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Non-SBU Programs

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  • Other SUNY Programs

    Other SUNY Programs

    In addition to the 100+ Stony Brook University programs, SBU students may study abroad through many other SUNY campus programs.

    Steps for studying abroad through another SUNY:

    1. 1. Apply through the other SUNY school by following their required application process.
    2. 2. If/When accepted, contact or visit the IAP office in Melville E1340 to report your other-SUNY study abroad plans.
    3. 3. IAP will provide next steps including access to our portal to provide program details, acceptance letter and other information required to participate.
    4. 4.  SBU will assist students who are attending other SUNY programs in registration for their placeholder course and how to get course pre-approval on our Learning Agreement Form.
    5. 5. SBU will always bill for the tuition here as it is your home campus. Students will pay all other program fees and related costs directly to the other SUNY, university or vendor related to the program expenses.

    Student with questions regarding registration, financial aid, credits, etc. while applying to another SUNY program should reach out to

  • Non-SUNY Programs

    Non-SUNY Programs

    Non-SUNY programs are those that may be administered through SUNY Community Colleges, non-SUNY universities, or third-party vendors. 

    Students who plan to participate in a non-SUNY program should review the following:

    1. 1. These programs are not vetted or supported by SBU and students may be required to take a leave of absence to participate. IAP does not review or sign any supporting documentation for participation.
    2. 2. Understand there is no guarantee that credits earned abroad on these types of programs will count as credit toward graduation or toward a major/minor/general education requirement.  
    3. 3. Discuss the eligibility of transfer of credits with Academic and Transfer Advising Services (ATAS) prior to participation in a non-SUNY program.
    4. 4. Once the program is completed, transcripts (if available) are to be sent to ATAS for review of transfer credit.
    5. 5. Grades earned will not be factored into the overall SBU GPA.
    6. 6. Students will apply directly to the non-SUNY program, and pay the associated fees directly to the program provider and will likely be unable to use financial aid.

    Students who wish to participate in a program overseas during the summer or winter should review the International Transfer Credit Policy for Summer & Winter for Currently Enrolled SBU Students. This policy indicates that credits earned from programs not pre-approved by SBU or SUNY will not be accepted as transfer credit.