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Felicidades to Evelyn López Rodríguez for winning the  Ana Maria Torres Scholarship and to Belinda Castiblanco for winning the Sanchez Construction Scholarship.  LACS is so proud of our  wonderful LACS Minors!

Read about the work of Rahsmia Zatar, Executive Director of STRONG Youth, who hosted our second LACS Alumni in Residency program on October 10th, and students' responses to the luncheon in a wonderful piece by Anna Correa and Alexander Grace Gaspar in  The Statesman .

Read LACS Board Member, Professor  Lori Flores ' recent Op Ed in  The Washington Post "How the United Farmworkers Can Regain their Influence."

Read about the LACS Gallery exhibition, "Mexican Braceros: Documenting Migrant Laborers Through the Lens of the Hermanos Mayo" in  The Statesman :

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