora Bredes, a former Suffolk County, New York legislator, directed the educational, lobbying, and legal efforts of the Shoreham Opponents Coalition, a citizen-led group that influenced the halt of operations of the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. Based in Smithtown, New York, the coalition of organizations was opposed to the licensing and operation of the power plant.

Bredes, Nora.
Shoreham Nuclear Powerplant (N.Y.)
Long Island Lighting Company.
Nuclear power plants -- New York (State) -- Shoreham.
Nuclear power plants -- New York (State) -- Shoreham -- Citizen participation.
Nuclear power plants -- Risk assessment.
Long Island (N.Y.) -- Politics and government.
Nuclear power plants.
Nuclear power plants -- Citizen participation.
Politics and government.
New York (State) -- Long Island.
New York (State) -- Shoreham.


Box 1

50-322 Legal File, 06/81 to 08/81(1)
50-322 Legal File, 06/81 to 08/81(2)
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, correspondence #2, 3/20/80 to 9/24/80
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, correspondence #3, 9/27/80 to 3/81
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, correspondence #1, 4/12/79 to 3/80
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, correspondence, 4/81
Correspondence, General Electric Boiling Water Reactors (GEBWR) Interveners
NRC Affidavits of Service Mailing List
Notice of Appearance Service List
Draft of Petition, papers
DOC Petition to Intervene Original
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Affidavits, Restanding
Shoreham Opponents Coalition response to Board Original
Shoreham Opponents Coalition to 3/5/80 Board Order
Copies of Joint Motion of 4/2/80 Shoreham Opponents Coalition and  NRC Staff
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Responses, Motions, re: Briefing on TMI and  Policy Statement
Motion of Shoreham Opponents Coalition for Reconsideration of Board's Dismissal of Certain Regulatory Guides
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, Stipulations W/NRC 6/6/80
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, Contentions admitted in 50-322
Matters, re: Contentions (2f)
50 322 Correspondence and  Documents on Shoreham Opponents Coalition Contention 6 and  19
Shoreham Opponents Coalition QA/QC Contention
Particularization of Shoreham Opponents Coalition Contentions 6, 7, 19
Pre OL Interim Licensing, Low and  Full Power
Shoreham Opponents Coalition and  OL Proceeding, HR 3400
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Contention 19
Suffolk County Petition to Intervene, Cases
County Health Committee
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility
County Resolutions
County Contentions (2f)
Langovin items, Quality assurance, Quality control (QA, QC)
Stipulations on Suffolk County Contentions
Torrey Pines
News Releases
SSINS Information Notice
SNRC Document I

Box 2

SNRC Document I (3f)
SNRC Document II (5f)
Fire Protector
Remote Shutdown Panel
Systems Interaction
Earthquake, Seismic
Environmental Qualifications
Quality assurance, quality control (QA, QC)
Electoral Separator
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Extra Copies, Testimony of D. Bridenbaugh Contention 19(i)
Exhibits 19(j)
"loose in box 3"
50 322 Shoreham Opponents Coalition, Opening Statement
LILCO Interrogatories to Shoreham Opponents Coalition and  Suffolk County 
Shoreham Opponents Coalition's Cross Examination for Contention 19(J)
Supplemental Responses of Shoreham Opponents Coalition to LILCO interrogatories nos. 43-50
Settlement negotiations (2f) 
Resolutions, settlement
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, settlement
Settlement negotiations
News Articles, re: settlement

Box 3

50, 322, Accession List (2f)
50, 322 Transcripts (3f)
LILCO Research and Development
Price Anderson
Regulatory Guides, General Documents, Information
Limerick Information
CP Extension, Legal File, District Court Action
Supplement to Answer of Respondent
Stipulation for Withdrawal for the Petition
Bailly Material
Correspondence, Construction Permit (CP) Litigation
Construction Permit (CP) Litigation
Sholly Decision
Information on Financial Qualifications
C FR Sections on Emergency Planning and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)
Original Court of Appeals Petition
Court of Appeals Petition
CP Reply Papers, Latham Notes
Supplemental Affidavit Court of Appeals
Admission to Second Circuit
Answer of Respondent US NRC
Shoreham Opponents Coalition vs. NRC, Court of Appeal Record
Original District Court Complaint
Copies of District Court Complaint
District Court Local Rules
Eastern District of New York Consent to Disposition by U.S. Magistrate
Shoreham Opponents Coalition vs. NRC, 81, 2000 EDNY
CP Extension, District Court Action
Legal File, CP Litigation
CP Extension Legal File 
Petition to Institute Proceeding
NRC Decisions Supporting Shoreham Opponents Coalition's Requests
Affidavits and  Certificates of Service in District Court
Cites to Statutes and  Court Cases Involving the NRC
Petition of Shoreham Opponents Coalition to Institute Proceedings
Papers, re: Service of Papers, Court of Appeals and EDNY
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Motion (09/24/81)
CP Challenge

