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Nicholas Hoover Wilson


Associate Professor

Areas of Interest

Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Political Economy; Culture, Moralilty, and Knowledge; Sociological and Social Theory; Colonialism and Empire; British Studies


Wilson's research focuses on the historical sociology of empires and colonialism, through the case of the English East India Trading Company's presence in South Asia.  In addition, Wilson studies the methodology of interdisciplinary research, transformations in the historical category of corruption, the sociology of knowledge and morality, fiscal sociology, and the philosophy of social science.

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Recent Publications

Mayrl, Damon, and Nicholas Hoover Wilson. "The archive as a social world." Qualitative Sociology 43.3 (2020): 407-426.

Mayrl, Damon, and Nicholas Hoover Wilson. "What Do Historical Sociologists Do All Day? Analytic Architectures in Historical Sociology." American Journal of Sociology 125.5 (2020): 1345-1394.  

“Moral Accounting and the Making of An Imperial Administrative Field: The East India Company in the Late 18th Century.” Forthcoming in Sociological Research. 

 “A State in Disguise of a Merchant?  The English East India Company as a Strategic Action Field, ca. 1763-1834,” Political Power and Social Theory, vol. 29 (2015)

 “From Reflection to Refraction: Extractive Administration in British India, circa 1770-1855,” 2015. The American Journal of Sociology 116(5), pp. 1437-1477