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Request Permission to Enroll in the Career Center’s Internship/Externship EXT Courses

1. Accept an Internship Offer

Identify, apply and accept an internship (on or off campus). International students should visit the Visa and Immigration Services Website and schedule a meeting with your international advisor .

2. Determine Eligibility

The Career Center’s EXT courses run the fall, spring and summer semesters.  Students would need to be completing the experience/internship until the end of the semester they are requesting to enroll.

The typical time commitment would be: 1 credit = 4 hrs/week (50 hrs/semester); 2 credits = 8 hrs/week (100 hrs/semester); 3 credits = 12 hrs/week (150 hrs/semester). It is important to remember that academic credit is awarded for the learning achieved , not for the work experience alone. EXT 288 and 488 are   S/U grading and both satisfy EXP+

EXT 288 Course: This is a first-year/sophomore-level ( U1/U2 standing ) course designator to endorse a lower-level internship experience. The EXT 288 course is not repeatable.  
EXT 488 Course: This course is used to support upper-division internships after completion of 57 credits prior to start of internship with at least U3 standing
EXT 588 Course: This course is for graduate students.

Please check the full pre-requisite and eligibility information for EXT 288 & EXT 488 on the Undergraduate Bulletin and for EXT 588 on the Graduate Bulletin.

International students : Please visit or contact Visa and Immigration Services at for any questions.
Transfer students: Students must meet with an academic advisor to review degree progress. An academic advisor will confirm that a transfer student meets eligibility requirements and will discuss how the internship contributes towards degree progress.
Combined degree students: Students must discuss with faculty in their Undergraduate and Graduate departments to determine if credit will apply towards an graduate or undergraduate degree.

Note : Students can request to get credit through the Career Center or through their academic major . Students cannot enroll through both course options for the same experience in one semester. 

3. Secure a Faculty Sponsor

A faculty sponsor should be a Stony Brook University professor and would not be the same person as the supervisor at an internship.  To enroll in the Career Center’s EXT internship/externship courses, faculty sponsors can be secured from any academic department. 

Students are encouraged to ask professors from past or present classes or that they know through other affiliations. You can reach out to the Career Center if you have any questions.

What are a faculty sponsor’s responsibilities?

  • Review and approve the position and learning objectives on Handshake (the Career Center gives student permission to enroll in the EXT internship course)
  • Set clear expectations of written assignments (journal, mid-term, and final reports) - Faculty member may choose to use the Career Center syllabus that outlines reflection journals for students to submit on Blackboard or come up with their own topics for reflection papers
  • Connect with a student during the work term (semester) on progress
  • Submit the final grade (S/U under the EXT 288/488 course)

4. Request Your Experience on Handshake

Request your internship/experience on Handshake:  to receive permission to register for a credit bearing internship through the Career Center, you need to have confirmed with your faculty sponsor and supervisor and have their contact information to enter.

You will set learning objectives which are learning targets or what you want to learn or be able to accomplish by the end of the internship/externship.

5. Receive Permission and Enroll

EXT internship/externship courses require permission.  After the internship is approved by the faculty sponsor and supervisor, a student is given permission to enroll in the specific course/section in SOLAR*.

* NOTE: Students will be able to add the course up until the Late Registration (Add/Drop) Deadline (please check the Academic Calendar on the Office of the Registrar’s website for the date and time of this deadline). After the Add/Drop deadline, students would still submit the request through Handshake and then follow the petition process through the Division of Undergraduate Education and petition to late add the course .