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Welcome to the Institute for Globalization Studies (IGS), which, among other things, offers a new BA in Globalization Studies and International Relations (GLI). The first core course for the new major will be offered in Fall 2020. To declare the major in GLI, contact For information about the Institute or the degree, contact the Director of the IGS, Sophie Raynard-Leroy, or the Undergraduate Program Director, Andrea Fedi.

First GLI class to be offered in Fall 2020

Dr. Daniel Levy (Sociology) and Dr. Tracey Walters (Africana Studies) will be co-teaching the first core seminar of the Globalization Studies and International Relations Program, open to GLI majors/minors and to any student interested in Globalization.

GLI 211: Perspectives in Globalization Studies and International Relations

Introduces students to the major in Globalization Studies and International Relations through a wide ranging study of the ways in which globalization processes affect a wide variety of the different human groups and the planet they populate. It is structured according to the distinctive thematic guidelines that inform this Major and pays special attention to global flows, global inequalities, and the role of active citizenship in globalization. The aim is to study the local consequences of global events, cultural process, and socio-economic structures and vice-versa.


3 credits

Schedule: Tue./Thu., 11:30 AM - 12:50 PM

News & Announcements

As of Fall 2019, the IGS has a new Director, Sophie Raynard-Leroy, and a new Faculty Advisory Board. The mission of the IGS has been expanded to include a new degree in Globalization Studies and International Relations, as well as a series of research-focused events centered around the multifaceted issues of globalization and area studies. 

2020 BFE Book prize

Benjamin Tausig, a board member for the IGS, was awarded the 2020 BFE Book Prize for his 2019 monogram, Bangkok is Ringing: Sound, Protest, and Constraint (New York: OUP).

The 2020 Book Prize Panel - Ioannis Tsioulakis (Chair), Britta Sweers and Jonathan Stock - noted that Benjamin's book "is superbly written—it turns its own pages—and admirably represents the best new writing in ethnomusicology today".

The book is available on Amazon and Oxford University Press.



Eric Zolov, a history board member for the IGS, has recently published his book, The Last Good Neighbor: Mexico in the Global Sixties.

The Last Good Neighbor presents a revisionist account of Mexican domestic politics and international relations during the long 1960s, tracing how Mexico emerged from the shadow of FDR's Good Neighbor policy to become a geopolitical player in its own right during the Cold War.

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and PDF.

   Last Good Neighbor


The Edward Guiliano, PhD ‘78, Global Fellowship Program provides students with the opportunity to broaden their perspectives by engaging with the world beyond Stony Brook University and their local communities.

Spring deadline: March 1 (Projects will take place during the Summer Session or fall semester)

For more information and to apply, click here.





REVOLUTION: Structure and Meaning in World History

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 5 p.m.
Social and Behavioral Sciences, Room N405

arjomand flyer Said Amir Arjomand, Stony Brook University Distinguished Service Professor, presents Revolution, which illuminates the stories of premodern rebellions from the ancient world, as well as medieval European revolts and more recent events, up to the Arab Spring of 2011.

Co-sponsored by the History Department and the Institute for Globalization Studies. Reception to follow. Download the flyer.