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Diversity Centers

Center for Hellenic Studies
The Center for Hellenic Studies serves as a nucleus of activities concerned with Hellenic language, history and culture, political life, social issues, economy. With the study of Greece and Hellenism the Center aspires to educate and nurture students with the values of Hellenic civilization.

Center for Italian Studies
Since its establishment in 1985, the Center for Italian Studies has become an integral part of the Italian and Italian-American community on Long Island, and takes pride in its efforts to focus both on scholarly endeavors as well as cultural enrichment for the community.  

Center for Inclusive Education
Established in 2002, the Center for Inclusive Education (CIE) has been committed to advancing diversity in graduate education, academia, and the scientific workforce. The CIE works to recruit, retain, and graduate underrepresented minority and otherwise disadvantaged scholars, as well as those scholars who advance the mission of increasing diversity of their respective fields.

Center for Korean Studies
The Center for Korean Studies, now nearing its twentieth anniversary, has long been a vital center of intellectual innovations and scholarly exchanges not only for the Stony Brook community but also for the entire U.S.

Charles B. Wang Center
Founded in 2002 as an Asian and Asian American Cultural Center and an integral component of Long Island's Stony Brook University, the Charles B. Wang Center is dedicated to being the foremost world-class center of Asian and Asian American arts and culture by creating, establishing, organizing and documenting programs that reflect both traditional and contemporary Asian and Asian American cultures and societies.

China Center
The China Center in the Office of Global Affairs recruits students from China at all levels, establishes chapters of the Alumni Association in major cities in China, deepens the strategic collaboration with partner universities in China in research, faculty collaboration, and student mobility, and organizes short-term training and/or certificate programs with government agencies, business sectors, and educational institutions.

Interfaith Center
The Interfaith Center reflects the many diverse religious traditions on our campus. It is the representative organization for chaplains and campus ministry staff who are officially selected representatives of religious denominations and have a major concern for and a working relationship with the University.

Japan Center
The Japan Center was established in 2003 with the mission of creating a bridge between the university and the local community and promoting education and research in the study of Japan, Japanese culture and society, and the lives of both Japanese and Japanese- Americans.

Latin American & Caribbean Studies Center
Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) was founded in 1995 and encompasses over forty Stony Brook faculty in such diverse fields as Africana Studies, Art, History, Ecology & Evolution, Hispanic Languages & Literature, Political Science, School of Journalism, Sociology, Theater Arts,  and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies. 

LGBTQ* Center
The LGBTQ* Center, creates an open and inclusive environment for LGBTQ* people in the Stony Brook community interested in finding community, developing their understanding of LGBTQ* issues, and seeking support or advocacy for their needs. 

Mattoo Center for India Studies
The mission of the Mattoo Center for India Studies is to promote a better appreciation of Indian thought, culture, civilization and contemporary issues by developing expertise and resources for studying India for the benefit of the University and the community.

UNITI Cultural Center
The UNITI Cultural Center (UCC) is a multicultural center promoting diversity and inclusion within the Stony Brook community. The UCC was established in 1978 and is based upon its central mission, which is reflected by the acronym UNITI, for  "United Nationalities in Transcending Ideologies."