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Visiting Scholars Program 

Visiting scholars are an important supplement to the intellectual resources of the Center’s research and teaching activities. During their visit to Stony Brook, visiting scholars are expected to live near campus and be on campus regularly, taking part in various academic activities. We have two rounds of application reviews throughout the year, from which we select qualified visiting scholars to invite. Here are some guidelines for scholars and researchers who want to visit Stony Brook through our Visiting Scholars Program for their academic activities:

1. Deadlines for application reviews:  March 15 (for summer and fall arrival) & October 15 (for spring arrival)

2. Documents to be submitted for review: 

A. Cover letter. It should address: a) purpose of visitation, b) duration of stay with specific start date and end date, c) names and ages of dependents who will accompany the applicant and need U.S. entry visa, and d) how expenses incurred during the stay in Stony Brook will be financed

* The recipient of your cover letter should be one of the Korean Studies faculty members who will be a co-researcher or advisor for the applicant's project

B. Research plan

C. Resume 

3. Announcements: March 31 (for summer and fall arrival) & October 30 (for spring arrival) Results will be emailed to individual applicants by these dates.

All documents should be written in English and submitted via email to Asst. Director Heejeong Sohn ( Due to limited resources at the Center, priority is given to projects directly related to the Center’s projects within  Korean Studies. Thus, applicants should contact the faculty member whom they want to work together with before submitting the application. Individual office space is not always guaranteed.

Visiting scholars are required to conduct their research on campus during the week while residing in the local area.