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Challenge Exams 

Challenge exams for Korean language are offered two times in each semester. The exams are designed for students who wish to be exempt from the University Foreign Language Requirement (Skill 3), SBC LANG requirement, or who wish to receive credits for any of the Korean language courses that are offered by the Korean Language Program. The exams test students’ proficiency of the Korean language in various categories including listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, composition, and interpretation of literature.

Date, time and location information are announced in the beginning of each semester on the sites of both the Center for Korean Studies and the Language   Learning Resource Center (LLRC). Each applicant is expected to complete an application in consultation with the LLRC advisor and hand it in to the LLRC with a proof of payment at least 2 business days before scheduled exams.

Students are given 60 minutes to complete exams. Please bring your student ID to the exam.  The exam results will be available in 7-10 business days.

Here are the steps for applying for the challenge exam:

1. Fill out an application form at the LLRC (2125  Humanities).

2. Make a payment at the Bursar's Office in the Administration Building ($50/credit).

3. Return the receipt of your payment to the LLRC. 

4. LLRC will inform the proctor of the list of students who have registered for the exam. Location of the exams will be announced on this website in the beginning of each semester. 

For more information, please visit the LLRC's website  here or the Undergraduate Bulletin   here.

Challenge Exams for Korean Language (Spring 2022)

Scheduling for Spring 2022: Please contact LLRC( ) to schedule a challenge exam for Korean.

If you have any questions, please email Professor Jiwon Hwang ( ).