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Since 2003, the LACS Center has successfully awarded more than 100 travel research fellowships supported by grants from the Tinker Foundation to M.A. and Ph.D. students from all disciplines working on Latin America and the Caribbean.  These grants are distributed in three-year cycles, the last of which was completed in 2017.  The LACS Center is next eligible to reapply for funding from the Tinker Foundation in 2019 and if successful, we anticipate being able to commence a fourth (3 year) cycle of grantees beginning in 2020.  For a description of the fellowship award please visit the Tinker Foundation



Stony Brook is an OTS member institution and there are various awards available to graduate students to assist thesis-related field research in tropical biology and similar fields.  Application deadlines for proposals are March 1 st and October 1 st .  For a description of fellowship opportunities please visit  Organization for Tropical Studies



The LACS Center is an affiliate member of The Americas Research Network (ARENET), a consortium organization whose mission is to “promote and foster international exchange and collaboration among scholars, students, institutions, existing organizations, and communities within the framework of innovative programs in research, education, and outreach throughout the Americas.” 


Graduate students and faculty across LACS are encouraged to explore the various research, teaching, and travel fellowship opportunities made available through our membership with  ARENET.

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