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Congratulations to  David Yee  for receiving two recent dissertation research fellowships, a "Pop-Up" grant from the Stony Brook  Center for the Study of Inequalities, Social Justice, and Polic y, and a grant from the  Lincoln Institute of Land Policy .  David's dissertation is titled, “ Divided Landscapes in the Mexican Metropolis: Housing and Segregation in Mexico City, 1940-1976.”  He will be a resident fellow in Spring 2019 at the University of California-San Diego Center for Mexican Studies.

Congratulations to  Matthew Ford (History) for receiving a prestigious fellowship from the  Academy of American Franciscan History to pursue his doctoral research next year in Colombia/Ecuador. Matt's dissertation is "Civilizing the Frontier: Capuchin Missionaries, Indians, and State Formation in the Ecuador-Colombia Borderlands.” Well done!

The LACS Center is excited to be the recipient of a 2018-19 Presidential Mini-Grant for Departmental Diversity.  Funding will go to support a year-long photography exhibition of Mexican braceros by the Mexican photojournalist collective, Hermanos Mayo, and programming related to the broader theme of Mexican immigration to the United States.

Congratulations to  Gonzalo Romero Sommer (History) for winning the prestigious Social Science Research Council fellowship to research his dissertation, "Alternating Currents: Electrical Power and Shifting Political Power in Peru."  ¡Felicidades!



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