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Perishable Press Limited Collection

Collection Number
SC 214

OCLC Number

Walter Samuel Haatoum Hamady, 1940-2019

Purchased from Walter Hamady in 1976.

Extent, Scope, and Content Note
The collection is comprised of 44 linear ft. of materials produced between 1964 and 1980 that document the private press of Walter Hamady (b.1940-d.2019), an innovative papermaker, printer, publisher of books by hand, artist, and teacher. The press was founded while Hamady was a student at Wayne State University in 1964, and continued during his graduate study at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Detroit, Michigan, and subsequently in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.  Mary Louise Laird Hamady jointly operated the press for a period of time. Materials include correspondence with authors, poets, typesetters, binders, papermakers, and other businesses; and drafts, manuscripts, typescripts, proofs, dummies, and galleys of materials submitted to and rejected or published by The Perishable Press Limited. Included are personal diaries of Walter S. Hamady, as well as personal correspondence and materials about exhibits of his art work, and some files relating to his teaching career as a professor of art at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Correspondents include Jane Augustine, Leonard Baskin, Jack Beal, Paul Blackburn, Robert Creeley, J.V. Cunningham, Harry Duncan, Robert Duncan, George Economou, Loren Eiseley, Mitchell Goodman, Donald Hall, Walter Hall, Sam Hamod, Michael Heller, William Heyen, David Kherdian, Galway Kinnell, Elizabeth Kner, Ellen Lanyon, James Laughlin, Denise Levertov, Harry Lewis, Robert Lowell, Khatchik Minasian, Toby Olson, George Oppen, Joel Oppenheimer, Rochelle Owens, Harry Mark Petrakis, Jerome Rothenberg, Norman Russell, Armand Schwerner, William DeWitt Snodgrass, Gary Snyder, Gilbert Sorrentino, William Edgar Stafford, Christopher Stephens, Louis Szathmary II, W. Thomas Taylor, Robert Vas Dias, Diane Wakoski, Keith Waldrop, Rosmarie Waldrop, John Wieners.

Arrangement and Processing Note
Collection processed by Kristen J. Nyitray and Raymond Prucher in 2002.
Finding aid updated and revised by Kristen J. Nyitray in April 2020.


Restrictions on Access
The collection is open to researchers without restriction.

Rights and Permissions 
Stony Brook University Libraries' consent to access as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of Special Collections and University Archives materials to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication.  

[Item], [Box], Perishable Press Limited Collection, Special Collections and University Archives, Stony Brook University Libraries.

Hamady, Walter, --1940-2019.
Perishable Press Limited -- Archives.
Augustine, Jane.
Creeley, Robert, -- 1926-2005.
Cunningham, J. V. -- (James Vincent), -- 1911-1985.
Baskin, Leonard, -- 1922-2000.
Beal, Jack, -- 1931-2013.
Blackburn, Paul, -- 1926-1971.
Duncan, Harry.
Duncan, Robert, -- 1919-1988.
Economou, George.
Eiseley, Loren C., -- 1907-1977.
Goodman, Mitchell.
Hall, Donald, -- 1928-2018.
Hall, Walter, -- 1940-1987.
Hamod, Sam.
Laird, Mary Louise, -- 1948-
Heller, Michael, -- 1937-
Heyen, William, -- 1940-
Kherdian, David.
Kinnell, Galway, -- 1927-2014.
Kner, Elizabeth.
Lanyon, Ellen.
Laughlin, James, -- 1914-1997.
Levertov, Denise, -- 1923-1997.
Lewis, Harry, -- 1942-
Lowell, Robert, -- 1917-1977.
Minasian, Khatchik.
Olson, Toby.
Oppen, George.
Oppenheimer, Joel, -- 1930-1988.
Owens, Rochelle.
Rothenberg, Jerome, -- 1924-
Russell, Norman.
Schwerner, Armand.
Snodgrass, W. D. -- (William De Witt), -- 1926-2009.
Snyder, Gary, -- 1930-
Sorrentino, Gilbert.
Stafford, William, -- 1914-1993.
Stephens, Christopher.
Szathmáry, Louis.
Taylor, W. Thomas.
Vas Dias, Robert.
Wakoski, Diane.
Waldrop, Keith.
Waldrop, Rosmarie.
Wieners, John, -- 1934-2002.
Petrakis, Harry Mark.
Cranbrook Academy of Art.
University of Wisconsin.
Blackburn, Paul, -- 1926-1971
Hall, Donald, -- 1928-2018
Authors, American -- 20th century.
Private presses -- United States.
Papermaking -- United States.
Privately printed books -- United States.
Authors, American.
Private presses.
Privately printed books.
United States.


Box 1

Abel, Richard & Co., business correspondence, 1971-1972.

Aerial Phenomena Research, 1972-1973.

Alternative Press.

Amsterdam Continental Types, Inc., 1968-1972.


Baer, George, 1966-1968.

Baskin, Leonard, 1966-1968. Birth announcement of Baskin, Hosea, 3 TLS; 6 TLc from Perishable Press to Baskin.

Beal, Jack. 9 ALS; 1 map; Tear sheets of articles about Beal.

Bennett, Betty Lou, 1973.

Bernard, Kenneth, 1972-1973
Correspondence, proofs, binder's dummies regarding Two Short Stories.

Blackburn, Paul, 1967-1970
6 letters, 2 postcards.
Page of photo proofs for possible use in book.
Initialled proof of Assassination of President McKinley.
Original typed and corrected manuscript of several poems (not used)
Photocopied manuscript with photos attached for suggested layout of Gin.
Group of various proof copies of complete book, variant title pages, etc. of Gin.
Unbound proof sheets laid into sample binding of Gin.

Box 2

Blackburn, Paul, 1967-1970 (continued)
The Reardon Poems, 1 of 3 copies only in 12 signatures with a handpasted collage on the cover.
The Journals: Blue Mounds Entries, correspondence and proofs.
It Might As Well Be Spring, proof.
Two New Poems, 3 proof copies.

Burke, John Gordon, 1973.

Blackburn, Sara, 1999.

Center for Twentieth Century Studies, 1972-1973.

Chapdue, Mary Ellen.

Christ-Janer, Albert and Christ-Janer, Virginia.

Cockerell (Douglas) & son.

Cockerell, Sandy, 1969-1972.

Creeley, Robert.
8 ALS; 11 TLS; 1 TCS; 5 ACS.
Photocopied proofs with Creeley's holograph notes.
The Charm, 2 sets of unbound proof sheets.
Words, 1 of 5 proof copies.
Divisions and Other Early Poems, designs and proofs (shelved oversize.)

Box 3

Cunningham, J.V.
Selected Poems, correspondence and proofs, 1970-1972.

Dickson, Jennifer and Dickson, Ronald, 1967.

Distaff Bindery.

Chapdue, Mary Ellen re Stafford, William Edgar That Other Alone.

Dos Santos, Bartolomeu, 1969-1972.

Dos Santos, Joao Cid, Prof.

Duncan, Harry, 1965-1971.

Box 4

Duncan, Robert.
Six Prose Pieces, 3 proof copies in cases, and proofs (shelved oversize), 1966.

Economou, George, 1971-1973.
Poems for Self Therapy, correspondence, manuscript, and proofs.

Eiseley, Loren, 1967-1970.
21 letters from Eiseley and/or his secretary.
5 original pencil portraits of Eiseley.
Map drawn by Eiseley for getting to his house.
2 signed Christmas cards.
The Brown Wasp, Printer's proof copy, and unbound set of proof sheets.

Box 5

Festival of the Book, 1973.

Correspondence with Metzger, Philip, Kansas City.

Freeman, Vera G., 1972.


Gardons, S.S.

Goodman, Mitchell.

Green, Remy, 1968-1973.

Green (Barcham, J.) Ltd.

Grolier Club, New York, 1971-1973.
Correspondence regarding an exhibit in the Grolier Club, 1972-1973.

Hall, Donald. 3 cards; 1 letter; 3 carbons of letters to Hall; Tear sheet of article by Hall.

Hall, Walter, 1966-1971.
11 letters (one 9 pp.), including letter from Snodgrass, William De Witt
Spider Poems, TMs, and corrected proof of announcement.
State Fair, Hectograph copy.
Proofs (shelved oversize.)

Hamady, Mary Laird.

Hamady, Walter S., 1966-1972.
Carbons of correspondence with students and faculty at the University of Wisconsin, and printing and papermaking companies, as well as copies of some personal correspondence.

Box 6

Hamady, Walter S. (continued)
Cranbrook Academy of Art: receipts, letters, correspondence relating to Hamady's attendance, 1964-1966.
Correspondence with landlord.
Hamady, Walter S. - Perishable Press.
Income tax receipts and figures, 1964-1967.

Box 7

Hamady, Walter S. (continued)
Perishable Press income tax, invoices, and copies, 1968.
Perishable Press.
Miscellaneous correspondence and copies, 1968-1971.
Sales and distribution records.
Hamady, Walter S. 1971

Art Exhibit, Donald Morris Gallery.
Correspondence, forms, catalogues.

Hamady, Walter S. 1971.
Organizations, newsletters.

Hamady, Walter S. 1968-1971.
Grant applications and carbons of correspondence, also with Anderson, Roy and Wilcox, Christopher re National Endowment for the Arts.

Box 8

Hamady, Walter S. - Perishable Press. (continued)

Incoming correspondence, 1971, A-Z.
Outgoing correspondence, 1971, A-Z.
Unidentified incoming correspondence.

Box 9

Hamady, Walter S. - Perishable Press. (continued)
Correspondence, 1972, January-September: Incoming, and carbons of outgoing.

Box 10

Hamady, Walter S. - Perishable Press. (continued)
Correspondence, 1972, October-December.
Correspondence, 1973, January-May.

Box 11

Hamady, Walter S. - Perishable Press. (continued)
Correspondence, 1973, June-December.

Box 12

Hamady, Walter S. (continued)
Diaries, 1963-1969.
Photograph of Hamady, Walter S. and Creeley, Robert.
Sundays at One. University of Wisconsin Radio Series.
Papermaker, Printer and Poet. Phonotape, 6 January 1972.

Box 13

Perishable Press: typescripts, proofs, and related materials
Interminable Gabberjabs
Hamady, Walter S., These Chairs, 1971.
1973 Prospectus.

Box 14

Perishable Press (continued)
Proofs etc. for Fishbones, In Sight of Blue Mounds, Plumfoot Poems, Poems 1972, Sintra Poems, and There Is Such A Place.
Miscellaneous announcements, proofs, lists
Proofs of 1971 announcement of out-of-print, in print, and coming titles
Proofs of 1971 announcement of items in print
Proofs of We have solved the broadside problem!
Proofs of Coming events 1971
Proofs for There Is Such A Place
Proofs of various letterheads and announcements
Unbound proof sheets of Plumfoot Poems by Hamady, Walter S.

Box 15

Hamady, Mary Laird
Proofs and dummies for Eggplant Skin Pants and Poems (1973) and 2 binders samples from Moroquain
Everyday celebration proofs

Hamady, Walter
Ephemeral Genesis

Hamod, Sam
Correspondence, manuscript and proofs for The Funeral of Assam Hamady. (1971)
The Famous Blue Mounds Scrapbook correspondence, proofs, notes, drafts, manuscripts

Box 16

Harris, Marguerite
Time of the Playback (1973) Copy of typed manuscript

Heller, Michael
7 letters
Photocopied typescript of book manuscript
Two Poems proof copy with long letter

Heyen, William
Correspondence, 1969-1971

Holly, James Francis
Correspondence, 1968-1972

Holst, Spencer

Kherdian, David and Hogrogian, Nonny
18 letters
5 postcards
Brochures from Kherdian, David from his printing efforts and publications, the Giglia Press
Typed manuscript of Homage to Adana with minor corrections by Kherdian, David
Printer's proof and printer's dummy copy
First proof (unbound sheets) of Homage to Adana

