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Chair's Welcome to our Alumni

One of the most satisfying feelings of professors is when they hear from their former students. It is especially gratifying when the former students share some details from their lives and how their education at their alma mater contributed to their success and happiness. At the same time, it is quite beneficial for professors if they get feedback that can be used for improvement of their courses. Visits and emails from alumni often come randomly, and they are beautiful surprises.

Since I have become Chair of the department, we have established the position of a Coordinator for Alumni Relations. I am very thankful to Prof. Robertazzi for accepting this role and more importantly for embracing it with vigor and enthusiasm and for working tirelessly to reconnect our department with you. Another important member of our Alumni team is Marisa Campbell who is Director of Development in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Some of you may already know Marisa because she has already been working very hard to connect with many of you.

It is our goal to maintain our bonds with you because you are our treasure. We plan to communicate with you on a regular basis with various news from the department, announcements of important events, and informing you about exciting job opportunities that might be of interest to you. We also want to make Stony Brook’s homecoming event (usually in October every year) a meaningful occasion for you so that when you come to Stony Brook, you meet many of us and learn first-hand about the latest developments in the department and the university. Our ultimate goal is that we stay connected by maintaining channels for flow of information in both directions.

Please, stay in touch with us. It is always a joy when we hear from you.

Petar Djurić,
Department Chair, Distinguished Professor