Box 4

NYS Public Service Commission Opinion No. 78, 1
NYS Public Service Commission, 79, 14
NYS Public Service Commission, 81, 9
I A, 13
I A, 12 (2f)
I A, 10
I A, 11 (2f)
I A, 9 (2f)
I A, 8 (2f)
TMI Litigation Legal File
TMI Material, General Information (2f)

Box 5

Drafts and  Stipulations, TMI
TMI Policy Statement Lit., Materials on Stipulation of Mootness
TMI Policy Statement Lit., Correspondence
TMI Action Plan
System Interaction
TMI Policy Statement
TMI Litigation, Affidavits of Pollard, Minn
DC Cir. Ct. of Appeals, Petition, Extra Copies
TMI Litigation, Certification and  Description of Record
TMI Action Plan Litigation, Joyce's Materials and  Memos
TMI Litigation, Petition for Review (NRC), Extra Copies
TMI/NRC Litigation, Memo to Weiss on Equal Protection
TMI Litigation, Technical Aspects of TMI Action Plan
TMI Litigation, Notes on Talks with Ellyn Weiss
TMI Litigation, Plaintiff, Status Reports
Diablo Canyon Certification (3f)
NRC Documents, Papers
SL Notes Action Plan Litigation
TMI Litigation, Press Release News Articles
Action Plan Litigation
Moffett Subcommittee
Interim Hydrogen Control Require
Statement before Subcommittee on Environment, Energy and Natural Resources
UCS, TMI Restart Proceeding
TMI Action Litigation
TMI Related Proceeding
Analysis of LILCO 0737 Responses to Shoreham Opponents Coalition Contentions
TMI Action Litigation (2)
NRC Legal File 50 322, #1
NRC Legal File 50 322, #2
NRC Legal File 50 322, #3
NRC Legal File 50 322, #4
NRC Legal File 50 322, #5
NRC Legal File 50 322, #6
NRC Legal File 50 322, #7

Box 6

NRC Legal File 50 322, #7
NRC Legal File 50 322, #8
NRC Legal File 50 322, #9
NRC Legal File 50 322, #10
NRC Legal File 50 322, #11
NRC Rulemaking
Emergency planning (2f)
Documents of Deviations
Reference Documents, re: Nuclear Economics
Sitting Considerations
Investigation by NRC
McCrystal Index
Transportation of Radioactive Materials
Waste Disposal/Spent Fuel
Oil Conversion
Fusion Energy
Anticipated Transients Without Scram (ATWS)
Federal and  State Legislation on Reactor Safety
Transportation of Nuclear Waste
Shoreham Opponents Coalition/SC Contentions, Index to Witnesses
Materials, Shoreham Opponents Coalition Contention
Contention 3
Specific Shoreham QA/QC Documents
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Contention 9, Testimony
Contention 12(c)
Contention 7
Contention 17
Contention 19

Box 7

Notes, re: Contentions
Correspondence, re: Contentions
House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs
Udall, Jackson
Energy Mobilization Act, Legislation, 1981
Solar Energy
NRC Action Plan (10f)

Box 8

NRC Action Plan (2f)
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Legal File, Dec. 1982 (2f)
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Legal File, Jan. 1983 (4f)
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Legal File, Feb. 1983 
Emergency Planning IV (3f)
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Legal File, May and June 1982 (2f)  
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Legal File, July 1982

Box 9

Shoreham Opponents Coalition Legal File, July 1982 (5f)
NRC Legal File, August 1982 (3f)
Veatch proposal

Levinson Fund
Stern Fund
Rockefeller family
Friends of the Earth Foundation
Friends of the Earth Foundation Account
"Information given to Karen Voci"
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Financing Strategy
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Fundraising Letter
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Fundraising, April 1982
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Executive Committee
NYS Legislation, re: Shoreham
Copies of Shoreham Opponents Coalition Mailing and  Service Lists
Environmental Consultants
Executive Summary of Raskin Report
Annual Report
Shoreham Newsletter, Shoreham Opponents Coalition
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Stationary
Volunteers for Shoreham Opponents Coalition
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Special Events
Village Times
Press Releases
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, photos
Newsletters, Shoreham Opponents Coalition groups
News Clips, Conservation/Cancellation
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Conservation Public Campaign
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Member Groups
Shepard vs. Shoreham Opponents Coalition
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Executive Committee, Mailings
Citizens for Rate Payers Right Campaign

