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Project Work with Stony Brook Students

We look to provide our students with as much "real-world" experience as possible. If you are a business that would like to work with a student, or a team of students, on a project, please complete the attached form and email Professor Margot Palermo at and we will take the steps to connect you with student resources.  Please note this is something that may take several months as we will be planning with faculty and students for projects in future semesters.  Several of our students who worked with small businesses over the summer of 2020 were awarded the CEF Research Excellence Award for their work in the Business Resiliency and Recovery Program.

Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing is a full-service agency staffed fully by Stony Brook students who serve as project managers to provide an array of marketing services, ranging from social media marketing to marketing research.  While the agency typically charges small fees for services, they are waiving them during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information please click on the link above or email or