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Recent Publications


  • Shandra, Carrie L. and  Anna Penner. 2017. “Benefactors and Beneficiaries?  Disability and Care to Others.”  Journal of Marriage and Family 79(4): 1160–1185.



  • Arnout van de Rijt, Idil Akin, Robb Willer and Matthew Feinberg.  2016. “Success-Breeds-Success in Collective Political Behavior: Evidence from a Field Experiment.”  Sociological Science  3: 940-950.
  • Burroway, Rebekah. 2016. “Democracy and Child Health in Developing Countries. " International Journal of Comparative Sociology  57(5): 338-364.
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  • Arnout van de Rijt. 2016. “The Social Revolution.” Book review of Margetts et al. 2016, “Political Turbulence.”   Science  351: 924.  
  • Swiss, Liam and Kathleen Fallon.  2016. “Women’s Transnational Activism, Norm Cascades, and Quota Adoption in the Developing World.”  Politics and Gender. First Published:
  • Fallon, Kathleen and Julie Moreau. 2016. “Revisiting Repertoire Transition: Women’s Nakedness as Potent Protests in Nigeria and Kenya.”  Mobilization 21(3): 323-340.
  • Fallon, Kathleen and Jocelyn Viterna. 2016. “Gender, Democracy, and the State.”  in  Sociology of Development Handbook, edited by Gregory Hooks. Oakland, California: University of California Press.
  • Daniel Levy (2016) “Cosmopolitanizing Catastrophism: Remembering the Future” Theory, Culture and Society pp:1-9.
  • Veronica Terriquez and Tiffany D. Joseph. 2016. “Ethnoracial Inequality and Insurance Coverage among Latino Young Adults.” Social Science & Medicine 168: 150-158, Published online Sep. 20 , DOI: .
  • Arjomand, Said.   Sociology of Shiʿite Islam, Collected Essays, Brill, 2016
  • Arjomand, Said. “Developmental Path ( Entwicklungsform): A Neglected Weberian Concept and its Usefulness in Civilizational Analysis of Islam,” in R. Robertson and J. Simpson,  The Art and Science of Sociology: Essays in Honour of Edward Tiryakian, Anthem Press, 2016, pp. 43-78.
  • Arjomand, Said. “Unity of the Persianate World under Turko-Mongolian Domination and Divergent Development of Imperial Autocracies in the Sixteenth Century,” Journal of Persianate Studies, 9.1 (2016), pp. 1-18.
  • Arjomand, Said. “State Formation in Early Modern Muslim Empires: Common Origin and Divergent Paths,”  Social Imaginaries, 2.2 (2016), pp. 35-51.
  • Fleming, Crystal M. 2016. "Spirituality and Mindfulness" in Gender: Love, edited by Jennifer C. Nash. Macmillan Interdisciplinary Handbook series. Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference USA.  
  • Forbis, M. 2016.  "After autonomy: the zapatistas, insurgent indigeneity, and decolonization," Settler Colonial Studies 6:4, pp. 365-384.  DOI: 10.1080/ 2201473X.2015.1090531.
  • Shandra, Carrie L. 2016 “Nonmarket Work among Working-Age Disability Beneficiaries: Evidence from the American Time Use Survey.  Journal of Disability Policy Studies 27(2): 76-85
  • Shandra Carrie L.,  Masra Shameem, and  Sadaf Ghori. 2016. "Disability and the Context of Boys' First Sexual Intercourse."  Journal of Adolescent Health 58(3): 302-309.



  • Damon Centola and Arnout van de Rijt. 2015. “Choosing Your Network: Social Preferences in an Online Health Community."   Social Science and Medicine  125: 19-31.
  • Gabriela Gonzalez, Juhi Tyagi, Idil Akin, Fernanda Page, Michael Schwartz and Arnout van de Rijt. 2015. “In Vivo Experimental Study of Emergent Mobilization in Online Collective Action.”   Mobilization, forthcoming.
  • Oyeronke Oyewumi. 2015. What Gender is Motherhood:  Changing Yoruba Ideals of Power, Procreation and Identity in the Age of Modernity (Palgrave Macmillan)


Recent years

  • Michael Kimmel and The Stony Brook Sexualities Research Group. 2014.   Sexualities: Identities, Behaviors, and Society, 2 nd Edition, Oxford University Press.
  • Pandolfelli, Lauren, John M, Shandra and  Juhi Tyagi. 2014. ‘The International Monetary Fund, Structural Adjustment, and Women's Health: A Cross-National Analysis of Maternal Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa.’  The Sociological Quarterly Vol 55 (1): 119-142.
  • Michael Restivo and Arnout van de Rijt. 2014. “No Praise Without Effort: Experimental Evidence on How Rewards Affect Wikipedia’s Contributor Community.”   Information, Communication and Society  17(4):451-62.

  • Eran Shor, Arnout van de Rijt, Charles Ward, and Steven Skiena. 2014. “Time Trends in Printed News Coverage of Female Subjects, 1880-2008.” Forthcoming in   Journalism Studies  15(6):759-73.

  • Eran Shor, Arnout van de Rijt, Charles Ward, and Steven Skiena. 2014. “A Computational Analysis of Female Subjects’ Coverage in Liberal and Conservative Newspapers.” Forthcoming in   Social Science Quarterly  95(5):1213-29.
  • Arnout van de Rijt, Soong Moon Kang, Michael Restivo and Akshay Patil. 2014. “Field Experiments of Success-Breeds-Success Dynamics." Forthcoming in   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  111(19):6934-9.

  • Bogdan Vasi, David Strang and Arnout van de Rijt. 2014. “Tea and Sympathy: The Tea Party Movement and Republican Pre-commitment to Radical Conservatism in the 2011 Debt Limit Crisis.”   Mobilization  19(1):1-22.
  • Ulrich Beck and Daniel Levy (2013)   "Cosmopolitanized Nations:  Reimagining Collectivity in World Risk Society"  in   Theory, Culture and Society   30 (2): 3-31
  • Sharada Srinivasan and Juhi Tyagi,   ‘The descent of man.’  The Hindustan Times.
  • Saïd Arjomand & Nathan J. Brown. 2013.  The Rule of Law, Islam and Constitutional Politics in Egypt and Iran. State University of New York Press.
  • Josh Murray, Arnout van de Rijt and John M. Shandra. 2013. "Why They Juice: The Role of Social Forces in Performance Enhancing Drug Use among Professional Athletes."  Sociological Focus  46:281-94.

  • Gabriela Gonzalez Vaillant,   The Politics of Temporality:  An Analysis of Leftist Youth Politics and Generational Contention.  Social Movements Studies Vol. 12, Issue 4, 2013.
  • Pandolfelli, Lauren E. and John M. Shandra. 2013. "The African Development Bank, Structural Adjustment, and Child Mortality: A Cross-National Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa."   International Journal of Health Services  43: 337-361.  
  • Arnout van de Rijt, Eran Shor, Charles Ward and Steven Skiena. 2013. "Only Fifteen Minutes? The Social Stratification of Fame in Printed Media."   American Sociological Review  78(2):266-89.
  • Arnout van de Rijt. “Selection and Influence in the Assimilation Process of Immigrants.”   Advances in Group Processes 30: 157-93.
  • Afife Idil Akin, Carlos Encina, Michael Restivo, Michael Schwartz and Juhi Tyagi. 2012. "Old Wine in a New Cask? Protest Cycles in the Age of the New Social Media." 13(1):89-130.
  • Saïd Arjomand. 2012. "A Decade of Reformists and Islamists in Power in the Islamic Republic of Iran." Pp. 205-19 in Samer S. Shehata (Ed.),   Islamist Politics in the Middle East, New York: Routledge.
  • Diane Barthel-Bouchier. 2012.   Cultural Heritage and the Challenge of Sustainability.   Walnut Creek CA: Left Coast Press.
  • Diane Barthel-Bouchier. 2012. "Exportability of Films in a Globalizing Market: The Intersection of Nation and Genre."   Cultural Sociology  6:75-91, DOI:  
  • David Brady and Rebekah Burroway. 2012. “Targeting, Universalism and Single Mother Poverty: A Multi-Level Analysis Across 18 Affluent Democracies.”   Demography  49: 719-46, DOI :
  • Rebekah Burroway. Forthcoming, 2012. “A Cross-National Analysis of Sex-Specific HIV Prevalence Rates and Women’s Access to Property, Land, and Loans in Developing Countries."   International Journal of Sociology  42(2): 47-67, DOI:
  • Ivan Chase. 2012. "Life Is a Shell Game."   Scientific American  306:76-9, DOI :