Box 10

SNPS Engineering Reports, 1974 (2f)
SNPS Engineering Reports, 1975 and  1976 (3f)
SNPS Engineering Reports, 1977 and  1978 (3f)
SNPS Engineering Reports, 1980 (4f)
NRC Contention (2f)

Box 11

NRC Contention (13f)
Shoreham, Pasny Takeover

Box 12

Transcript of Proceedings (2f)
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Finding Fact
Case 27563 Phase II (3f) 
NUREG, 0564
NUREG (0487, CR 0345, 0731, 0803, 0696, 0808) 
NUREG (0534, 0725, 0588)
ESRG 0831
Case 27563 (3f)
LILCO Emergency Plan

Box 13

Shoreham Cost and Schedule Analysis
Aquatic Ecology Study, Shoreham
Discovery Docs (3f)
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Discover File (6f)
Board Notification 84, 052
Board Notification 84, 053 (2f)

Box 14

Testimony of Meyer, et. al
Testimony of Weatherwax, et. al
Testimony of Madan and Dirmeier (2f)
Testimony of Eley, et al on behalf of Suffolk County
Testimony of Bridenbaugh and Hubbard on Behalf of Suffolk County
EP Contention (2f)
Exhibits to: LILCO's Response to Second Interrogatories (8f)

Box 15

Exhibits to: LILCO's Response to Second Interrogatories (8f)
Testimony SC Contentions: 12, 12, 14, 15 (2f)
Testimony Shoreham Opponents Coalition Contention 9 (2f)
Testimony Shoreham Opponents Coalition 19(e) (2f)
Documents of Testimony

Box 16

NRC Regulatory Guides
LILCO's Emergency Plan (3f)
LILCO Environment Qualification (3f)
Docket No. 50-233-OL, page 982 to 1181
Docket No. 50-233-OL, page 1182 to 1412
Docket No. 50-233-OL, page 1413 to 1617
Docket No. 50-233-OL, page 1618 to 1845
Testimony of Burns et al
Testimony of Goldsmith et al
Attachment III, NEDO-24988

Box 17

Docket 50-322 Shoreham Opponents Coalition File, 1/24/80 to 3/25/82 (2f)
50-322 Contentions of all Parties and  Responses (2f)
Docket 50-322 Board Orders (2f)
Docket 50-322 Shoreham Opponents Coalition File, 3/25/82 
Testimony SC 28(a)(iv) etc. (2f)
Direct Testimony of Dr. Cordaro (3f)
Exhibits to: LILCO's Response to Staff's Interrogatories (4f)

Box 18

Exhibits to: LILCO's Response to Staff Interrogatories (7f)
LILCO's proposed Finding of Fact
Proposed Emergency Planning Contentions
Consolidated Emergency Planning Contentions
Testimony of Cordaro et al.
Testimony of Cordaro et al., Phase II
Testimony of Cordaro et al., Phase II, Attachment

Box 19

Dec. 1986, NRC/Shoreham (6f)
Assort OL Documents, 1983 to 1985 (9f)

Box 20

Assort OL Documents, 1983 to 1985 (4f)
NRC Staff/ Emergency Planning (3f)
Suffolk/Nassau County Emergency Plan (3f)
LILCO Emergency Plan (3f)

Box 21

Diesel Generators (2f)
Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief
Report of Meeting with Representatives of TDI Emergency Group
County and State Support of Appeal of Oct. 29, 1984
Documents (2f)
Low Power Test License Appeal
Preliminary Review of Probabilistic Risk Assessment (2f)
Emergency Plan Implementing Procedures (5f)
Radiological Emergency Evacuation Plan (2f)
Diesels, Mother Jones

Box 22

Diesels, Mother Jones (3f)
NYS OL/EP (5f)
Professional Qualification of LILCO Witnesses
Testimonies (4f)

Box 23

Testimonies (7f)
Certificate of Service
Shoreham Monthly Report, Dec 1982
Testimony (3f)
Quality Documents
LILCO Quality Assurance Manual (3f)

Box 24

Shoreham Monthly Report, August 1982
Shoreham Monthly Report, Jan. 1982
Shoreham Monthly Report, Sept. 1982
Shoreham Monthly Report, Oct. 1982
Shoreham Monthly Report, Nov. 1982
Shoreham Monthly Report, March 1982
Suffolk County Radiological Emergency Plan
Testimony (2f)
Environmental Qualification Report (4f)
Offsite Radiological Emergency Plan
Prompt Notification System Report (3f)

