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Online Speech Contest on Zoom (April 2 @ 2pm)

Five Online Minhwa Free Workshops  

English-Korean Language Exchange Program 어깨동무 for the Spring 2021 Semester

TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) for SUNY Internship

Graduate Scholarship (Spring semester)

Undergraduate Scholarship (Fall semester)

Korean Teacher Education Scholarship (Fall semester)

News and Announcements

- Congratulations to our 2021 Graduate Scholarship awardees, Ms. Ji Yea Kim (Ph. D. student in Linguistics) and Ms. Amy Kahng (Ph.D. student in Arts)!

- Congratulations to our the 6th Korean Speech Contest winners, Sally Liu, Damon Damaskos, Brandon Wan, Wenwen Zheng, Kaylee Hotaling!

-Congratulations to our KTE scholarship winners, Yeon Ko, Cynthia Zhu, Christina Bennet!

-Congratulations to our Korean Studies  scholarship winners, Hanny Baek, Marina Escarra, Helen Park, Inna Trygubchuk!

-Check out our   new publications!

-The  Certificate in Advanced Language Studies is now available for Korean

- The new B.A. program in Korean Teacher Education Certification is available for Undergraduate students

Spring 2021 Events

April 12: Movie Night: " Minari" by Lee Isaac Chung  (7:00 pm)
-> For your registration, please click here!

April 14: Talk Series: "The Impact of UN Sanctions on North Korea's Children" with Dr. Hazel Smith (4:30 pm)

April 28: Book Talk: "The Analects of Dasan: A Korean Syncretic Reading" with Dr. Hongkyung Kim