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Korean Studies Courses

The Korean Studies Program offers over a dozen courses throughout the year, allowing students to have a variety of academic choices in Korean thoughts and religions, intellectual and philosophical traditions, language, culture, history and upper division seminars in humanities and social sciences.

Those who are pursuing a Korean Studies minor or Asian Studies major/minor should also refer to academic requirements for respective programs to manage required courses and credits taken.

Courses Offered in Korean Studies

Course  DEC  SBC Course Title
AAS 217 J GLO, HUM Introduction to Korean Culture
AAS 236 J GLO, HUM Korean Religions
AAS/HIS 247 F GLO, SBS Modern Korea through Visual Culture
AAS/RLS 240 J GLO, HUM Confucianism and Daoism
AAS/RLS 260 J GLO, HUM Buddhism
AAS 300 G HFA+ Intellectual History of East Asia
AAS 321 G HFA+ Korean Literature
AAS 323 J GLO, SBS+ Language and Society in Korea
AAS/HIS 337 J SBS+ History of Korea
AAS/RLS 367 J HFA+ Meditation and Enlightenment
AAS/ARH 394 J GLO, HFA+ Topics in Asian Art- Modern and Contemporary Korean Art
AAS 400     Seminar in Korean Studies
AAS 447     Directed Readings in Asian and Asian American Studies
AAS 475   EXP+ Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I
AAS 476   EXP+ Undergraduate Teaching Practicum II
AAS 487     Supervised Research in Asian and Asian American Studies
AAS 488   EXP+ Internship
ARH 203 J ARTS, GLO Arts of Asia
KOR 111     Elementary Korean I
KOR 112 S3 LANG Elementary Korean II
KOR 120 S3 LANG Elementary Korean for Heritage Korean
KOR 211 S3 LANG, GLO Intermediate Korean I
KOR 212 S3 LANG, HUM, GLO Intermediate Korean II
KOR 220 S3 LANG, HUM, GLO Intermediate Korean for Heritage Speakers
KOR 311 S3 LANG, HFA+ Advanced Korean I
KOR 312 S3 HFA+, LANG, SPK Advanced Korean II
KOR 331 F SBS+ Social Science Topics in Korean Studies
KOR 332 G HFA+ Humanities Topics in Korean Studies
KOR 411 S3 HFA+, SPK Advanced Korean III
KOR 412 S3 SBS+, WRTD Advanced Korean IV
KOR 426   ESI, SBS+ Structure of Korean
KOR 444   EXP + Experiential Learning
KOR 447     Independent Study
KOR 475     Undergraduate Teaching Practicum I
KOR 476 S3 EXP+ Undergraduate Teaching Practicum II
KOR 487     Supervised Research in Korean Studies
KOR 488     Internship
LIN 355.02 J GLO, SBS+ Language and Life in East Asia
RLS 246 J GLO Korean and Japanese Religions
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