Box 17

Kinnell, Galway
11 letters
2 different typed manuscript versions of First Poems, both with minor manuscript corrections by Kinnell, Galway
Corrected galley proofs
Printer's dummy, author's dummy (with notes by Kinnell, Galway), and blank paste-up dummy copy
3 typed letters
4 pp. of typed poems with manuscript corrections
1st and 2nd proofs and printer's dummy of Shoes of Wandering, plus a couple of proof title pages

Kner, Elizabeth 1965-1972

Lanyon, Ellen 1972

Laughlin, James 1968-1973
35 letters from Laughlin re The Pig
several notes and postcards
Typed, printed, or photocopied copies of the poems comprising the manuscript
2 copies of galley proofs
2 unbound proofs, laid into a sample binding

Mackenzie & Harris. Lee, Helen 1967-1972

Box 18

Levertov, Denise and Goodman, Mitchell, 1967-
3 letters and 1 post card and photocopied manuscript of New Year's Garland for My Students
3 variant proofs of the book in different stages and different types.
2 typed letters
Several typed copies of poems by Mr. Goodman
3 typed letters and 2 postcards from Mr. Goodman
1 typed manuscript poem by Levertov, Denise
Proof and finished copy of Goodman, Mitchell's book, Light from Under a Bushel

Lowell, Robert and Nardi, Marcia
Two typed letters from Lowell declining to print due to lack of material, but recommending a poet named Marcia Nardi, for whose book he would write an introduction.
6 letters from Miss Nardi
Carbon copy of Hamady, Walter S. letter to Miss Nardi
Postcard from Lowell, Mrs.

Macley, George 1972

Meteor Photo Company

Mikolowski, Ken and Mikolowski, Ann 1973 (Alternative Press)
Correspondence about publication, and samples of printing.

Minasian, Khatchik
Correspondence, manuscript and proofs for Five Poems (1971)

Box 19

Moroquain, inc. 1972-1973

Wieck, George and Wieck, Cathy

Donald Morris Gallery

Northern Illinois University

Olson, Toby and Olson, Miriam
37 letters
3 postcards
Typed manuscript of Maps
Typed manuscript of Worms Into Nails
4 proofs of printed broadside Cold House
Proofs of The Brand (3 different copies)
Binders proof, signed by poet, of Worms Into Nails
2 sets of unbound proof sheets of Worms Into Nails, also different proof copies, including author's corrected copy
2 different proofs of a smaller untitled book by Olson
Set of unbound proof sheets of Maps
Shooting pigeons (Material shelved oversize)
Worms Into Nails (Material shelved oversize)

Box 20

Olson, Toby and Olson, Miriam (Continued)

Oppen, George
Proof copies of Alpine (1969)

Oppenheimer, Joel
5 letters; 2 cards
Photocopied manuscript of Sirventes on a Sad Occasion with minor manuscript corrections by Oppenheimer, and corrected galley
Copy of letter to Oppenheimer

Owens, Rochelle

Pechman, F.J. 1973

Professional Color Lab

Petersen, Will
5 letters
2 postcards
Original silk screen Christmas card, signed

Petrakis, Harry Mark 1971-1973

Rail, DeWayne
Correspondence, manuscript, proofs and dummy for Going Home Again (1971)

Box 21

Rothenberg, Jerome 1972-1973

Rubovits, Norma and Rubovits, Frank, 1971-1973

Saroyan, William 1972

Sheepstor Handmade Papers 1971

Snodgrass, William De Witt.
16 letters
5 letters from Lang, Daniel
Assignment of copyright from Hudson Review
3 cards or letters from Snodgrass, Mrs.
Typed and photocopied variant versions of Remains
Lasagna recipe (typed)
2 proof copies, with corrections
Bound proof copy (different from final issued version)
Sample cover binder of final version as used
Unbound set of proof sheets of Remains
A letter by Snodgrass is in the Hall, Walter folder

Snyder, Gary
ALS 1967 Jun 6

Box 22

Stafford, William Edgar
13 letters
1 Christmas card
2 letters from Stafford, Mrs.
6 copies of letters to Stafford from Hamady, Walter S.
2 sets of typescripts of manuscript of Eleven Untitled Poems
3 proofs, two of which bear early discard title Weather
3 original photos of Stafford family
See also Distaff Bindery about That Other Alone

Stone, Reynolds 1971

Vas Dias, Robert 1971-1972.

Wakoski, Diane 1968-1971
19 letters
2 postcards
Carbon typed copy of 16 page poem Ten, the Number of My Fingers
Original typed copy of Thanking My Mother for Piano Lessons
Typed copies of 2 other long poems (several pages)
Photocopied copies of 2 short stories, each 11 paged (unpublished)
Corrected galley proof of Thanking My Mother For Piano Lessons

Box 23

Waldrop, Keith 1969
7 letters
1 carbon letter to Waldrop
2 photocopied manuscripts of two different books submitted by Waldrop, one published by the Perishable Press
Proof copy of Songs from the Decline of the West

Waldrop, Rosmarie 1970
4 letters
1 note
Typed manuscript of Spring is a Season, and The Aggressive Ways.
2 different proof copies of Spring is a Season

Wallrich, L.A. 1970-1971
Book dealer

Weinberger, Tony 1971-1972

Wieners, John 1968
3 variant holograph versions of the poem, Unhired
1st and 2nd proofs with variant titles
Proof copy with holograph revisions
Bound proof copy

Box 24

Augustine, Jane.
Lit by the Earth's Dark Blood. ALS and TLS: 9; 9 letters from printer, Hamady, Walter S.; (envelopes saved but not itemized); 14 p. thermofax copy of manuscript; 2 sheets, first proof with compositor's corrections and comments; 6 proof colophon progression; 2 dummy copies, bound with written indications and proofing; 1 paste-up dummy, bound; 2 bound proof copies. Total 47 items.

