Undergraduate Bulletin

Spring 2024

Closed Courses and Courses Requiring Permission

When courses require permission or if a course is closed, students must contact the instructor or the department to request that their name and ID be added to the SOLAR system permission list for that course. Once the permission has been approved and processed, students will receive a message with the registration information on the SOLAR System and must register themselves through the SOLAR System.

When a course is closed, departments may offer the option to place a student on their manual waitlist; for certain classes, the student may use an automated waitlist. Students should consult the department office for information about their waitlist policy. Courses that offer the automated waitlist option are noted in the online Class Schedule; students wishing to register for these courses must add themselves to the waitlist for the class using the SOLAR System. Once registered for a waitlisted course, it is the responsibility of the student to check for SOLAR messages regarding that waitlisted course.