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Directory of PhD Students

  • Fernando Amador II
    PhD Candidate Interests: Environmental history, US-Mexican relations
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  • Spencer Austin
    Spencer Austin
    PhD Candidate Interests:Socio-political history, Modern Europe, Nineteenth-century France.
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  • José Manuel Baeza Zúñiga
      José Manuel Baeza Zúñiga
    PhD Student Interests: African diaspora and race relations in South America, Twentieth-century Chile, History of Popular Culture, Global Sixties.
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  • Nicolás Barrientos
    Nicolas Barrientos
    PhD Student Interests: Modern Latin America; Right-Wing Movements, Twentieth-century Latin America, Global Sixties, Political Cultures and indentities
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  • Giovanni  Bello
    Giavanni Bello
    PhD Candidate Interests:Cultural History, Twentieth century Bolivia, Counterculture  
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  • Lance Boos
    Lance Boos
    PhD Candidate Interests: Early America, Atlantic World, Cultural History, Music
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  • Zinnia Capó Valdivia
    Zinnia Capo Valdivia
    PhD Candidate Interests: Mexican drug history, state formation, border and periphery studies.
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  • Erin Chávez
      Erin Chavez
    PhD Student Interests:  History of science, anti-science movements, and the history of science communication. The intersection of science, the media, and popular culture in the United States and Western Europe in the second half of the 20th Century.
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  • Huzaifa Dokaji
    Huzaifa Dokaji
    PhD Student Interests: West African History, Religion, Gender and Power in Precolonial Northern Nigeria.
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  • Kenneth Donovan
    Ken Donovan
    PhD Student 20th century U.S. social and political history; Black and Latinx history; race, inequality, and civil rights; urban/suburban history; Long Island history
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  • Lorna  Ebner
    Lorna Ebner
    PhD Candidate Interests: Social History of Disease and psychosurgery, Nineteenth and Twentieth  Century USA
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  • Bill Edwards
    Bill Edwards
    PhD Student Interests: Medieval history, Cultural History, Peregrination and migration 
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  • Adam Fitch
    Adam Fitch
    PhD Candidate Interests: Modern Europe, British Imperialism, conflict, urban history, gender and sexuality.
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  • Matthew Ford
      Matt Ford
    PhD Candidate Interests: Latin American postcolonial borderlands, particularly upper Andean Amazonia
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  • Brooke Franks
    Brooke Franks
    PhD Candidate Interests: Social and Cultural history, Early Modern Britain,  Scotland and Ireland.
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  • Aishani Gupta
      Aishani Gupta
     PhD Candidate  Interests: South Asia, Sufism, British empire, architectural history and urban spaces.
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  • Joshua Harris
     PhD Candidate  Interests: US History, Technology, Telecommunications Policy, Digital Utopianism
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  • Matías Hermosilla
    Matias Hermosilla
     PhD Candidate Interests: History of Popular Culture in Latin America, Humor and Popular Music, Global Sixties
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  • Jennifer Jordan
    Jenn Jordan
     PhD Candidate Interests: Gender and inter-religious relations in the High Middle Ages
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  • Danielle Laroque
    Danielle Laroque
    PhD Student Interests: Twentieth century US, Civil Rights, Housing and Homelessness
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  • Gregory Lella
    Gregory Lella
     PhD Candidate Interests: Twentieth century US Carceral State, Latinx, and Immigration History.
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  • Ximena López Carrillo
    Ximena López
     PhD Candidate Interests: History of mental health, psychiatry, and psychology in the United States and Mexico.
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  • Willie Mack
      Will Mack
     PhD Candidate Interests: Mass incarceration, African American civil rights, and labor. 
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  • Paul Mah
      Paul Mah
    PhD Candidate Interests: Nineteenth-century United States, Urban, social, and cultural history,  New York City.
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  • Adrián Márquez
    Adrian Marquez
    PhD Candidate Interests: History and historiography on drugs in Latin America
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  • Kevin Marshall
      Kevin Marshall
    PhD Candidate Interests: Scottish Diaspora, Early Modern Labor Practices, British Empire
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  • José Miguel Munive Vargas
    Jose Minuve
    PhD Student Interests: Andean history (particularly Peru); race, gender and nationalism; education, health and state formation; grassroots intellectuals; African American history and Black radicalism; migration, diaspora and transnational history; popular conservatism in Latin America and the U.S.
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  • Francis Mullady
    PhD Student Interests: 20th century US labor and economic history with an emphasis on union/management negotiations.
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  • Kevin Murphy
      Kevin Murphy. Source
     PhD Candidate Interests: Colonial North America, British Atlantic World, Social protest.
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  • Elena-Liliana Mutu-Blackstone
      Archives. Elena-Liliana Mutu-Blackstone
     PhD Candidate Interests: European History, Production of knowledge, identity, and location.
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  • Dafina Nedelcheva 
     PhD Candidate Interests:   Modern and Contemporary    Eastern Europe,    oral history, memory and architectural commemoration.
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  • Karl Nycklemoe
    Karl Nycklemoe
    PhD Student Interests: Environmental History, Nineteenth and Early-Twentieth Century United States, Rivers and Wetlands, Cultural History and Memory.
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  • Kristen Nyitray
    PhD Student Interests: Indigenous Histories; Local and Public History; Historic Preservation; Heritage Tourism; Architecture; Environmental History; Book History; Cartography.
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  • D. David O'Donoghue
      David ODonoghue
    PhD Student Interests: Environmental history, Appalachia, colonial America, Atlantic world
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  • George Osei
    George Osei
    PhD Student Interests: Modern West African History, Gender, Human Rights, Witchcraft and Witch camps
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  • Emmanuel Pardo
      Emmanuel Pardo
     PhD Candidate  Interests:  History of ideas and the media, cultural production, political participation in Latin America and the United States.
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  • Caroline Propersi-Grossman
      Caroline Propersi
     PhD Candidate Interests:  Relationship between work, culture, gender, and race in New York City’s entertainment industry
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  • Charlotte Rossler
    Charlotte Rossler
     PhD Candidate Interests: constructions of race, class, sex, and gender through science in the Victorian period.
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  • Leah Savage
      Leah Savage
    PhD Candidate Interests: racial constructs in the United States during the twentieth century, Racial Representation, Film History
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  • Bonnie Soper
      Bonnie Soper
    PhD Candidate Interests: Religious and political dissidence in seventeenth and early eighteenth century Scotland, Martyrs
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  • Yalile Suriel
      Yalile Suriel
    PhD Candidate Interests: Civil Right History, Carceral State History, Black & Latino History, Education History.  
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  • Gabriel Tennen
      Gabriel Tennen
    PhD Candidate Interests:  New York City politics and culture, 20th century U.S. urban history
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  • Donal Thomas
      Donal Thomas
    PhD Student Interests: South Asia, Indian Ocean World, Environment, Medicine, Science, Global Indigenous Histories, and Transnational History. 
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  • Ally Velez
    PhD Student Interests: Citizenship, Latinx Migration, Prison Abolition, Mass Incarceration
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  • Kenneth Wohl
      Kenneth Wohl
    PhD Candidate Interests:  Thirties and Forties in the US, Diplomatic and Political History, Labor Movement
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  • Jocelyn Zimmerman
      Jocelyn Zimmerman
    PhD Candidate  Interests:  British Imperialism in South Asia, Imperial policy and reform, Gender History. 
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