Blackburn, Paul.
Guillem de Poitou, His Eleven Extant Poems. Translated by Paul Blackburn, edited by Economou, George. Photocopy of manuscript; 6 flat sheets first proofs; first paste-up dummy book; printer's guide proof dummy, to indicate which face should be printed; photocopy of notes; proofs of notes; 2 first dummies of notes; 10 or so proofs of the small book of notes; 1 unbound copy of the book; 1 unfolded and unbound copy of Notes; Miscellaneous pieces not used by the binder (parts of the note pocket, 6 covers); numerous proofs and extra signatures; 2 bound proof copies; 32 letters and cards between Economou, George and Hamady, Walter S.; 15 photocopies of letters between Blackburn, Paul, Blackburn, Joan, and Hamady, Walter S. (These letters show the project getting started up to Paul Blackburn's death.); 10 letters between Blackburn, Joan, and Walter S. Hamady.

Box 25

Haggarty, Teddy M. 9 April 1974. This broadside is the author's first publication. 8 letters between author and printer, Hamady, Walter S. 14 proofs of broadside. (Shelved oversize)

Hall, Donald.
Kicking The Leaves. Correspondence, 7 January 1975 - 28 May 1976. 1 printed printer's dummy; 1 unbound copy; 3 printed covers unfolded; 1 copy of manuscript; 3 proof sheets; 1 corrected proof from author; 5 PC and 7 letters from author; 11 letters from printer, Hamady, Walter S.

Hamady, Walter S. and Perishable Press.
Check registers.
Business, 1969-1970
Phone, heat, rent
Large Expenditures
Membership, Dues, etc.
Shipping and Postage

Box 26

Hamady, Walter S. and Perishable Press. Business and personal receipts. 1969-1970.

Box 27

Hamady, Walter S. and Perishable Press. Business and personal receipts. 1970-1971.

Box 28

Hamady, Walter S. and Perishable Press. Business and personal receipts. 1971
Perishable Press. Correspondence. January - October 1974. 1974: 6 folders, 678 pieces, 174 being letters from this press. Includes Christmas cards, personal, business correspondence, and student recommendations.

Box 29

Perishable Press. Miscellaneous correspondence. November 1974-May 1975. 1977 Miscellaneous correspondence comprises: 5 folders, 752 pieces, 201 being letters from this press. This material includes broadsides and ephemeral matter from other private presses, as well as correspondence with same on occasion.

Box 30

Perishable Press. Correspondence. August 1975-June 1976.

Box 31

Perishable Press. Correspondence. July 1976-July 1977. 1977 Miscellaneous correspondence comprises: 8 folders containing 1,041 pieces, including 239 carbons of letters from Hamady, Walter S. and Hamady, Mary Laird

Box 32

Perishable Press. Correspondence. August-December 1977.
Hamady, Walter S. Galleries and art work folders. 18 pieces, 6 letters from Hamady, Walter S.
Milwaukee Art Center. 1972-1974
Abel, Richard. 14 letters concerning his debt to the Perishable Press and his subsequent bankruptcy.
Bauer Alphabets, inc., New York. Ansell, Richard K. 21 letters. This company is defunct.
Bennett, John M. 19 letters, including one from Colescott, Warren. Miscellaneous label/poems made by the author.
Black Sparrow Press. 12 letters, 27 items of ephemera. Martin, John, proprietor.
Bridwell Library. 18 letters.
Burke, John Gordon. 15 items, 9 letters, 1 photo of Everson, William.

Box 33

Giles, L.T. 1 AL and poem, accompanied by a large manuscript of his poems. (Giles is Hamady's internist.)

Perishable Press. Dealers. Correspondence. 60 letters.

Penumbra Press, Lisbon, Iowa. O'Connell, Bonnie. Correspondence, August 1971-September 1977. 15 letters from Hamady, Walter S.; 27 letters and 10 cards from O'Connell, Bonnie; 6 printed items from the press; 2 photocopied or printed items. 100 items total. "Bonnie was a former student and is establishing her press as one of quality and literary integrity. Many of the letters are lengthy and of content."

Stephens, Christopher. Bookseller. 122 pieces, 56 letters from Hamady, Walter S. 46 letters and cards from Stephens, 21 from Polatsek, Harry, attorney in New York. 1973-1977. "A very unfortunate turn of events that ended in a lawsuit against Stephens which was won on our behalf by Harry Polatsek."

Szathmary, Louis II. Owner of famous Chicago Bakery. 11 letters. See Burke, John Gordon file for additional material.

Taggart, John. 4 letters with 4 p. original typed poem manuscript which was rejected for publication.

Hamady, Walter S. Two broadsides. 10 September 1972, illustrated by Beal, Jack. Photocopy of original manuscript; 7 full-sized proofs; edition of 31 copies went to individual Standing Order patrons. Materials covering this would be in Jack Beal file.

Abracadabra broadside/birthday greeting for Laird, Mary Louise {i.e., Hamady, Mary Laird} likely 1976.

Cold Rain broadside.

Hamady, Walter S. Interminable Gabberjabb #4. Original TMs and TMs corrected of poem entitled 22 October 1974; 6 p. handwritten notes (footnotes); 38 proofs; illustrated with 2 photographs by Conniff, Gregory F.X. (one photograph is included; 4 bound proof copies.

Box 34

Heller, Michael. Figures of Speaking. Illustrated by Digby, John. 14 letters and cards from the author; 5 letters from the artist; 19 TLC from the printer, Hamady, Walter S.; 6 photocopies of manuscript; 4 p. photocopy of manuscript, not used; 1 first proof sheet 9 June 1977; 1 first proof printer's proof; 1 author's corrected proof sheet; 10 proof pages on Eltham paper with corrections; 1 printer's dummy copy, sewn; 1 paper dummy with measurements; 1 proof copy with measurements for furniture lock-up memory drawing; 2 proof sheets; 1 bound copy, incomplete; 1 proof from engraver of re-made plate; 1 proof page for the numbering of the colophon; 1 bound copy, trial, for cover and sewing; 4 p. handwritten log for the making of the book; 2 original collages by John Digby; 6 proof copies with sheets annotated. Total 82 items.

Digby, John.

