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AFFILIATES and Visiting scholars

  • Margarethe Adams
    Music Interests: Kazakhstan and Northwest China; music, sound, and belief; temporality and popular culture; Islam in Central Asia
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  • Abena Ampofoa Asare 
    Abena Photo
    Africana Studies Interests: Contemporary Africa, international human rights, penal abolition, truth and reconciliation, historical justice, historical theory.
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  • Charles Backfish
    Charles Backfish
    Social Studies Education Interests: United States Cultural and Intellectual history, History of the United States in the 20th Century, History of Education in the United States
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  • Lena Burgos-LaFuente
    Hispanic Languages & Literature Interests: Caribbean literatures, poetry, Latin American essay writing, sound studies, and transatlantic literary crossings in the first half of the twentieth century.
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  • Paul Firbas
     Hispanic Languages & Literature Interests:  Epic poetry, textual criticism, historiography and colonial geography of transatlantic South America.
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  • Shimelis Gulema
    Gulema Photo
    Africana Studies Interests:  Modern and contemporary Africa, migration and diaspora, modernity and modernization, urbanization.
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  • Victoria Hesford 
     Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Interests:  Gender, sexuality, queer and feminist theory, U.S. queer and feminist history, popular and mass culture in the postwar era, critical theory
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  • Susan Hinely
    Susan Hinely
    Visiting Scholar Interests: Modern global and European history, international law and institutions, gender, U.S. legal history.
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  • Erika Supria Honisch
     Music Interests:  music, politics, and religious culture in early modern Europe,  historical sound studies, music’s materialities, historiography, and music in ritual.
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  • Daniel Levy
     Sociology  Interests:  Political Sociology, Comparative Historical Sociology, Globalization, Collective Memory Studies
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  • Karen Lloyd
     Art  Interests:  European Renaissance and Baroque Art, Italian Sculpture, Early Modern Europe and the Americas, Early Modern Art Theory
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  • Zebulon Vance Miletsky
      Miletsky Photo
    Africana Studies  Interests:  Recent African-American history, civil rights and black power, urban history, mixed race and biracial identity, hip-hop studies
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  • Andrew Newman
      Andrew Newman
     English  Interests:  Early American; Native American; Media and Memory Studies
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  • Wolf Schäfer
    Technology and Society  Interests:  Global history, science, technology
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  • Javier Uriarte
      Javier Uriarte
    Hispanic Languages and Literatures Interests: Travel writing, war, state power, global capital, Southern Cone, Brazil, Amazon
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  • Kathleen M. Vernon
      Kathleen Vernon
    Hispanic Languages and Literatures  Interests:  contemporary Spanish and Latin American cinema, literature and popular culture
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  • Aurélie Vialette
    Aurelie Vialette
    Hispanic Languages and Literatures Interests: social movements, working-class organization, carceral studies, archival studies, 19th-century Iberian studies, Spanish/Catalan popular music
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  • Nicholas Hoover Wilson
     Sociology Interests:  Historical sociology, political sociology, political economy, social theory, colonialism and empire, British Studies
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