Box 25

Prompt Notification System Report (5f)
Local Offsite Radiological Emergency Plan (8f)
Emergency Plan, . Documents
Applicant's Final Safety Analysis Report

Box 26

Applicant's Final Safety Analysis Report (6f)
50,332, OL, 5 EP/Exercise, Riverhead (2f)
50,332, OL, 5 EP/Exercise, Mineola (2f)
NRC Staff response to Suffolk County Motion (2f)
Testimony on Contention 88
Testimony on Contention 86
Testimony on Contention 81
Testimony on Contention 72
Testimony on Contention 60, 61, 63, 64
Testimony on Contention 24J, 24N, 72C, 72D, 96B

Box 27

Testimony on Contention 24E, 24F2, 24F3, 24M, 61C, 68-71 (2f)
Joint Monthly Status Report, Jan 29, 1982
Interim Report, Status of NYS and Local Plans
Probabilistic Risk Assessment, Shoreham, LILCO (4f)
Subcommittee on Oversight and  Investigations
Technical Guidance for Siting Criteria Development (2f)
LILCO to Czech, March 24, 1982
NYS Radiological Emergency Preparedness Plan
Shoreham Site Consequence Analysis
NRC Staff Response to Licensing Board Requests
EP/Exercise, page 16,214 to 16,404
Amendment No 46 to License Application, Shoreham
Case 27563, Phase II File, Index II
Plant Design Assessment (2f)

Box 28

Plant Design Assessment (2f)
Shoreham Emergency Plan, Unit 1
Suffolk County Radiological Emergency Plan (4f)
Applicant's Final Safety Analysis Report, unit 1, vol. 14 (3f)
Applicant's Final Safety Analysis Report, unit 1, vol. 10 (3f)
Applicant's Final Safety Analysis Report, unit 1, vol. 8

Box 29

Applicant's Final Safety Analysis Report, unit 1, vol. 8 (2f)
Classification of Emergency Action levels (1)
Classification of Emergency Action levels (2)
Emergency Plan Training Manual (6f)
Local Offsite Emergency Plan (6f)

Box 30

Rev. 5, Local Offsite Emergency Plan (10f)
High Energy Line Break/Control System Failure Analysis
Direct Testimony of Zuckerman et al.
LILCO's position related to Post TMT Requirement (2f)

Box 31

LILCO's Emergency Plan (2f)
EQR Revision No. 4 (3f)
Documents, fall 1989 (8f)

Box 32

Documents, fall 1989 (4f)
Rev. 10, Local Offsite Radiological Emergency Plan (2f)
Rev. 3, Offsite Emergency Plan (3f)
FEMA/BD Orders(3f)

Box 33

Rev. 2, Local Emergency Plan (1)
Rev. 2, Local Emergency Plan (2)
Rev. 2, Local Emergency Plan (3)
Rev. 2, Local Emergency Plan (4)
Documents, fall 1989 (4f)
Testimony, Stephen Cole
Testimony, Inspectors
LILCO Quality Assurance Manual
Testimony of Zeigler et al.
Testimony of Pigozzi
Testimony of Herr
Testimony of Cobert et al.
Testimony of Polk
Testimony of Sagert
Testimony of Erikson and Johnson
Testimony on Contention 25

Box 34

Documents, fall 1989 (5f)
Attachments 12 to 35 to LILCO Testimony on Contentions 12 to 15 (1)
Attachments 12 to 35 to LILCO Testimony on Contentions 12 to 15 (2)
Attachments 12 to 35 to LILCO Testimony on Contentions 12 to 15 (3)
Attachments 36 to 50 to LILCO Testimony on Contentions 12 to 15 (1)
Attachments 36 to 50 to LILCO Testimony on Contentions 12 to 15 (2)
Testimony of Babb et al
Testimony of Cordaro et al, safety Evaluation Report
Documents Received at fall 1989 (24)
Documents Received at fall 1989 (25)
Board Notification 84, 152
NRC Region I Morning Report
Board Notification 84, 101
Board Notification 84, 120
FEMA Exercise (2f)

Box 35

Document 1967 to 1973 (3f)
Standard Guide for the Evaluation of Alert System
Brief of Shoreham Opponents Coalition
Shoreham ECCS
Board Notification 84 to 113
LILCO's Testimony On Contention Ex 41, 47
Professional Qualifications of LILCO's Witness
Documents in July 1987
Documents in July 1984
Nov. 1986, NRC/Shoreham (2f)
I A.14 (2f)
I A.16

