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Certificate in Advanced Language Studies (CALS)

Students who are unable to complete a minor in Korean Studies may now receive a Certificate in Advanced Language Studies for Korean through the Language Learning Research Center (LLRC). This certificate provides official recognition of a student's competence in the Korean language for professional purposes. 

This certificate is open to all undergraduate students at Stony Brook University, including those who are already minoring in Korean Studies. Students may enroll in the CLS program at any time and are also able to enroll in more then one language. Other languages in which a certificate is also available include: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

To be eligible, students must complete at least 12 upper-division (300+) credits in Korean language with a grade of B or higher. Credits earned before enrollment in the CALS program can be counted towards the certificate, but tutoring and Directed Reading courses will not be accepted as part of the 12 credits.

To enroll students should:

1. Fill out the CALS declaration form   here

2. Submit an official copy of your transcript to the LLRC after completion of the 12 credits. The LLRC is located in room N5007 on the 5th floor of the Frank Melville Jr. Library


Further information can be found on the LLRC's website: