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Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

  • About the Program

    About the Program

    Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) is one of China’s premier learning and research institutions which now develops into a comprehensive university especially featured with Aerospace Engineering. Ever since it was established in 1952, we have strived to conduct world-level research and education system. Nearly 60 years’ history witnesses its unremitting efforts and remarkable achievements.

    Academia and education at NUAA represent strong capacity among all the universities in China. It has acquired national status through the quality of its excellence research work, especially in the areas of Aerospace Engineering, Mechanics, Electromechanics, Economy and Management, etc. 

    Location Nanjing, Jiangsu, China
    Program Type Partner University Program
    Program Term Summer
    Program Dates

    June 10 to July 12, 2019

    Additional Information A Partner University program is a study abroad experience where students are nominated/accepted by Stony Brook University, and enroll at a partner institution. In most cases SBU faculty or staff are NOT traveling with participants.

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  • Program Details

    Course of Study

    Students must enroll in two of the following courses from the list below

    Students will take 6 credits. Accepted students will be given permission for the SBU study abroad place holder course sometime between April and May depending on when the individual's application is completed, reviewed and accepted. 

    There are a few courses that are 4 credits, students that take one 3 credit course and one 4 credit course will register for 7 credits. There are very few 4 credit courses. Students that register for two 4 credit courses will register for 8 credits. 

    Please reach out to directly to or if you have any questions about courses or credits.

    All participants following the Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC) will fulfill GLO and EXP+ in addition to requirement(s) fulfilled by their coursework.

    The courses below are for Summer 2019.


    Color Timeslot
    Blue 8:30 AM - 10:10 AM
    Green 10:20 AM - 12:00 PM
    Orange 1:00 PM - 2:40 PM
    Yellow 2:50 PM - 4:30 PM
    Pink 4:40 PM - 6:20 PM


    NUAA Course Name SBU Equivalency
    Art History

    Classical Physics A (With Lab)

    Confucianism and Daoism

    Money and Banking

    Nineteenth Century Philosophy

    100-Level ARH Elective (SBC: ARTS, 3 credits)

    General 100-Level Elective - With Lab (3 credits)

    AAS 240 Confucianism and Daoism (SBC: GLO, HUM, 3 credits)

    ECO 360 Money and Banking (3 credits)

    General 100-Level Elective (SBC: HUM, 3 credits)

    General 300-Level Elective (SBC: STEM+, 3 credits)

    Applied Linear Algebra

    Corporate Finance

    Intellectual History of East Asia

    Introduction to Economics

    MAT 211 Introduction to Linear Algebra (SBC: STEM+, 3 credits)

    ECO 389 Corporate Finance (3 credits)

    General 100-Level Elective, (SBC: ARTS, 3 credits)

    100-Level Eco Elective (3 credits) (SBC: SBS, 3 credits)

    ECO 303 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (SBC: SBS+, 3 credits)
    Financial Mathematics

    Game Theory


    Introduction to Psychology

    U.S. History

    Principle of Marketing
    AMS 318 Financial Mathematics  (SBC: WRTD, 3 credits)

    General 100-Level Elective (3 credits) (SBC: SBS)

    General 100-Level Elective (3 credits) (SBC: SBS)

    PSY 103 Introduction to Psychology (SBC: SBS, CER, 3 credits)

    100-Level History Elective (SBC: SBS, USA, 3 credits)

    BUS 348 (4 Credits)
    Asian & Asian American Studies Topics in The Humanities

    Calculus I

    Graph Theory

    Jazz History

    Multivariable Calculus

    Introduction to Business Statistics

    Introduction to Computer Science
    AAS 232 Introduction to Asian American Fiction and Film (SBC: HUM, USA, 3 credits)

    MAT 131 Calculus I (SBC: QPS, 4 credits)

    AMS 303 Graph Theory (3 credits)

    100-Level Music Elective (SBC: HFA+/USA, 3 credits)

    MAT 203 Calculus III with Applications (SBC: STEM+, 4 credits)


    CSE 101 Computer Science Principles  (SBC: TECH, 4 credits)
    Business Communications

    Calculus II

    Mathematics Statistics

    Introduction to Philosophy


    Operations Management
    General 100-Level Elective (3 credits)

    MAT 132 Calculus II (SBC: QPS, 4 credits)

    General 300-Level Elective (SBC: STEM+, 3 credits)

    General 100-Level Elective (SBC: HUM, 3 credits)

    ECO 305 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory  (SBC: SBS+, 3 credits)

    BUS 346 (4 credits)

    More courses will be added to the table above as they are approved.  Please check back for updated course listings, or contact an International Programs Advisor.

    This is a partner university program. Applications must be submitted to Stony Brook University first. Information regarding the next steps in the process will be distributed to students who have received formal nominations by their International Programs Coordinator.

    Program Details

    Language of Instruction English, Chinese
    Language Proficiency N/A
    Program Term Summer
    Living Arrangements Independent Arrangement

    Program Housing Statement: Stony Brook University is required to comply with the housing policies of the host country, partner institution and/or hotel/hostel. These policies may include requirements such as sex-based housing placement.

    Additional Information

    Grades earned in a partner university program  WILL NOT  calculate towards the cumulative GPA for SBU students.

    Non-SBU students must contact their home university regarding their grade and credit transfer policy.

  • Requirements


    GPA 2.0
    Other Requirements N/A
    Application Deadline March 1 (Deadline Extended to April 25)
    Candidates may be interviewed to determine their qualifications for participating and representing Stony Brook University abroad
  • Program Cost

    Program Cost

    Application Fee $200 (non-refundable)
    Tuition Rate $286 per credit for NY residents

    $1,023 per credit for non-residents
    Program Fee $350
    Administrative Fee $200 (non-refundable)
    International Health Insurance Included in the Program Fee
    Other Fees $550 (estimated) for housing; Students pay books, transportation and other university fees directly to overseas university (if applicable)
    Travel Costs $1,800 (approximately; Students are responsible for their travel arrangements including airfare, visa costs)
    Costs are estimates for planning purposes of the student and are subject to change at any point.
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