Box 36

I A.15 (1)
I A.15 (2)
Weekly Information Report (3f)
EP/NRC Documents (7f)

Box 37

EP/NRC Documents (7f)
NRC Contention, Law Suit
Declaratory Opinion and Order on Niagara Preference
Testimony of Madan
NRC Proposed Opinion
NRC Contention (2f)
Partial Initial Decision, vol. I
Partial Initial Decision, vol. II

Box 38

NRC Contention (3)
NRC Contention (4)
Partial Initial Decision
Amendment No. 47 to License Application
NRC Contention (5)
Documents, Emergency Plan (13f)

Box 39

Documents, Emergency Plan (7f)
Documents, Emergency Plan Proceeding (2f)
Testimony of Alexander et al.
Attachment 11 to LILCO Testimony on Contentions 12 to 15
NRC Staff's Brief to Suffolk County and LILCO Briefs of Licensing Board
Documents, Emergency Plan  Proceeding (3f)
Safety Evaluation Report
Documents, Emergency Plan (20)
Technical Specification (3f) 

Box 40

LILCO's Proposed Corrections to Transcript
Supplemental Testimony of Bush and Henriksen
Documents, Emergency Plan  (23)
EP Exercise
LILCO's Request to Increase Power to 25% (2f)
EP Exercise (3f)
Documents, Emergency Plan  (24)
Documents, Emergency Plan  (25a)
EP Exercise (2f)
Documents, Emergency Plan  (25b)
Motion to Limit Cross Examination

Box 41

Documents, Emergency Plan (2f)
EP Exercise (2f)
Documents, Emergency Plan (28)
Documents, Emergency Plan (29), School Bus Driver Issue
Documents, Emergency Plan (30), Best Effort Issue
Documents, Emergency Plan (31), Realism Issue
Documents, Emergency Plan (32), School Bus Driver Issue
Documents, Emergency Plan (33), Emergency Broadcast System
EP Exercise
EP Exercise
25% Power
Documents, Emergency Plan
Documents, Emergency Plan (35), Legal Authority
Documents, Emergency Plan (36), Best Effort Issue

Box 42

EP Exercise (11)
Documents, Emergency Plan (37)
Documents, Emergency Plan (38), Hospital Evacuation Time Estimates
EP Exercise (12)
Documents, Emergency Plan (6f)
25% Power (2)
Documents, Emergency Plan (47)
Brief of Petitioners NYS Governor M. Cuomo, and Suffolk County

Box 43

EP Exercise (13)
EP Exercise (14), Testimony of J.C. Baranski et al.
EP Exercise (15), Testimony of G. Simon
Emergency Operation Plan (3f)
FEMA Public Meeting, June 15, 1988
FEMA Support of NRC Licensing of Shoreham
Documents, Emergency Plan  (48), Testimony of J.J. Boursy
Operative Guidance Memoranda (GM) Ex 3 and In 1
Suffolk County Legislature
Post Exercise Assessment
Review Comments of NUREG 0654, Rev. 1, Supp. 1
Documents, Emergency Plan  (49), FEMA Correspondence
Documents, Emergency Plan  (50)
Documents, Emergency Plan  (51)
Statement of R.M. Kessel, Responding to Petition by LI Assemblymen
Procedures Generation Package
Quality of Spent Fuel Racks
EP Exercise (16)
EP Exercise (17)
EP Exercise (18), Initial Decision
EP Exercise (19), Appendix to Governments. Brief of LBP 87 32

Box 44

Documents, Emergency Plan (52)
Documents, Emergency Plan (53)
Documents, Emergency Plan (54)

Box 45

Documents, Emergency Plan (55), Government's Reply to Imposition of Sanctions
25% Power (3)
Documents, Emergency Plan  (56)
NRC letters
Shoreham Nuclear Power Station

