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Internships & EXP+

Writers at workshop at Stony Brook U. look to dispel gender, racial  stereotypes | Newsday

This page contains information regarding credit-bearing internships and EXP+ opportunities. All internships take the course designation 488 and will automatically satisfy the EXP+ requirement. All internships require the signing of a contract and a site supervisor and faculty mentor. Internships can be for 0-6 credits with work commensurate to the number of credits. Be sure to consult in advance with a faculty mentor who has agreed to supervise your experience and/or the Director of Undergraduate Studies who can assist you. You can also find further information and opportunities through Stony Brook’s Career Center.

What follows is a growing list of Internships with regional historical and cultural institutions, and EXP+ opportunities offered through Stony Brook University. History students have had many wonderful experiences as interns. Moreover, they have acquired important skills to put on their resumes and well as professional contacts to recommend them to future employers.


Greater New York City

Long Island Museums & Historical Societies

Stony Brook University Opportunities