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Studying abroad is one of the most valuable investments in your future.



96% of study abroad alumni have reported that their experience abroad increased their confidence. You will gain a better sense of self. You will have amazing intercultural and personal experiences that will enhance your communication and problem solving skills and will make you more ambitious and less tentative in your career decisions. You will also make lifelong friends from all over the world!




87% of study abroad alumni in a recent research study say that their experiences abroad inspired them to pursue additional academic endeavors. They discovered new interests which influenced over 60% of the alumni to expand or change their academic major and/or also influenced their decision to attend graduate school.

Study abroad is a great way to earn/enrich a major/minor offered by the Institute for Globalizations Studies




 Fewer than 3% of American students study abroad. It will help you shine and open doors. The opportunity to build international connections will help you stand out professionally. The skills gained are valued by employers and will put you on a faster path to promotion or graduate school!



In Studying Abroad, there are NO LIMITS!

Students can study abroad as often as they want. All students from all majors can study abroad. By building an academic and financial plan early in your undergraduate career, the more flexibility you will have.

Check out our fact sheet for quick details and links.

The longer the program length, the richer the overall experience and the more significant the growth and academic benefits. However, short programs can also offer valuable experiential and unique courses that can enhance team work, leadership, service to the community, and other practical skills. Explore SBU’s programs!


  • Benjamin Hart

    Copenhagen Business School - Semester

    "The majority of my professors have significant business experience outside of the classroom which is continually incorporating into our learning."

  • Samantha Ayala

    Ireland and England- Summer

    "It was a wonderful way to earn credit while seeing many different places and how they differ and are alike. It was fun having a bunch of excursions and seeing things I'd never thought I'd see."

  • Nicole Santacruz

    Deakin University - Semester

    "I was able to take animal science courses that SBU doesn’t offer that would prepare me for vet school. My experience helped me become a more independent, well-rounded student. I believe that having such a unique experience made me a competitive candidate for veterinary school!"