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Associate Professor (Ph.D., Harvard University, 2007)

Curriculum vitae

Office: SBS S-359


Interests: Early modern and modern South Asia, Indian Ocean, Muslim world, urban studies, law and crime, transnational history

My research explores varied global connections through detailed examination of particular cities and states. Centered on modern and early modern South Asia and the Indian Ocean world, my scholarship and teaching attends to robust historical links with other places (European Empires, Muslim states and populations), and key themes in global contexts (law and crime, urban history). My first book, Hyderabad, British India, and the World: Muslim Networks and Minor Sovereignty, c. 1850–1950 (Cambridge University Press, 2015) , views the world from Hyderabad, a minor South Asian state under sovereign Muslim rule. The work sketches eclectic global intellectual circuits that informed political experimentation in areas of political ideology and diplomacy, frontier legal administration, and urban development. The book redefines the nature of state sovereignty in the era of colonialism, and identifies the close relationship between Muslim rule and political modernity. I am currently pursuing related research on crime and borderlands in the South Asia and the Indian Ocean world, Hyderabad's urban and planning history, and Muslim political sovereignty in the era of European empires. My planned second book project will examine textual and political regimes of cultural difference in diverse Indian Ocean cities in the late early modern period.


" Colonial Urbanism and South Asian Cities"
"Urbanist Expansions: Planner-technocrats, Patrimonial Ethics and State Development in Hyderabad"
"Frontier as Resource: Law, Crime, and Sovereignty on the Margins of Empire"