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Accounting Student Recruitment on Campus

accounting event

Beta Alpha Psi (petitioning chapter) is a student organization that meets weekly under the guidance of Professor Christie Comunale, and hosts accounting firm talks, career readiness programs and networking events.  Since 2013, The College of Business, in association with the Stony Brook University Career Center and our accounting organzations, has hosted an accounting firm/student networking event in the Fall semester, giving students and firms the opportunity to discuss internships and full time jobs.  Many students have received positions in the big four, as well as other sized firms, based on the events taking place on campus.  “We want to provide our students with the best possible academic experience, and this includes much more than sitting in the classroom,” states Dr. Comunale.  She continues, “The attention that we are getting from the accounting profession speaks volumes to the excellence of student we are turning out.  Our graduates come equipped with the knowledge and the professionalism that is essential to succeed in this field.”