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Vision for the Future


The Center for Korean Studies at Stony Brook is a key resource for education of and academic exchange with Korea in the United States and it will continue to undertake this role in the future. The Center reaffirms its commitments to three levels of activities: First, the Center will continue supporting training and education of a growing number of students who will become future Korean specialists in various fields that this country needs. With the growth of the Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, the Center will do its best to enrich and expand academic curriculums and programs in Program in Korean Studies. Second, the Center’s commitment to publication in Korean studies will also continue, but it will explore more innovative forms of publications in the age of digital technologies and internet publishing. Journal publishing in Korean religions and philosophy and an international conference commemorating the Wonhyo publications are two main projects being actively discussed at the Center. Lastly, the Center will continuously remain committed to bringing cultural exchanges with Korea and awareness thereof to Stony Brook University and the broader community it serves, through various forms of cultural events and programming.