Heyen, William. 36 letters, 2 PC, 4 typed poems and 36 p. of photocopied prose material, correspondence around the publication of a broadside entitled The Pigeons. 2 proofs of the broadside; 14 pages of revised short stories, typed. "The project fell through because of two things: the author was a pest, nagging at me with all sorts of advice that I couldn't put up with. The straw that snapped the camel-jockey's back is/was the fact that he listed in his book of poetry in the credits/acknowledgements that we had published some of the poems, when in fact we had not & had not intended to! This caused me to get cross."

Lewis, Harry. Pulsars. Three states of a single poem, illustrated with an original silk-screen print by Gilliam, Sam. 4 pages original manuscript by Vas Dias, Robert. 13 letters between author, printer, Hamady, Walter S., and artist. (Some of the following material is shelved oversize) 5 pages manuscript, 2 sheets first proofs, first dummy copy, author's corrected first proof, (Oversize) Numerous proof pages with corrections and notations, 1 trial dummy. Also oversize: 21 sequential proofs for the advertisement for Pulsars.

Olson, Toby. Fishing. With silk-screen print by Weege, Bill. 9 January 1974-June 1974. 2 proof copies; 1 trial cover; 11 letters of 2 cards between author and printer, Hamady, Walter S.; 3 p. of TMs (not Fishing); 15 p. of photocopied poems, City Poems.

Olson, Toby. Doctor Miriam. 1975-1976. 25 letters and 12 PC from author; 32 letters from printer, Hamady, Walter S.; 19 photocopies of poems with letter; 6 photocopies of poems used later in Doctor Miriam; 4 typed pages of the poem Country, and 3 photocopies of poems; 2 typed pages of poems; 6 pieces of proofs 17 January 1976; 6-8 x 10 glossy photographs taken by the author of Hamady,

Laura Evans, printer, Carpenter, Mary and Carpenter, Stephanie; 8 pages TMs; 3 p. TMs; 7 sheets proofs, 13 January 1977 and 8 photocopied sheets manuscripts; 1 proof of Beal, Jack's 2-color drawing; 3 additional proofs of same; 6 sheets corrected proofs by author; 1 drawing for fold on cover; 1 dummy copy paste-up; 4 glossy 8 x 10 photographs taken by Conniff, Gregory F.X., of author, printer on tractor, Hamady, Laura Evans, etc.; 6 trial sheets for title page; 1 sheet showing color mixing trials for Jack's color; 1 sheet sample conte colors from Jack Beal; 1 paste-up copy of Perusia paper; 1 drawing showing the stitch for 2 signatures used; 1 red-jig for punching sewing holes; 1 notation by binder on card re dimensions; 5 handwritten pages of time log; 1 offprint of poem Sitting in Gusevik; 2 copies of proof sheets, bound; 5 signatures of proof sheets, unbound. Total 2 folders, 182 items.

Box 35

Olson, Toby. Doctor Miriam. 1975-1976. (Continued)
Olson, Toby. Three & One. 4 original typed poems; 2 proofs in 6 point Sabon; letter from author; 20 proof pieces; 2 bound proofs (dummy bound in paper, the other the first bound copy); distribution list of where all 131 copies went.

Oppenheimer, Joel. Acts. 27 October 1975 - 25 April 1976. Illustrated by Hamady, Walter S. with collage. 9 letters and 1 PC from author; 9 letters from printer, Hamady, Walter S.; 5 p. original TMs, signed and dated by author; 2 p. original typed unpublished poem, Doing-It, signed "For Walter & Mary, 21 january '76, Joel" Corrected proof sheets with picture taped of the human cannonball; 3 glossy photos from Circus World Museum; 2 collages by Hamady, Walter S.; various plates, if desired; 16 pieces proof; 1 paper dummy; 1 sewn trial copy; 2 page proofs (larger sheets), one corrected; 1 sewn copy, damaged and designated for copyright.

Petrakis, Harry Mark. Chapter Seven. Illustrated by Colescott, Warren. Correspondence, 22 August 1974-September 8, 1976. 10 letters from author, several pages each; 17 letters from printer, Hamady, Walter S. Letters from Rubovits, Norma, who marbled the paper? Original drawing for title page by Colescott, Warren; plates, etc; list of distribution of copies; 1 paper dummy: 1 proof copy with corrections; 1 blank copy for binding experiment-all bound as per edition. (Blank copy has black cloth spine v. leather.) 1 unbound printer's proof; 15 page proofs-cut and marked with corrections; 1 printer's memory drawing page; 1 unbound author's proof dated 17 July 1976 with author's corrections; 1 printer's paper dummy (printed) and marked with sizes and locations by printer, Hamady, Walter S.; 90 proof pages (title page and colophon). Miscellaneous items: 1 article from Chicago Tribune Magazine about the author; TMc with quotation from Mackenzie & Harris, 35 p.; specimens of type faces from Mackenzie & Harris; galley proofs, 7 p.; 28 p. carbons of manuscript for Chapter Five; revised manuscript carbon 35 p; quote from Publisher's Weekly: glossary; Map of Crete; letter from Lee, Helen, Mackenzie & Harris. "Won American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Book Show Honor."

Box 36

Petrakis, Harry Mark. Chapter Seven. (Continued)
Keepsake done over Petrakis, Harry Mark's visit, March 1976. 11 proofs.
Rothenberg, James. A Poem To Celebrate The Spring And Diane Rothenberg's Birthday. 13 letters, a multitude of proofs, one original manuscript of a poem, not used,1 thermofax copy of the manuscript. November 1974-January 1976.

Russell, Norman. Open the Flower. 5 proof copies of the book, 48 pages TMs, 11 first proofs and author's proof dummy, 21 letters between author and printer, Hamady, Walter S. Numerous cards, photocopies of the author's poems as they appeared during the production of this book. August 1973-July 1974.

