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Yongjun Zhang

  Yongjun "Josh" Zhang

Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology and Institute for Advanced Computational Science
Ph.D. 2020, University of Arizona
(631) 632-7700

Areas of Interest

political sociology, organizational behavior, social networks, and computational social science


My current work combines statistical, network, and computational methods with large-scale datasets to study social movements and organizational behavior.  Particularly, I am interested in how primary and secondary stakeholder activism influences corporate political behavior and social responsibility.


Selected Publications

Thomas Maher, Charles Seguin, Yongjun Zhang, and Andrew Davis. 2020. “Sharing Expertise: Social Scientists before Congress, 1946-2015.” PLOS One.

Andrew Davis and Yongjun Zhang. 2019. “Civil Society and Exposure to Domestic Terrorist Attacks: Evidence from a Cross-National Quantitative Analysis, 1970-2010.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology.

Jeremy Fiel and Yongjun Zhang. 2019. “With All Deliberate Speed: The Reversal of Court-Ordered School Desegregation in the United States, 1970-2013.” American Journal of Sociology 124 (6): 1685-1719.

Alexander Kinney, Andrew Davis, and Yongjun Zhang. 2018. “Theming for Terror: Organizational Adornment in Terrorist Propaganda.” Poetics 69, 27-40.

Jeremy Fiel and Yongjun Zhang. 2017. “Three Types of Change in School Segregation: A Grade-Period-Cohort Analysis.” Demography 55 (1), 33-58.

Yongjun Zhang. 2017. “Premarital Cohabitation and Marital Dissolution in Postreform China.” Journal of Marriage and Family 79 (5), 1435-1449.