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Study Abroad

Peking University - Summer

  • About the Program

    About the Program

    Peking University is  situated in Haidian District in the western suburb of Beijing.  Students may enroll in courses for international students or regular university courses if proficient in Chinese. Intensive language study program is possible at all levels. Courses instructed in Chinese include Culture, History, Language Study, Literature, Engineering, Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural and Physical Sciences.

    Location Beijing, China
    Program Type Partner University Program
    Program Term Summer
    Program Dates

    Program One (EEE): July 1 - 27, 2018

    Program Two (Globex): July 2 -21, 2018

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  • Program Details

    Course of Study

    Peking University summer program is divided into two programs. Course information and program dates are listed by programs below. 

    Program One:  Educate, Experience, Explore

    Courses are scheduled in sessions: A, B, AB

    • In order to satisfy Stony Brook University degree requirements, courses must be 3 credits. For program one, it is preferable for students to enroll in two 3 credit courses. However, it is possible to satisfy degree requirements by enrolling in two 2 credit courses evaluated with the same SBU attribute. Please select from the list of pre-evaluated courses below.   Please note that course evaluations are subject to change as some of the courses are under further review by the academic departments.                               
    Session Credits Available Courses: Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC):
    A 7/2-7/13  3 credits Introduction to Chinese Economy NOT AVAILABLE
    A 7/2-7/13 3 credits Understanding Chinese Foreign Policy Making SBS
    A 7/2-7/13 3 credits Environmental China: Nature, Culture, and Development STAS
    A 7/2-7/13 3 credits Heritage, Tourism and Globalization SBS
    A 7/2-7/13 3 credits The Challenge of Change - Chinese Politics and Public Policy POL 339/SBS+
    A 7/2-7/13 3 credits Chinese Constitutional & Administrative Law POL 300/SBS+
    A 7/2-7/13 3 credits Remediation of Contaminated Environment STAS
    A 7/2-7/13 2 Credits Deep Learning TECH (PART)
    A 7/2-7/13 2 Credits Machine Learning in Computer Vision TECH (PART)
    A 7/2-7/13 2 Credits Computational Social Science TECH (PART)
    A 7/2-7/13 2 Credits Health Informatics - Big Data Approach TECH (PART)
    B 7/16/7/27 3 Credits Asia-Pacific Security POL 300/SBS+
    B 7/16/7/27 3 Credits China in the Global Economy SBS
    B 7/16/7/27 3 Credits Arts of Chinese Traditional Performance ARTS
    B 7/16/7/27 3 Credits Entreprenurial China SBS+
    B 7/16/7/27 3 Credits Global Images of China ARTS
    B 7/16/7/27 2 Credits Design Informatics TECH (PART)
    B 7/16/7/27 2 Credits Computer Security Practice TECH (PART)
    B 7/16/7/27 2 Credits Compact Data Structures for Big Data TECH (PART)
    B 7/16/7/27 2 Credits Economics and Computation TECH (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 3 Credits The Rise of China and Change NOT AVAILABLE
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits China's Original International Strategy: The Belt & Road Initiatives  SBS+ (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Introduction to Chinese Economics SBS (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits International Human Resource Management: West, East and the Emerging Markets Does not fulfill an SBC
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits China's Constitution and Political System SBS (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Transition and Public Policy in China SBS (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Classic Chinese Poetry HFA + (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Chinese Folklore and Culture HFA+ (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Modern Chinese Fiction through Film ARTS (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Chinese Traditional Identity and its Transformation after 1949 SBS+ (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Culture, Behavior, and Brain NOT AVAILABLE
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Chinese Traditional Body Exercise, Diet and Health Preservation HFA+ (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 3 Credits China's Original International Strategy: The Belt & Road Initiatives  NOT AVAILABLE
    AB 7/2-7/27 3 Credits Culture, Behavior, and Brain NOT AVAILABLE
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Computing Ethics TECH (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Media Computations TECH (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Foundation of Big Data Analysis TECH (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Artificial Intelligence TECH (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Biometrics TECH (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Computations, Data Science, and Economics TECH (PART)
    AB 7/2-7/27 2 Credits Becoming a Nedtech Entrepreneur-What is Biodesign? TECH (PART)

    Program Two: Globex Julmester Program

    Course details will become available in the upcoming weeks

    Session Credits Available Courses: Stony Brook Curriculum (SBC):
    7/2-7/21  3 credits Artificial Organ Engineering  
    7/2-7/21 * 3 credits The Big History of Our Planet: A Scientific Journey over 14 Billion Years of Evolution  
    7/2-7/20 3 credits China Economy: Growth and Global Connections  
    7/2-7/21 3 credits Compliant Robotics: Humanoids to Soft Robots  
    7/2-7/20 3 credits Digital China: Technology, Media and Culture  
    7/2-7/21 3 credits Drug and Gene Delivery in Biomedicine  
    7/2-7/20 3 credits Financial Decisions in Engineering Project Management  
    7/4-7/20 **

    4 Credits Inter-Cultural Design for a Responsible Business Model  
    7/2-7/20 3 Credits The Materials Genome Assessment  
    7/2-7/20 3 Credits Robotics: Programming and Practice  
    7/2-7/21 3 Credits Smart Materials and Adaptive Systems  
    7/2-7/21 3 Credits The Tissue Engineer's Toolkit: Design and Evaluation of Regenrative Therapies  

    Optional Field Trip TBA

    ** Students taking this course must go on a field trip from July 4 - July 7 and should NOT register for a second Globex course

    Program Details

    Language of Instruction English
    Language Proficiency No Language Proficiency Required
    Program Term Summer
    Living Arrangements Residence hall style housing coordinated by the student directly with the partner university

    Additional Information

    Credits earned on this program do not calculate toward a student's GPA at Stony Brook University.  Non-SBU students are advised to check their home university policy on grade and credit transfer.

    Student Feedback

    • “Embrace every single moment of your experience because it will change your life in so many positive ways!”-  Participant, Summer 2015
    • "Try to interact with the local students as much as possible. They are really friendly and willing to show you around." -  Participant, Summer 2015
    • "The classes were a lot smaller and more intimate. There was more hands-on activities such as excursions to learn about Chinese medicine and acupuncture. There was a greater sense of community within the classes. And of course, the topics and viewpoints were different." - Participant, Summer 2015

  • Requirements


    GPA 2.5
    Other Requirements Late applications considered at the program director's discretion.
    Application Deadline March 1 (Deadline Extended to April 1)
    Candidates may be interviewed to determine their qualifications for participating and representing Stony Brook University abroad.
  • Program Cost

    Program Cost

    Application Fee


    Tuition Rate

    $278 per credit for NY residents

    $1,008 per credit for non-residents

    Program Fee

    Program One (EEE):  $800

    Program Two (Globex):  $350

    Administrative Fee

    $200 (non-refundable)

    International Health Insurance Included in the Program Fee
    Other Fees

    Program One (EEE):  $850 (estimate) for housing     

    Program Two (Globex):  $850 (estimate) for housing

    Students pay books, transportation and other university fees directly to overseas university (if applicable)

    Travel Costs Estimated Airfare: $1,800  (approximately; Students are responsible for their travel arrangements including airfare and visa costs)
    Costs are estimates for planning purposes of the student and are subject to change at any point.
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