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Faculty Research Interests

Monica Bugallo

Bugallo, Monica

Statistical signal processing, with emphasis in the topics of Bayesian analysis, Sequential Monte Carlo methods, Adaptive filtering, Stochastic optimization and their applications to multiuser communications
smart antenna systems, Target tracking and vehicle positioning and navigation.

Harbans Dhadwal

Dhadwal, Harbans
Associate Professor 

Integrated fiber optics, Fiber optic biosensors; optical signal processing; photon correlation spectroscopy; inverse problems.

Petar M. Djuric

Djuric, Petar M.
Distinguished Professor 

Signal analysis, modeling, and processing; Monte Carlo methods; wireless communications and sensor networks.

Alex Doboli

Doboli, Alex

CAD for electronic circuits and systems; specification, modeling, and synthesis of analog and mixed-signal circuits; Cyber-Physical and embedded (hardware-software) systems; methodologies for innovation in electronic design. 

Dmitri Donetski

Donetski, Dmitri
Associate Professor   

Design of barrier photodetectors, integration of photodetector arrays with front end electronics.

Mikhail Dorojevets

Dorojevets, Mikhail
Associate Professor 

Parallel computer architecture; high-performance systems design; superconductor processors

Vera Gorfinkel

Gorfinkel, Vera
Associate Professor 

Semiconductor devices, including microwave and optoelectronics

Sangjin Hong

Hong, Sangjin

Low-power VLSI design of multimedia wireless communications and digital signal processing systems, including SOC design methodology and optimization

Ridha Kamoua

Kamoua, Ridha
Associate Professor
Undergraduate Program Director 

Solid-state devices and circuits; microwave devices; integrated circuits

Shan Lin

Lin, Shan
Associate Professor 

Cyber physical systems, Wireless networks, Networked information systems, Sensing systems

Ji Liu

Liu, Ji
Assistant Professor 

Distributed control and computation, multi-agent systems, social networks, epidemic networks, and power networks

Fang Luo

Luo, Fang
Empire Innovation Associate Professor and Director of the Spellman High Voltage Power Electronics Laboratory at Stony Brook University 

Power Electronic Converters and Systems, Power Module Packaging, EMI Modeling and Mitigation in Power Electronics Systems

Peter Milder

Milder, Peter
Associate Professor 

Automatic hardware generation and optimization tools; Domain-specific languages for hardware; Field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs); Hardware for signal processing, communication systems, computer vision, and other areas

Jayant Parekh

Parekh, Jayant

Microwave acoustics; microwave magnetics; microwave electronics

Thomas Robertazzi

Robertazzi, Thomas G.

Big data performance evaluation, exa- and peta-scale computing, scheduling, quantum computing, machine learning performance evaluation.

Emre Salman

Salman, Emre

Nanoscale integrated circuit design; emerging technologies for future electronic systems, highly heterogeneous integrated systems, digital and mixed signal circuits. 

Yacov Shamash 

Shamash, Yacov

Control Theory & Systems, Energy Systems, and Industry/University Partnerships 

Kenneth Short

Short, Kenneth

Digital system design; embedded microprocessor systems; instrumentation 

Leon Shterengas

Shterengas, Leon
Interim Department Chair

High power and high speed light emitters, carrier dynamics in nanostructures, molecular beam epitaxy

Milutin Stanacevic

Stanacevic, Milutin 

Analog and Digital VLSI circuits and systems, autonomous adaptive microsystems, real-time source localization and separation, micropower implantable biomedical instrumentation and telemetry

Murali Subbarao

Subbarao, Murali

Computer vision; image processing

Sergey Suchalkin

Suchalkin, Sergey
Associate Professor 

Design and development of optoelectronic devices. Far- and Mid-infrared spectroscopy of solids. Physics of semiconductors and nanostructures

Wendy Tang

Tang, Wendy
Associate Professor
Associate Chair 

Parallel and distributed processing; massively parallel systems; computer architecture; neural networks

Xin Wang

Wang, Xin
Associate Professor 

Mobile and ubiquitous computing; Wireless Networking and systems

David Westerfeld

Westerfeld, David
Professor of Practice 

Design and characterization of high-performance mid-infrared semiconductor light sources (LEDs and lasers)

Yuanyuan Yang

Yang, Yuanyuan
Distinguished Professor
Associate Dean for Diversity and Academic Affairs, CEAS 

Data center networking, cloud computing, edge computing and wireless networks

Fan Ye

Ye, Fan
Associate Professor
Graduate Program Director 

Mobile and embedded sensing systems and applications, location based services, edge computing, Internet-of-Things, sensor networks, energy and power efficiency.

Peng Zhang

Zhang, Peng
SUNY Empire Innovation Professor 

Power and Energy, Quantum Engineered Resilient Grids,  AI-Enabled Smart Grids, Formal Methods & Reachability, Cybersecurity, Stability, Microgrids & Networked Microgrids, Software-Defined Smart Grids, Renewable Energy Integration

Yue Zhao

Zhao, Yue
Associate Professor 

Smart energy systems, renewable energy integration, electricity market, infrastructure security, sensing and signal processing, optimization theory, information theory, communication networks

Yifan Zhou

Zhou, Yifan
Assistant Professor 

Power system dynamics and stability, inverter-based resources, renewable energy, verifiable smart grids, machine learning in smart grids, quantum computing.

 Emeritus Faculty

  • Belenky, Gregory
  • Luryi, Serge
  • Zemanian, Armen