  • Bethany Coston and Michael Kimmel. 2012. "Seeing Privilege Where It Isn't: Marginalized Masculinities and the Intersectionality of Privilege."   Journal of Social Issues  68(1):97-111.
  • Toller Erausquin, Jennifer, Monica Biradavolu, Elizabeth Reed, Rebekah Burroway, and Kim M. Blankenship. 2012. “Trends in Condom Use Among Female Sex Workers in Andhra Pradesh, India: The Impact of a Community Mobilisation Intervention.”   Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health , DOI :
  • Crystal Fleming. 2012. “White Cruelty or Republican Sins? Competing Frames of Stigma Reversal in French Commemorations of Slavery.”   Ethnic and Racial Studies  35(3): 448-505, DOI:
  • Crystal Fleming, Mich èle Lamont and Jessica Welburn. 2012. “African Americans Respond to Stigmatization: The Meanings and Salience of Confronting, Deflecting Conflict, Educating the Ignorant and 'Managing The Self'.”   Ethnic and Racial Studies 35(3): 400-417, DOI:

  • Gabriela Gonzales, Michael Kimmel, Farshad Malekahmadi and Juhi Tyagi. 2012. "The Gender of Resistance: A Case Study Approach to Thinking About Gender in Violent Resistance Movements." Pp. 55-78 in Linda Åhäll  & Laura J. Shepherd (Eds.)  Gender, Agency and Political Violence. Basingstoke: Palgrave Publishers.
  • Laura Hirshfield and Tiffany D. Joseph.  2012. “ ‘We Need A Woman, We Need A Black Woman’: Gender and Cultural Taxation in the Academy.”   Gender and Education  24:213-27, DOI:
  • Michèle Lamont, Jessica S. Welburn and Crystal M. Fleming (eds.). 2012. "Varieties of Responses to Stigmatization: Macro, Meso and Micro Dimensions."   Du Bois Review: Social Science Review on Race  9(1): 43-9. DOI:
  • Gary Maynard, Eric Shircliff, and Michael Restivo. 2012. "IMF Structural Adjustment, Public Health Spending, and Tuberculosis: A Longitudinal Analysis of Prevalence Rates in Poor Countries"   International Journal of Sociology  42(2). DOI:
  • Michael Restivo and Arnout van de Rijt. 2012. "Experimental Study of Informal Rewards in Peer Production."  PLoS ONE   7 (3) :e34358.
  • Ian Roxborough. 2012. "Building other Peoples' States: The Sociology of State-Building."   Comparative Sociology  11(2):179-201, DOI:
  • Christopher Sattler and John M. Shandra. 2012. "Do Health Nongovernmental Organizations Improve Child Mortality?"   International Journal of Sociology  42(2):28-46, DOI:
  • Carrie L. Shandra, Dennis P. Hogan, Roger C. Avery, and Michael Msall. 2012. “Child and Adult Physical Disability in the 2000 Census: Disability is a Household Affair”.  Disability and Health Journal 5(4):241-248.
  • Carrie L. Shandra and Dennis P. Hogan. 2012. “Delinquency among Adolescents with Disabilities.”  Child Indicators Research5(4):771-788.
  • Carrie L. Shandra and Afra R. Chowdhury. 2012. “The First Sexual Experience among Adolescent Girls With and Without Disabilities.”   Journal of Youth and Adolescence 41(4):515-532, DOI:

  • Carrie L. Shandra, John M. Shandra  and Bruce London .   2012. "The International Monetary Fund, Structural Adjustment, and Infant Mortality: A Cross-National Analysis of Sub-Saharan Africa."  Journal of Poverty  16(2):194-219, DOI:
  • John M. Shandra. 2012. "Health in a Cross-National Context: A Collection of Quantitative Studies."   International Journal of Sociology  42(2):3-4, DOI:
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