Box 46

Radio CTOS Reply, May to June, 1985
Fairness Doctrine, Shoreham Opponents Coalition, May, 1985
Suffolk Stations Correspondence, Notes, Phone Calls
Radio Station Assignments
Nassau Area Stations, correspondence and notes
New York Stations, correspondence and notes
Legislative Aide
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Alerts and Pledge Mailings, Jan 1985
Shoreham Opponents Coalition EC Meetings, Jan 1985
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Funding Request, Jan 1984, Financial Report
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Viewpoints Drafts and  Newsletter Pieces, 1985
Bower Staff
Shoreham Allegations, 84 to 85
Source Terms, 1985
LILCO, History, Warren Liebold
NRC Licensing Proceedings, Current Interventions
US CEA Materials
NIRS, Groundswell
ELECTEO Officials, NY/LI, 1983 to 1984
Political Action File, Suffolk County Legislative
Media, Letters to Editor
Suffolk County Legislature, 1985
LILCO, Annual Report, Shoreham
LILCO “propaganda”
Office Service and Supply, 1984
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Bank Statement and Deposit Slips, July 85 to June 86
Printings, 1985
Printings, 1984
US Post Office, 1985
RR 1985 Expenses
NY Telephone, Jan 1985
Nuclear Weapons
Energy Flashes and  Nuclear Tidbits
PSC, Intervention Rate Case, 1980
NYS, Fink Committee
Proposals and Minutes for Nov 22
Loose pages
Unidentified folder
No nuke demonstrations
Silkwood, Karen
Nuclear Power
Energy Potent Clients
Radio Campaign, FUSE
Pledge Program Background
Marcy South Position Paper Liebold, 5/84, NYPPA
Sierra Club, Energy
Phillips for Congress
Mrazek and Downey
Jackson for President FR, 1984
Computer Analysis of 5th LD, Principal Polling

Box 47

Worker Ownership
Worker Ownership, Confessions of a Shoreham Opponents Coalition Entrepreneur
Press Clips
ICA Model Bylaws
GAS Clips
Supply and Price Clips
Heating Oil Clips
Oil market trend, 1982
Orazio Fuel Oil Price Hearings, March 1983
CLEC Report, June 1982, Where Have All the Banerls Gone
How we beat OPEC, 11/1981
Citizens against Nuclear Trucking, 1985 Proposal
Telephone bills
IRC Information, 50/C3
IRS Exemption Application
SHAD/LI Roundtable, etc
CC Minutes
Proposals, National Campaign for Rate Payers Right
MASS Referendum Campaign
Greene Wade Correspondence
Youth Project, Circle Fund, Stern Fund
Bulk Late Mailing Permit
Liability Insurance
Radioactivity price sheet
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, Latham, Feb, 1983
Black SERC Paper
Funding Exchange
Contract with Receivers
TOTEM by Fiat
Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA), Cogen
Generation, Onsite
Wisconsin, PSC
Vitality Diversification
D’Amato Senate Bill
Newspaper clippings
Minutes, New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA)
New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA)
w/co Energy System
Memos sent
PACS Memos
New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA) Press Releases
SOC press releases, statements, 1982-1984
Richard Udell, Emergency planning
Press Release and press Statement, 1983 and 1984
Shoreham Opponents Coalition Public Statements, 1981 to 1983
Press Release, January 1981
Testimony to Fed and  NYS Committees
Funding proposal, LPTL Radio Campaign, April 1984
Fundraising, pledge program
Funding proposal, June 1986
Fundraising, special letters
Fundraising, grant proposal responses
RR 1985, literature

Box 48

Shoreham Opponents Coalition Viewpoints, drafts, 1982 to 1984
RR 85, volunteers
Funding Request, 1982
Citizens for an Orderly Energy Policy (COEP)/EPA
NYS, Cuomo, NRC
Candidate survey, returns, 1983
Canvass Logistics
1985 Candidates, Financial Disclosure notes
June 1983 Proposal
Funding, grant requests
RR 85 work plan
Press releases, 1985
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, literature, 1979 to 1984 (2f)
SNPS, Motions to Terminate
SNPS, Low Power Test License
SNPS, Limited Appearance Letters, 1983
Candidate survey, legislature, 1983 extra
Candidate survey, returns
Campaign endorsement, 1981
Candidate questionnaires, 1981
Campaign, 1981
East End contribution calls, September 1983
Suffolk County, County Executive Elections, 1983
DASH, 1983
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, documents
Nuclear Power, Industry
Price-Anderson and Insurance
Nuclear Power, Radiogenic Waste Transportation
Nuclear Power, Reagan
Nuclear Weapons Freeze, US Congress
Loose Materials
Nuclear Power, USC Briefs
Documents of March 1986
HV, September
Documents, April 1986
Documents, May 16 to May 31, 1986
Documents. May 1986
Loose Materials
Documents. January 1986
Shoreham Opponents Coalition, newsletter

Box 49

Articles, 1974
Articles, 1976
Articles, 1977
Articles, 1978
Articles, 1979
Articles, 1980
Articles, 1982
Articles, 1983 (2f)
Articles, 1984 (4f)
Articles, 1985 (7f)
Articles, 1986
Articles, 1987
Articles, 1988 
Articles, Energy (16f)
Articles, Power Demand (2f)
Kusko and Karasik

