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2021 Korean Language and Culture Media Contest 

The Center for Korean Studies will be holding a video contest that features your stories about studying Korea. This time, we encourage you to think about whay studying Korea means to your life, especially under this pandemic. Please submit your videos by capturing some moments in your life through a window of Korea. 

The edited video (5-7 mins) should be submitted with a complete Submission Form by March 22, by choosing one of the three topics:

  • Korea, a companion in my pandemic life
  • A Korean word that I love
  • My first encounter with Korean culture

The judging criteria are as below:

  • Impact of the video: Does the video engage the viewer with the topic? Were the visual tools used in imaginative ways through a camera lens, narratives, and editing?
  • Creativity: How does the video showcase originality in conveying the content and the messages?   
  • Subject Matter: How well was the subject matter addressed and interpreted through audio/visual tools in the video?
  • Inspiration to Viewers: Was the subject delivered in a way that evokes the viewer's imagination and interests? 

Also, check the following questions before the submission: 

  • Was the Submission Form completely filled out?
  • Does the video length fall within the required time limit?
  • Was it uploaded in a location indicated in the Submission Form?
  • Is the content matter appropriate to the contest theme and does it meet the posted criteria?
  • Are the materials such as music and visuals that you used in the video permitted and/or free from copyright?  

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Complete the Submission Form
  2. All entries should be uploaded on Youtube 
  3. Subtitles are recommended when needed 

2020 Korean Language and Culture Media Contest Winners

  1st Prize Winner: Ms. Yeon Ko: "Rural Korea"                               

  2nd Prize Winners: Ms. Kaylee Hotaling:  "North and South Korean Linguistic Differences"; Ms. Christina Bennett:  "The Real Challenge of Taekwondo"          

For entry submission and more details, please click  here!

All award-winning entries will be played online on "Our Voices" Session on March 29.