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Summer in Italy

  • Details and Cost

    About the Program

    SBU offers students the opportunity to study for four weeks in bellissima Italia!  This study abroad program, established over 30 years ago, enables participants to gain firsthand knowledge of contemporary Italy. In 2018, the program has been revamped to include visits to other Italian cities and award 6-9 credits! Students will spend 1 week travelling through Tuscany and 3 weeks immersed in Florence.

    The curriculum offers students an understanding of Italian history, politics, business and culture.

    Program Highlights:

    • *Participate in a one-week Cultural Introduction to Italy course (3 credits) which starts in Rome then visits Vatican City, Bagnaia, Northern Maremma in Tuscany, the Estruscan city of Populonia, Baratti, Versilia on the Tuscan Coast, Viareggio, Carrara, Pietrasanta and iconic Cinque Terre. This introduction course exposes students to life in Italy through food tasting, tours, museum visits, bike rides and hikes in some of the most beautiful Italian cities north of Rome.
    • The three-week portion of the program is hosted at Florence University of the Arts with a selection of courses for an additional 3 credits. When available, SBU faculty may offer an additional 3 credit course.
    • During the three-week session, the courses may include field trips and a selection of workshops such as Gelato and Pizza making!

    *Cities are subject to change. 

    Location Florence, Italy
    Program Type Partner University Program
    Program Term Summer
    Program Dates FUA Summer Session IV with 1 week Cultural Intro

    July 10 - Arrive in Rome for Cultural Intro Week

    July 17 - Arrive in Florence for 3 week academic program

    August 5 - Depart
    Language of Instruction English
    Budget View Budget
    Living Arrangements Hotel and Apartment Style Accommodation
    Additional Information A Partner University program is a study abroad experience where students are nominated/accepted by Stony Brook University, and enroll at a partner institution. In most cases SBU faculty or staff are NOT traveling with participants.
    Program Housing Statement: Stony Brook University is required to comply with the housing policies of the host country, partner institution and/or hotel/hostel. These policies may include requirements such as sex-based housing placement.


    GPA 2.8
    Other Requirements N/A
    Application Deadline

    March 1

    Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis and are encouraged to apply early. 

    Applicants are accepted on a rolling basis, and are encouraged to apply as early as possible.
    Candidates may be interviewed to determine their qualifications for participating and representing Stony Brook University abroad.

    Student Feedback

    • "Studying abroad in Italy was truly a life changing experience. It was an opportunity to broaden my horizons, to travel, to learn about myself, to learn about other cultures, to sharpen my Italian language skills and meet friends for life. Italy really has it all: high- end fashion, extraordinary cuisine, breathtaking architecture, delicious cappuccino and so much more. Every day spent there was a new and exciting adventure. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!"
    • "Just DO IT! It is a worthwhile experience that will be remembered for years to come!"
    • "Studying abroad for a month in Italy is an amazing experience in itself, but studying abroad with SUNY Stony Brook made it a once in a lifetime experience. I'm truly grateful for the teachers and group organizers who made my month in Italy unforgettable as we visited 11 cities and really lived "La dolce vita" (the sweet life)!"

  • Academic Information

    Course Information

    *6 undergraduate credits required

    1 Week: 3 credits, Cultural Introduction to Italy Field Learning Course (ANT 311 – SBS+)

    3 Weeks: 3 credits, 1 FUA Course.*

    *Students can elect to take an additional course for 3 credits with SBU Facultybudget.


    Academic Policies

    • This is a partner university program. Applications must be submitted to Stony Brook University first. Information regarding the next steps in the process will be distributed to students who have received formal nominations by their International Programs Coordinator.
    • Grades earned in a Partner University program WILL NOT calculate towards the cumulative GPA for SBU students.
    • Non-SBU students must contact their home university regarding their grade and credit transfer policy.
    • All participants following the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) will receive GLO and EXP+ in addition to requirements fulfilled by their coursework.

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