Box 37

Schwerner, Armand. Redspel. Illustrated by Ginzel, Roland. 10 letters, 4 cards from the author; 39 pages of manuscript material, original typed, carbons, and photocopies; 8 letters, 1 card from Ginzel, Roland, artist/illustrator; 2 letters, 4 cards from Chapdue, Mary Ellen; 9 letters, 2 cards from Dela Rosa, Al; 1 letter from Conniff, Gregory F.X., attorney; 50 letters from Hamady, Walter, to the above; Following is oversize: 34 pieces of proofs; first dummy of the book paste-up; author's corrected proof; printer's dummy with measurements; copy #124 binder's sample; a badly sew, uncased copy #9 ruined. 183 items total. "This book, started in 1973, was not finally finished until January 1976. Many copies were ruined by the binder, named Chapdue, Mary Ellen. A salvage operation was done by another binder named Dela Rosa, Al in Madison, Wisconsin. So the correspondence gets lively in places."

Schwerner, Armand. Triumph Of the Will. 15 xl 1975 - 10 I 1977. 4 letters from author; 4 PC from author; 13 letters from printer, Hamady, Walter S.; 1 letter from artist, Thrall, Arthur; 16 pages photocopied manuscript; 30 proof pieces; 1 dummy working copy; 1 proof copy with italic numbers; 6 proofs for the advertisement; 1 printer's sketch, Hamady, Walter S., for title page; 1 bound copy, #65 in the edition of 150 (which may be a proof).

Sorrentino, Gilbert. Elegiacs of Sulpicia. 11 letters from author; 10 Tlc from printer, Hamady, Walter S.; 7 handwritten worksheets, time log, etc, developing costs, etc, from this book; 14 p. photocopied edition of the manuscript; first proof sheet; corrected first proof by author; receipt for paper; 2 proof copies, one with corrections, one with memory drawing of lock-up; corrected author's proof copy; 15 pieces miscellaneous proof pages/dummy proof for press arrangement etc; 1 bound copy without colophon; 1 Black Sparrow Press ad for White Sail. Total 69 items.

Taylor, W. Thomas. Bookseller. Materials surrounding the publication of a page of specimen books, which also included (unbeknownst to him) the following 4 items: Wowa's First Book (miniature book), Checklist Seventy Seven and Thirteen, Elegant (definition), and The Birthday Pyramid. 7 letters from Taylor; 7 Tlc from Hamady, Walter S.; 4 photocopied pages with specifications for specimen sheet; 2 bound copies of miniature book 1 paste-up; 1 layout of pages for printing of miniature book; 1 proof in black; 1 proof sheet with text for miniature books and one unused proof of possible part of piece fine typography is not, never has been, cannot ever be accomplished from a sitting down position. 1 handwritten doodle sheet of intents; first proof of miniature book; 1 layout for calling card - E. Munck Tory; 1 handwritten definition of Elegant; 5 p. original manuscript from Hamady, Walter S., some handwritten; 2 additional photocopies of specifications; 12 proof sheets, full size 14 1/2 x 19 1/2. Total 45 items.

Uchima, Ansei. Artist. Printer, Hamady, Walter S., received 2 PC, 3 letters, and 1 small print greeting card from artist. Hamady, Walter S., 2 Tlc.

Box 38

Lanyon, Ellen. In Sight of Blue Mounds. Drawings and proofs.

Th Prshbl Prss Lmtd In Print On 19.Labor Day.73. Proofs.
This is a list of stuff getting offered as schmaltzy gift possibles from The Perishable Press Limited/Mt Horeb Wisconsin. 1973. Proofs.

Hamady, Walter S.
Gallery exhibit catalogs and announcements.
1959-1960 art work.

Stafford, William Edgar. That Other Alone. Proofs.

Enslin, Theodore. Gardiner, Maine. Correspondence, proofs.

Heyen, William. Proofs.

Wakoski, Diane. The Purple Finch Song for Walter & Mary's Purple Finch Paper. Diane Wakoski/13 February 1972. Proofs.

Olson, Toby. Fishing. Proofs.

Box 39

Schwerner, Armand. Redspel. Proofs.

Hamady, Walter S. Thumbnailing the Hilex/The Third Interminable Gabberjab. Proofs, letters. 2 pages handwritten notes, photocopy of the poem, 10 letters between Nasco and the author/printer, sample ribbon from Nasco. "The unsuccessful attempt to make a ribbon led the printer, Hamady, Walter S., to discover and experiment with cutting dies." Beal, Jack, illustrator. Oversize: 33 sequential proofs for the advertisements.

Lewis, Harry. Pulsars. Proofs.

Haggarty, Teddy M. 9 April 1974. Proofs.

Box 40

Perishable Press. Correspondence, 1978. 600+ items - 130 TLc Hamady, Walter S.

Perishable Press. Correspondence, January-March 1979. 1050+ items - 192 TLc Hamady, Walter S.

Box 41

Perishable Press. Correspondence, February-November 1979. Hamady, Walter S.

Box 42

Perishable Press. Correspondence, December 1979. Hamady, Walter S.
Perishable Press. Correspondence, January-April 1980. 1130+ items - 241 TLc Hamady, Walter S.

Box 43

Perishable Press. Correspondence, May-November 1980. Hamady, Walter S.

Box 44

Perishable Press. Correspondence, December 1980. Hamady, Walter S.

Graham, Oscar - Detering Book Gallery

Donald Morris Gallery - Phillips, Matt; Oates, Joyce Carol

Enschedé Typefounders

Ford Foundation

Howard Foundation

Insurance 1977

Kner & Anthony Bookbinders

Lerner, Abe

Morrow, Bradford

National Endowment for the Arts Craftsman's Fellowship

Pages Exhibition - Richman, Gary

Penumbra Press

Phoenix Book Shop 1966-

Rail, DeWayne

Wallrich, L.A.

Weiss, Mark

Box 45

60 lists for 1979 Hamady, Walter S. holographic

Andrews/Nelson/Whitehead - Freeman, Vera

Baskin, Leonard


Black Sparrow Press

Bush, Cynthia B.G. - Checklist of Perishable Press Limited

Deberny & Peignot

Eiseley, Loren

Enschedé Typefounders

Feast Letters Wakoski, Diane, Project

Fine Press Printers - Symposium

Fine Print

Guggenheim Foundation

Hoyem, Andrew - Arion Press

Irby, Ken

Kimball, Wayne - Lithographer

Letters to answer with a form letter someday

Lists 1979

Lists 1981

Lowenstein, Tom

Miscellaneous Letters to Hamady, Walter S.

