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Videos, Articles and Webinars to Help Businesses Compete in the COVID-19 Environment 

Following are several videos, articles and webinars created or recommended by College of Business faculty and business partners to guide and support the business community. Check back often for additional resources. 






Newsday Article About Long Island Hair Salon Using Innovation Strategies to Keep Their Customer Base.


Salon built ties to clients by helping them dye their hair at home


Newsday Article About Long Island Fitness Studio and the Way They Pivoted.


Long Island fitness studio began renting equipment ahead of pandemic


Local Experts Discuss Next Steps for Businesses After Reopening, featuring  Stacey Finkelstein, Associate Professor of Marketing    

FAQs of Social Media Workshop: A Concrete Toolkit to Help Small Business Owners:
Moderated by Stacey Finkelstein, Associate Professor of Marketing


An Interview with Federal Reserve Bank of New York President, Dr. John C. Williams


Pivoting Business During Covid-19: Kevin O’Connor, President and CEO of BNB Bank


COVID-19 Pivot Strategies: Case Analysis Of Chick-fil-A by Rifah Tasnia


How Blockchain Firms Survive and Thrive in this Pandemic:
Antonia Savaria of Atlantia Advisers


Pandemic Shift Workshop Overview:
Training to Help You Pivot


Pivot Strategies: 
How the Pandemic Flu of 1918 Impacted the Heating and Ventilation Industry


Pivot Strategies:
Featuring Ed Fabian
President of American Eagle Systems


Pivot Strategies: 
Featuring Anselm Doering  
President of Ecologic Solutions




Pivot Strategies 

NYC's Navy Yard Makes Much Needed Supplies 


Stories of Social Entrepreneurship

Looking for the Helpers in the Time of Coronavirus


Long Island Restaurant Industry 

Interview on Seasonal East End Restaurant


Interview with SBU Alumnus  on Local Port Jefferson Restaurant


Virtual Mentoring 

Featuring Dafna Karvis





Franchising Practices During the Pandemic: 
Featuring Ed Teixeira , COO of FranchiseGrade





COVID-19 Pivot Strategies of Franchisees: Mitch Cohen of Jersey Mike's Subs , Interviewed by Ed Teixeria , COO of FranchiseGrade


COVID-19 Pivot Strategies of Franchisors: Joseph Andreula of CKO Kickboxing , Interviewed by Ed Teixeria , COO of FranchiseGrade


COVID-19 Pivot Strategies of Franchisors: Chris Gregoris of Kwench Juice Interviewed by Ed Teixeria, COO of FranchiseGrade


Dr. Danling Jiang, Professor of Finance,  Personal Finance and Investing Under COVID-19 Pandemic

Topics covered:
1. The state of the economy since the pandemic
2. Fiscal and monetary policy responses
3. Future possible states of the economy
4. Asset allocation considerations
5. Care towards personal finance



Dr. Danling Jiang, Professor of Finance, Interview with Boyan Doytchinov, '08, '10; Director of Financial Planning at Snyder Capital Management, on personal finances and retirement investing in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Topics covered:
1. Impact of the pandemic on personal portfolios and individual investors reactions.
2. Financial planning and retirement investing for seniors, the middle-aged, and the young.
3. Advice to graduating finance seniors who are on the challenging job market.  


Marketing in a Pandemic



Featuring Stacey Finkelstein
Associate Professor of Marketing

Sustainable Entrepreneurship Training


Launch your dream business while integrating sustainability