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Search for study abroad course equivalences from international partner universities.

Pre-Evaluated Partner Courses



This is an advisement tool. All information contained within this database is subject to change, without prior notification.

This is not a comprehensive list of all courses offered at IAP partner universities. These are only the courses that have already been evaluated and recorded in the institutional system. Students are encouraged to review the full list of courses offered.

Courses included in this database are already evaluated and approved by academic departments and do not require additional department evaluation. These courses should be listed on your Course Evaluation Form, but do not require a department signature.

Students are still encouraged to meet with their academic advisors to ensure they understand their degree requirements as it relates to study abroad.

This database DOES NOT include courses offered on faculty-led study abroad programs, as those are Stony Brook courses that do not require evaluation. Students can find the faculty-led program courses listed on the respective program pages.