Miscellaneous - Letters from French, Peter; McGovern, George; Kramer, Hilton; Allen, Louis

Moritz, John

Box 46

National Endowment for the Arts Grant R7I 5273

National Endowment for the Arts Creative Writing Proposal

Penmaen Press

Private Press Symposium

Sams, Romus - Hamady, Walter S.

Schimmel, Nancy

Stempel/ATF/Bauer Alphabets/Milwaukee Electrotype Typefoundries

Triangle Typefoundry

Yasutomo (Paper Vendors)

Brown, Arthur, Song of the Sly Mongoose. Correspondence and proofs surrounding the publication of the book.

Box 47

Wakoski, Diane, Making a Sacher Torte. Illustrated by Lanyon, Ellen. Correspondence, proofs, dummies and miscellaneous items surrounding the publication of the book.

Blackburn, Paul, The Selection of Heaven. Illustrated by Hamady, Walter S.. Archival materials surrounding the publication of the book.1 PC and 2 letters; 21 p. TM; Hamady, Walter S., 3 Tlc

Box 48

Wakoski, Diane, and Lanyon, Ellen. Making a Sacher Torte. Proofs.

Derleth, August. Last Light. Proofs.

Box 49

Barker, Laurence and Barker, Mercedes

Bernard, Kenneth

Callner, Richard - State University of New York at Albany

Creeley, Robert

Kelly, Robert with report by Alexander, Chuck of Black Mesa Press

Red Ozier Press

Snodgrass, William De Witt and Snodgrass, Camille

Taylor, Gage

Twinrocker Papermill

Vas Dias, Robert. 1976. 1 PC and 2 letters; 21 p. TM; Hamady, Walter S., 3 Tlc

Wakoski, Diane 1976-1979

Waldrop, Keith and Waldrop, Rosmarie

Wulling, Emerson

Box 50

Alternative Press

Gardyloo Press - Bennett, John M.

Giza Meryet Press - Derse, Marcia Damraurer

Hilberry, Conrad, Housemarks

Iguana Press - Escalante, Jim and Escalante, Mary


school material Fall 1974

Landlocked Press - Tisdale, Walter

Lists 1980

Moran, James

Rara Avis Press - Bertelson, Christy

Rothenberg, Jerome, B.R.M.TZ.V.H.

Ruggie, Cathy - Hosanna Press

Sea Pen Press and Papermill - Ferris, Suzanne

Three Broadsides by Hamady, Walter S.

Box 51

Olson, Toby, Birdsongs. Illustrated by Digby, John

Poetry manuscripts.

Wilde, John, The Story of Jane and Joan

Box 52

Hamady, Walter S., Book Number 68

Giles, L.T., Goat Cottage Dream Poems. Correspondence, proofs and material surrounding the publication of the book.
Materials surrounding the publication of the following projects, which were done as fund-raising projects for the Mt. Horeb Children's Community School.

Epiphany Greetings

Quotables 78

Why Did You Didn't

Squatting Flies

Mt. Horeb Children's Community School Poster Project

Hughey, Michael

Box 53

Quotables 1979

Derleth, August, Last Light. Illustrated by Utpatel, Frank.

Hamady, Walter S., For the Hundredth Time Gabberjab Number Five.

Wisconsin House - LeFebvre, Mark

Box 54

Hamady, Walter S., Seeds & Chairs: Selected Poems by Hamady, Walter S.

Tarn, Nathaniel and Rodney, Janet, The Forest.

Box 55

Rubovits, Frank, Hamady, Walter S., Hamady, Mary Laird, and Hamady, Laura Evans, Doggerel Exchange.

Stafford, William Edgar. Tuft by Puff

Box 56

Folder 1
Donne, John
Elegie – Change
Elegie – Going to Bed
Whitney, J.D.
Six Poems

Folder 2
Olson, Toby
Worms Into Nails
Shooting Pigeons
Fishing – Proofs

Folder 3
Story of Jane & Joan / Press Offerings, 1978
Kraning, Alan & Susan Pitt
Glory Holes…, 1966

Folder 4
Creeley, Robert

Folder 5
Owens, Rochelle
Search for the Cause of Evil, Broadside Play

Folder 6
Announcements & Ephemera
Gardons, S.S. – Remains, Announcement
Wakoski, Diane – The Owl & The Snake, Broadside
Titles in Print & Preparation, St. Patrick’s Day 1973
Hamady, Walter & Mary, Stationery Proof
If You Are Expected…, Sign
We Are Not Interested in Unexpected Visitorss…, Sign
Avian Mastication Center…, Sign
Press Offerings, 1973

Folder 7
Hamady, Walter & Mary
A Fragment of a Never Ending Story, Hamady, Walter / Beal, Jack (illus.)
Another Fragment of a Never Ending Story, Hamady, Walter
Returning to Nature, Laird, Mary
Fishbones, Hamady, Walter
Plumfoot, Hamady, Walter
Consenting Shadows, Hamady, Walter & Koutroulis, Aris
Bulletin #10, Proofs

Folder 8
Structure of Rime XXVI, Duncan, R.D.
Spider Poems, Hall, Walter, Announcement

Folder 9
Announcements & Ephemera of Perishable Press, Duplicates

Box 57


Portfolio 1: 1965-1970

Hamady, Walter S., The Disillusioned Solipsist – Announcement
Group Show Exhibition
Creative Photography Business Card
Pages from The Disillusioned Solipsist
Why Don’t You Work Smarter… - Sign

Perishable Press Limited – Business Card
Hamady, Walter – Exhibition Announcement
Ephemeral Genesis – Sign 1964

Root, Joan & Akagawa, Kinji, Pink Jelly, Proofs

Perishable Press, Address Plate
Titles Available
Retro-Pros-Pectus, 1965-1967
Hall, Walter, Spider Poems – Announcement
Anti-Quacksalver, Print Shop Rules Sign

