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On Campus Credit-Bearing Internships 

The Career Center provides resources for departments to create experiential learning opportunities on campus. Students develop skills in a professional setting that can be applied to their future careers and bring novel ideas. It is beneficial to consider internships for the full academic year (fall and spring semester), and the recommended time for recruitment is in the spring semester.

Resources for Supervisors

  • Planning & Structuring An Internship On Campus
  • Earning Academic Credit
  • Creating Description & Learning Objectives
  • Posting and Promoting An Internship on Handshake
  • Recruitment & Interviewing
  • Onboarding, Training, Supervision & Recognition

We have created extensive resources for on campus supervisors that include samples and guides on our internal site.

Request Access to Campus Supervisors Resources Site

How Your Students Can Request Academic Credit

  • Direct students to our How to Gain Credit for an Experience webpage and refer questions to the Career Center
  • Secure faculty sponsor (professor teaching at Stony Brook University) for academic credit internship (view Step 3)
  • Students request on Handshake or go through their major department (view Choose)
  • Supervisor approves experience request from Handshake
  • Students receive permission to enroll in SOLAR* 

*NOTE: Students will be able to add the course up until the Late Registration (Add/Drop) Deadline (please check the Academic Calendar on the Office of the Registrar’s website for the date and time of this deadline). After the Add/Drop deadline, students would still submit the request through Handshake and then follow the petition process through the Division of Undergraduate Education and petition to late add the course.