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At Stony Brook University, we define the rich diversity of our students, faculty, clinicians and staff to be both a defining characteristic and an essential source of strength for our campus community.

As the Nation evolves, the terms “diversity”, “equity” and “inclusion” (DEI) have progressed to represent persons from a growing array of backgrounds, cultures, identities and experiences, to name a few.

DEI is dynamic, not static, therefore we are committed to progressively reflecting the values, changes and understanding that a diverse learning environment benefits everyone. 

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Mission Statement

The Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (DI3) has the responsibility for developing and sustaining programs, policies and initiatives that serve to create a welcoming environment for all students, staff, faculty, clinicians and administratorsLearn More >

Defining Terms:

DIVERSITY refers to all aspects of human difference, and each person is a unique combination of those aspects. A diverse environment is one where a variety of individuals, groups, and/or communities with different characteristics exist together.

INCLUSION refers to the kind of active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity that cultivates an environment where any individual or group can feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued.

EQUITY refers to creating and upholding the kinds of fair and just practices and policies that ensure all campus community members can thrive. While equality implies sameness, equity acknowledges that different people will have different needs in order to have the same access to opportunities. 

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