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Stony Brook Faculty Fellows Program
Undergraduate Education


The Faculty Fellowship program offers professors the opportunity to develop and implement creative, innovative, and/or experimental teaching strategies at Stony Brook. By providing teaching replacement funds per semester (4-semesters, over a two-year period), Faculty Fellows will be able to dedicate time to honing their pedagogical skills and produce a polished, peer-reviewed work of scholarship based on their teaching.

Faculty Fellows will have access to a broad range of resources across campus to help them cultivate their literature review, pedagogical strategies, and in-classroom technological support. The Division of Undergraduate Education will oversee and manage day-to-day requirements and needs, including obtaining institutional data that the Fellow may need, providing venues for teaching and presentation, and most importantly, coordinating pilot courses for the implementation of ideas.

Faculty will also work closely with the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) in both years of the Fellowship.  CELT will help coordinate assessment and data collection on pilot programs tested during the fellowship, providing feedback for the second year of the program.


Year 1


In Year 1, we will pair Fellows with an instructional designer to support best pedagogical practices that take into account research on learning science, student development, and inclusive teaching. Instructional design includes taking a critical look at pedagogical practices by acknowledging the social and cultural contexts of learners and is committed to working with intentionality to bring equity to teaching and learning. 


Year 2


During Year 2, Fellows will hone their project based on assessment results. They will also provide mentorship to the incoming cohort of fellows, and share their research with the larger campus community. Ultimately, Year 2 will also be devoted to finding an appropriate venue for the research, such as a peer-reviewed article, conference, or grant.