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Korea Week: Our Voices

The Center for Korean Studies will be holding a Korea Week, which includes a vareity of Korea related events. The first Korea Week in this semester, entitled Our Voices, will consist of five different events which includes CKS Colloquium Series Talks and Korean Speech Contest. Please feel free to join and enjoy the tastes of Korea!


March 29 (Mon): Our Voices @ 4:30 pm

What are the Korean Studies minor students thinking and feeling about Korea and Korean Studies? What are the Korean Studies minor alumni who are in the Korea-related fields or living in South Korea experiencing? Our Voices will provide you with opportunities to communicate with them and peep the present and future of Korean minor students. The Spring 2021 media contest winning entries will be filmed, and the talk session with some Korean Studies minor alumni is ready.
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March 30 (Tue): Elite Graffiti, Kinship, and Social Capital with Dr. Maya Stiller @ 4:45 pm

In this talk Dr. Stiller will preview her forthcoming book, Carving Status at Kŭmgangsan: Elite Graffiti in Premodern Korea, which establishes the importance of site-specific visual and material culture as an index of social memory construction.
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March 31 (Wed): Divergence Angst with Dr. Ross King @ 4:30 pm

Could ‘Koreans’ understand each other in the Three Kingdoms period (37 BCE-935 CE) on the Korean peninsula? And what about North and South Koreans today? This talk starts with a discussion of what languages are thought to have been spoken on the Korean peninsula and in ‘Manchuria’ in antiquity, and examines the scant evidence we have about the language situation on the peninsula in conjunction with statements by modern-day scholars from North and South Korea on this issue (and the political ideologies behind these statements). The second half of the talk examines post-1945 anxieties about ‘linguistic divergence’ between North and South Korea, examining in turn North Korean characterizations of language in the South and vice versa, before discussing some of the actual data about North-South linguistic divergence.
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April 1 (Thu): K-pop as a Global Popular Culture with Dr. Crystal Anderson and Dr. Candace Epps-Robertson @ 4:45 pm

It is no doubt that K-pop has become a fascinating global phenomenon, increasing in popularity immensely and spreading like wildfire over the past several years. In this panel, Dr. Crystal Anderson and Dr. Candace Epps-Robertson, two academic scholars on Hallyu, will share their takes on some of the unique subject matters of K-pop, as well as answer questions from the audience! Dr. Crystal Anderson will explore how the media defines, shapes, and sometimes distorts perceptions of K-pop music, artists, and fans, along with how fans can contextualize K-pop’s history and influences to avoid this kind of erasure and marginalization. Dr. Epps-Robertson will focus on one specific group and fandom — BTS and ARMY — and discuss the ways in which ARMY responds to BTS’s messages through the creation of fan-driven services and efforts aimed at philanthropy, education, and community
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April 2 (Fri): The 6th Korean Speech Contest @ 2 pm

The Center for Korean Studies hold its 6th annual Korean Speech Contest. The contest aims to bring students of Korean langauge together and provide them with a chance to share their cultrual and linguistic experiences through speech performances. This year's contest was generously supported by the Korean Education Center. 
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