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Health Education and Healthcare Disparities Symposium

Healthcare practice, outcomes and research disparities adversely that affect underrepresented groups  (including but not limited to, race/ethnicity, physical ability, LGBTQIA+, etc.) has been researched and established. Eliminating disparities in healthcare and health outcomes requires an understanding of the determinants of disease, causes, and effective  prevention and treatment measures.


GAANN Funding Helps Underrepresented Biomedical Engineering Students

“The purpose of this grant is to provide the graduate program in biomedical engineering additional tools to recruit and retain American nationals, particularly those from groups traditionally underrepresented in biomedical engineering,” said David Rubenstein, associate professor and associate dean for Academic and Student Affairs for the Graduate School.


Dr. Jonathan Buscaglia Named Chief Medical Officer

Jonathan M. Buscaglia, MD, has been appointed chief medical officer at Stony Brook University Hospital. In his new role, Dr. Buscaglia will oversee all clinical operations, including the quality of care and patient safety, coordination of clinical care, development of clinical information systems and physician engagement. 


Pride Stony Brook medical student, a Ukraine-native, aims to help country through fundraisers

Stony Brook University medical student Halyna Krylyuk is trying to help the people of Ukraine by setting up fundraisers on Long Island and online.The 22-year-old is a first-year medical student at Stony Brook University. Even though her mind is on her studies, Krylyuk says her heart is in her native Ukraine, especially her cousin Anna, who is also a medical student living in the western part of the country.



Stony Brook Medicine Resources

Stony Brook Medicine integrates and elevates all of Stony Brook University’s health-related initiatives: education, research and patient care. It includes five Health Sciences schools as well as Stony Brook University Hospital, and more than 200 community-based healthcare settings throughout Suffolk County.Learn More(Stony Brook Medicine Resources)

External Organizational Resources

Ranging from trainings for recognizing bias to pushing to incorporate more underrepresented groups in their respective fields, these organizations are taking an active stance against bias. On this webpage, you would be able to find various different healing practices, trainings, and discussion panels that will help you react the amoutn of understanding necssary to defend youself and others during times of need.Learn More(External Organizational Resources)