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Summer 2022 Faculty Led Study Abroad in Korea Program (Summer) Click here for more information.

2021 Undergraduate Scholarship (Fall semester)

2021 Korean Teacher Education Scholarship (Fall semester)

Graduate Scholarship (Spring semester)

2022 Korean Challenge Exam 

News and Announcements

- Congratulations to our 2021 Korean Studies scholarship winners, Elize Dangelis, Martin Kordas, Junyu Liang, Bingrui Ye, and Cynthia Zhu! 

- Spring 2022 Korean Studies Courses are available now!  

- 2021 Korean Studies Minor Information Flyer 

- Congratulations to our 2021 Graduate Scholarship awardees, Ms. Ji Yea Kim (Ph. D. student in Linguistics) and Ms. Amy Kahng (Ph.D. student in Arts)!

- Congratulations to our 6th Korean Speech Contest winners, Sally Liu, Damon Damaskos, Brandon Wan, Wenwen Zheng, Kaylee Hotaling!

- Congratulations to our KTE scholarship winners, Yeon Ko, Cynthia Zhu, Christina Bennet!

- The new B.A. program in Korean Teacher Education Certification is available for Undergraduate students

Spring 2022 Events

- Feb. 3 (T)@1:30pm at Zuccaire Gallery: Opening of the exhibition Visual Citations and Techniques in Tricontinential Graphics (co-sponsored event)

- Feb. 16 (W)@1pm: Info Session for Major in Korean Language Edu & 2022 Summer Study Abroad to Korea

- Feb. 23 (W)@8pm: Professional Development Seminar I

- Feb. 25 (F): Deadline to register for Korean Speech Contest

- March 1 (T): Deadline for Faculty-led Summer Study Abroad to Korea

- March 3 (Th)@8pm: Professional Development Seminar II

- March 15 (T): Deadline for 2022 Graduate Scholarship Application

- March 24 (Th)@8pm: Professional Development Seminar III

- April 8 (F)@2pm: Korean Speech Contest