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Jennifer Heerwig


Assistant Professor
Ph.D. 2013, NYU
(631) 632-7714

Areas of Interest

political sociology, campaign finance, public opinion, causal inference


My work uses innovative data sources and econometric methods to examine the American campaign finance system and political inequality more broadly.  I'm particularly interested in how individual donors allocate their monetary contributions in national elections and what these patterns tell us about how donor motivations have changed over time.  My work has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Russell Sage Foundation.

Selected Publications

Heerwig, Jennifer A.  2018.  “Money in the Middle: Contribution Strategies among Affluent Donors to Federal Elections, 1980-2008.”   American Journal of Sociology 123: 1004-1063.

Heerwig, Jennifer A.  2016.  “Donations and Dependence: Individual Contributor Strategies in House Elections.”   Social Science Research 60: 181-198.

Heerwig, Jennifer A. and Katherine Shaw.  2014.  “Through a Glass, Darkly: The Rhetoric and Reality of Campaign Finance Disclosure.”  Georgetown Law Journal 102: 1443-1500.

Conley, Dalton and Jennifer A. Heerwig.  2012.  “The Long-Term Effects of Military Conscription on Mortality: Estimates from the Vietnam-Era Draft Lottery.”   Demography 49: 841-855.

Heerwig, Jennifer A. and Brian J. McCabe.  2009.  “Education and Social Desirability Bias: The Case of a Black Presidential Candidate.”   Social Science Quarterly 90: 674-686.

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