Box 50

CXN, LILCO, Business Week
Suffolk County, County/LILCO Draft, 8/5/81
Shoreham, OL Proceeding, County Special Counsel, 1982
Physical Inspection, Shoreham, Inspection and Enforcement (I&E) Report
SNPS LIC, Settlement Agreement, 1982
Shoreham Oil Fuel License, 1982
NYS Energy Master Plan, March 1982
Weekly Information Report, Nov. 6, 1981
Weekly Information Report, Oct. 22 to Nov. 24, 1982
PSC Permanent Rate Case #27774
People’s Action Coalition
PSC Press Release
Initial Brief of Shoreham Opponents Coalition
Case #27774, LILCO electric rates

Box 51

Kerosene Heater Symposium

Falco’s and Long Island clam proposal (SUNY)

Community energy project June 1980 proposal

Safe Energy Resource Center (SERC)-Grant Proposals

Funding Request and Responses

Long Island Community Trust Fund

Liebold’s Proposal

Muse Grant 9-80

SERC Proposal 4/80

Correspondence, Marguerite Wynne

Bills Paid- Receipts

Petty Cash Receipts

Correspondence, Leighton Chong

Ben Hillman's Estimates and Bills

Blank Contracts and Donor letters

CETA information and Application

DOE Small Grant Program

Envirosphere Co-SERC

Fund-Raising Letter Draft

Press Releases

Summer 1980 Development Research

Bid Requests June 1981

SERC (Financial Reports? Crossed out) Minutes B.D 12/81

By- Laws adopted 12/3/79 and Minutes Board of Directors Meeting

SERC- EESO 1983-84

SERC Deposits records 2/83

NY Telephone

SERC/ NCRR Receipts and Financial Records

Box 52

Finance and Accounting Readings

Democratic Management

Jim Crowfoot Notes and Worksheets

Program Information

NJ Solar Energy Association re PSEG


Newspaper clippings

SERC Testimony PSC Hearing

Oil Heat Institute of Long Island (OHILI) Comments

EAF: Power and Light; Utility Involvement: Pro and Cons

Letters Received

Articles Re: Utility/Solar Misc

Miscellaneous Articles

Northeast Solar Energy Center (NESEC): Utility Co. Interface

Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA): Role of Utilities

Taubman: Testimony


Box 53


Worker’s Insurance Trust

Urban Community Insurance Company (UCIC)


Coop America


Consumer Cooperative Alliance (CCA)- Institute

National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO)

Worker’s Owned- SOLAR Contractor

NCCB Press Clips

Miscellaneous Organizations and University Programs TA

National Coop Bank- Act; Application; Descriptive Lit; Annual Report

Industrial Cooperative Association (ICA)

Consumer Cooperative Alliance (CCA) Conference 4/24/82 Packet

NCCB Co-op Bank Monitor and Report

PCC newspaper

Box 54

CPB- Direct Testimony C28025

LILCO’s Responses

LILCO National Energy Conservation Policy Act (NECPA) Filings

PSC Staff-Comments and Testimony C28025

PSC Orders C28025

Attorney General’s Filing 28025

United Nuclear Opponents (UNO)-Internal Documents. Minutes, by-laws, etc

Miscellaneous Sample Literature - UNO Member groups and others- New England

New Hampshire Energy Coalition

OP Ed Piece crr?/ Notes TK

Press Clips-Seabrook

UNO Press Packet 2/2/82

PUC Order 3/82 Seabrook Financing 3 mill. Shares

Millstone III- Koonz Testimony CLF

Conn CRR

Box 55

6/82 CRR Updates

“New Hampshire Regulatory Handbook for Small Scale Electricity Generator,” December 1981

Conference Packet New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG)

NY Welfare and Unemployed Council


Committee to save OSHA

Public Citizen- Consumer agenda 98th Congress, AFDC 4/83

Public Citizen

Public Utility Law Project (PULP) 12/6/82 Brief- LIICO Lifeline Rates

Palmetto Alliance

POWER- United Church of Christ, Commision for Racial Justice 297 Park Ave S. NY 10010

Progressive Alliance

Progressive Planning Network Cornell University

Reform Judaism- Committee on Social Action

Safe Energy Coalition of NYS SECONYS

SECC Safe Energy COmmunication Council

Smithtown Demo. Committee

SENSE Bill- Solar Lobby


South End Press

Sandoval Environmental Action Community (SEAC) News  

Student Coalition Against Nukes (SCANN)

PROUT Progressive Utilization Theory

Box 56

Shoreham Opponents Coalition (SOC)

Stop Nuclear Shoreham

UMW Journal- Issue on Nukes

URPE Conference

Wall St. Action

Townspeople for Tomorrow

Womens Organizations

Nuclear Reactors

Direct Actions Socialist Perspective

Legal Strategies- interesting court cases, legislation- could be precedents for anti-nuke strategies

Anti-Nuclear Arguments (overviews)

Box 57

Nuclear Power: general overviews

Counter Propaganda: Nuke Opponents’ objections to pro-nuke public relations, etc.