Goodman, Mitchell, Light From Under a Bushel
Book List, Perishable Press Limited
Hamady, Walter, Exhibition Announcement

Wakoski, Diane, Thanking My Mother for Piano Lessons, Announcement
The Offerings, Perishable Press, 1969
Bulletin Number 5, Perishable Press, 1969
Perishable Press, Exhibition Announcement & Photo Collage
Eiseley, Loren, The Brown Wasps, Announcement
Oppen, George, Alpine, Announcement
Little Aesthetic Happened After…, a short history of the Perishable Press’ beginnings
Bulletin Number Six

Gardons, S. S., Remains, Announcement
New & Current Titles, 1970
Olson, Toby, Worms Into Nails, Announcement
University of Wisconsin Department of Art Dedication Invitation
Khernian, David, Homage to Adana, Announcement
Perishable Press, Business Card
Hamady, Walter S., These Chairs, Announcement
Bulletin 7, Checklist 1964-1970
Chair Print, n.d.
Miscellaneous Floating Articles
Perishable Press Cards
Exhibition Announcement for Publisher’s Choice at Special Collections at S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook
Portfolio 2: 1971-1979

Cunningham, J. V., Selected Poems, Announcement
Hamod, Sam, After the Funeral of Assam Hamady, Announcement
1971, Listings of Publications
Myers, Frances, Exhibition Invitation
Perishable Press, Business Card
Perishable Press, Coming Events Announcement
Hamady, Walter, Exhibition Announcement
Bulletin 9, Checklist 1964-1970
Perishable Press, Exhibition Announcement

1972 Publications Listing, 1964-1972
Perishable Press, Exhibition Listing

St. Patrick’s Day 1973, Titles in Print & Preparation
If & Only If You Are Expected…, Sign
Avian Mastication Center, Sign
Intuit an Idea…, Sign
Labor Day 1973, Titles in Print
Schmaltzy Gift Possibles
Publications Listing, 1964-1973

Books in Stock 19 June 1974
Hamady, Walter, Interminable Gabberjabs 3, Announcement
Wakoski, Diane, The Wandering Tattler, Announcement
Lewis, Harry and Gilliam, Sam, Pulsars, Announcement
If you are knocking on this door…, Sign
If you have an invitation…, Sign
Cut-Back & The End, Mailing List Request

Hamady, Laura Evans, Printer’s Devil, Birth Announcement
Please Don’t Smoke…, Sign
Abracadabra, Birthday Imprint for Mary Hamady
Jackdaws love my big sphinx of Quartz., Holo-Alphabetic Sentence

Poitou, Guillem de; translated by Blackburn, Paul, Announcement
Olson, Toby, Three & One/Four Poems, Announcement
A Greeting for the New Year, Broadside
Petrakis, Harry Mark, Chapter Seven of The Hour of the Bell, Announcement
Schwerner, Armand, Triumph of the Will, Announcement

Seventy-Seven & Thirteen, Checklist of Publications 1964-1976
Heller, Michael, Figures of Speaking, Announcement
Cut Back & The End, Mailing List Request
Stick that fatt finger…, Address Announcement
Perishable Press, Business Card
Augustine, Jane, Lit by the Earth’s Dark Blood, Announcement
Olson, Toby, Doctor Miriam, Postcard
Elegant, A Definition

Titles Recent & To Come
Hamady, Samantha Remington and Micah Laird, Unidentical Twins Are Born, Birth Announcement
Prognostifications, Six New Titles, Announcement
Elegant, A Definition
Olson, Toby, Three and One/Four Poems, Announcement
Perishable Press, Card
Augustine, Jane, Lit by the Earth’s Dark Blood, Announcement
Stick that fatt finger…, Address Announcement
Seventy-Seven & Thirteen, Checklist of Publications 1964-1976
Heller, Michael, Figures of Speaking, Announcement


Hamady, Walter, Seeds & Chairs, Announcement
Hamady, Walter, Seeds & Chairs, Order by S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook, Easter 1979
Quotables 1978, for Children’s Community School

Package from Perishable Press to Special Collections at S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook including:
“Of Your Charity, Please Respect Our Privacy, No Visitors”, Sign
Hilberry, Conrad, Housemarks, Announcement
Type Set by Paul Duensing 1980
Wakoski, Diane, Making a Sacher Torte, Announcement
Squatting Flies, Quotables, for Children’s Community School, Announcement
Our Visual Terms, Forthcoming Titles
Brown, Arthur, Song of the Sly Mongoose
Hamady, Walter, Hand Papermaking, Announcement
Children’s Community School, Poster/Brochure

Box 58


Folder 1

Blackburn, Paul, It Might As Well Be Spring, (Spec PS614 .P41 B52 c.1)
Blackburn, Paul, It Might As Well Be Spring, (Spec PS614 .P41 B52 c.2)
Creeley, Robert, For Joel, (Spec PS614 .P41 C75 c.1)
Creeley, Robert, For Joel, (Spec PS614 .P41 C75 c.2)
Cunningham, James Vincent, Latin Lines, (Spec PS614 .P41 C8)
Enslin, Theodore, Gardiner, Maine, (Spec x PS614 .P41 E5)
Haggarty, Teddy M., 9 April 1974, (Spec x PS614 .P41 H3)
Hamady, Susan, From a Letter Dated…, (Spec x PS614 .P41 H345)
Hamady, Walter, Another Fragment of a Never Ending Story, (Spec PS614 .P41 H35)
Hamady, Walter, Fishbones, (Spec X PS 614 .P41 H352
Hamady, Walter, Louis Comfort Tiffany, (Spec PS614 .P41 H354)
Hamady, Walter, 10 September 1972, (Spec x PS614 .P14 H3545)
Hamady, Walter, There Is Such a Place, (Spec PS614 .P41 H355)
Hamady, Walter, Tight Thighs…, (Spec PS614 .P41 H3555)
Heyen, William, The Pigeons, (Spec x PS614 .P41 H45)
Kherdian, David, Root River, (Spec PS614 .P41 K52)
Levertov, Denise, Psalm Concerning the Castle, (Spec x PS614 .P41 L44 c. 1)