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In the Spotlight

Spencer Austin (PhD Candidate)

Spencer Austin

Has been awarded a Chateaubriand fellowship in Humanities and Social Sciences, which will allow him to work 4 months in France next year on his dissertation about French-speaking coal-miners in PA.

Matías Hermosilla (PhD Candidate)

Matias Photo

Has published a peer reviewed article entitled "La Palmada en la Frente (1970): Political Cartoons, the Global Sixties, and Popular Culture in Chile" in   Studies of Latin American Popular Culture  (May 2020). Link found   here.

Cody Rossler (PhD Candidate) Cody Rossler

Just won the prestigious Charlotte W. Newcombe Dissertation Fellowship (examining ethics and religion) for his thesis "Race Science on Tour: Instructing Publics in Provincial Britain, 1830–1870."