Pro Nuke

Nuclear Reactors:TECHNICAL (How they work) see also: Overviews, 3MI file etc.

TRIGA Reactor(s) mostly Columbia U., N.Y.C

Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Fusion Power

Breeder Reactor

Reactor Safety Devices

Box 58

Three Mile Island (TMI) Clips 3/79

TMI Clips 4/79

TMI Clips 5/79

TMI Clips 6/79

TMI Clips 7/79

TMI Clips 8/79

TMI Clips 9/79

TMI Clips 3/80

Nuclear Economics Power (Overviews)

Effects of Nukes on Utility Company Financing

Uranium Economics and other Nuke Fuels

Radiation and Health. How much causes Cancer, etc

Nuclear Hazards-- Military-related

Military-Related Nuclear Hazards

Uranium Mining Hazards. See also: Uranium Economics

Dental Radiation; Smoke Detectors

Government-Ordered Reactor Shutdowns

Box 59

Reactor Accidents: Lists of Actual Cases

Reactor Accidents: Theoretical Possibilities

Reactor Accidents: Windscale, Millstone, others

Decommissioning (What do you with a dead nuke?)

Radioactive Waste Workplace Exposure

Radioactive Waste as a Weapon

Radioactive Waste West Valley, N.Y.

Radioactive Waste New Mexico

Radioactive Waste Hanford, Washington

Radioactive Waste Geological Storage

Radioactive Waste Assorted Storage

Radioactive Waste Legal Infrastructure

Radioactive Waste Population Exposure

The Waste Paper Sierra Club Radioactive Waste Campaign.

No Nuke Demonstrations elsewhere in USA

Shoreham Case 1976

Shoreham Case 1977


Box 60

The Energy Crisis (Broad Overviews) children’s lit

County/Federal Weatherizing Programs

Energy Conservation

Energy Transmission and Storage

Utilities and Rates. See also: LILCO file

Public Ownership of Utilities

Box 61

CWIP- Limerick CWIP- used and useful regs.

Philly Area Industrial Energy Users GRP.

Rates Hikes- PECO


Limerick Nuclear Power Stations Keystone Alliance

Emergency Planning: Congressional Hearing- Limerick

NRC- Operating License Limerick

Early Limerick News: Clippings

Declining Need for Power

Cost escalation- Limerick

Water issues: Pt. Pleasant Limerick Pumping Station


Interlocking Directory?

Seabrook Ad #1

Seabrook Ad #2

SCL Resolution- County Rate Withholding Englebright/Blass

Indiana Governor Marble Hill Recommendation

Commercial Tax Writeoffs. Techniques: Solar Marketing

MSES 84 Membership Directory

Solar Transition- Optimal Strategy; Financing the Transition

Solar Energy Commision

Municipal Solar Utilities Calif

Research NYC Energy Master Plan

NYC Assembly Energy Commision 4/83 Testimony Various Parties


ECO Consequences Shoreham Cancellation ESRG May 83

Irving Like Statement 08/16/83

LILCO Clips ‘84

DLJ 04/2/84 Financial Analysis of Lilco

Clips F.D/ CEA

Con Ed F.D

Fairness Doct/ SECC 12/83

Electricity Costs/ School Districts Marge Hammlor?

Campaign- Bank Deposit Statement Slips 81

Box 62

SOC -Mailing Lists Originals


SOC- Shoreham Alerts- 782-83

NIRS/ Critical Mass Conference

LILCO- Rate Increase

SOC Radio/ Nov-Dec, 1984

Suffolk Co. Legislature, 1984

Family 500 Pledge Materials

Referrals Received

LILCO- Radio Ads- 1983


LILCO Poll, 1983

PSC- Phase I and II Investigations

Suffolk County Legislature ‘83

Dougherty- Invoices

Community Outreach- Letters


Radio- SOC Response to LILCO

SOC- Leaflets and Flyers

SOC EC- 7/83

Direct Mail- SOC ‘82