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  History Club

The Stony Brook Undergraduate History Club Wants You!

Calling all history lovers: come join us as we witness and collectively untangle the ways in which the past comes alive!

We’ve got activities like:

 • Online Historical Situation Games
 • Public Debates
• Meet and Greets with professors and other people in the field
• Professional Development Workshops
• Study Groups
• Peer Tutoring Opportunities
• Film Sessions
 • And whatever other creative ideas our members bring to the club!

Once the pandemic is behind us, we’ll again organize field trips, pizza get-togethers, and other in-person social events.

The club is also proud to present its very own Undergraduate History Journal! Here is a unique opportunity to broadcast your historical insights to the world.  The journal is looking for original work including short essays, analyses of primary documents, and research papers. It can even be drawn from your own class assignments.  So, come aboard and join us! 
Contact to find out more about what you can do for the History Club and what the History Club can do for you.

Upcoming Event: Trivia Night

Trivia Night

Register here to participate!

After Trump:  The End of American Exceptionalism?

After Trump

Join us for a  roundtable discussion about the Historical Significance of the Capitol Riots. Friday, March 19, 3:00 EST. Register here.

History Club Event: The Relics of Black Travelers

Black travelers

Rountdable Discussion: Democracy After the 2020 Election

democracy roundtable

Faculty advisor: Eric Zolov

Faculty | Department of History








  • 2020-2021


    Kyle O'Hara

    Kyle O'Hara



    Shane McGarry

    Shane McGarry

    Vice President


    Elliot DiNero

    Elliot DiNero



    Alyssa DiBenedetto

    Alyssa DiBenedetto