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Accounting Resources

Accounting Advisory Board

The Stony Brook University Career Center and College of Business Accounting Advisory Board is made up of recruiting partners who are invested in hiring Stony Brook University students for top internships and full-time jobs.

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A Pathway to Becoming a CPA

If you are interested in graduating from Stony Brook University and having a successful career as a  Certified Public Accountant (CPA), review the academic requirements.

SBU College of Business Accounting Program

Careers in Accounting

Public Accounting: A business or individual who is not employed solely by one client and provides accounting services for individuals and/or corporations.

Private Accounting: Accountants who are employed by a single company offering accounting services.

Accounting Recruitment Cycles

Fall:  Early August to mid-October each year for full-time and winter internships

Spring: December to February for summer internships and special summer programs

Note:  Interns are sought after starting in their sophomore year.